Things to Do This weekend in Gurgaon

The 8 Best Things To Do This Weekend in Gurgaon

The weekend is the best part of everyone’s week, isn’t it? In fact, we wish that weeks were made up of only Saturdays and Sundays! But, since that is not possible, most of us try our best to make the most of every precious weekend that we get after 5 days of grinding at office/university or elsewhere. There’s no better reason to work throughout the week, giving your best, than to look forward to the weekend.

These 2 days have single-handedly made the youth more efficient and hard-working. But, how you make sure that you are having the most fun during these 2 precious days is also a matter of concern, isn’t it? Well, not all of us are great at making plans or organizing parties. That doesn’t mean these people don’t want to enjoy themselves during the weekend. It is all about knowing for sure what you want to do to make those 2 days count before you get back to your Monday blues again.

Things to Do This weekend in Gurgaon

We have some of the most exciting bars, pubs, and restaurants in Gurgaon listed for you so that no matter what mood you’re in this weekend, you always have a plan to fall to. So, how about we give you a few ideas about how you can make the most of your weekend in Gurgaon so that it gets easier for you to choose? If you’re up for it, read on:

1. Explore The City’s Nightlife

Now that you have finally made it to Friday, you don’t have to worry about setting that dreaded early morning alarm again and be a night owl instead of an early bird. So, seize this opportunity and make the most of the long night hours. How? Go ahead and explore the nightlife of your city. You might have only seen it in daylight when it is buzzing with traffic, people, and a lot of rush. Instead, opt for the late hours to witness how it changes colours in the dark.

Walking Street by Soi 7, Sutra GastroPub, The Flying Saucer Cafe, Raasta Cyber Hub, and the likes attract a large chunk of the city’s youth for these are few of the many places to enjoy the nightlife of Gurgaon. From nightclubs to quaint cafes and restaurants that stay open till late, you can opt for the one that suits your liking the most and head out with your friends. After all, impromptu plans are the best ones.

2. Party, But The Unconventional Way

Instead of choosing the conventional ways to party and hang out with friends, go for something out of the box that will make for an amazing weekend story on Monday to share with your colleagues. By unconventional, we are not suggesting dancing away on the streets with music blaring from your woofers. Instead of going to the usual cafe or restaurant, why not choose a theme restaurant instead? Be it Bollywood, games, forest, safari… there are endless options for you to choose from. Places like Jungle Jamboree, 21 Gun Salute, Lockup, etc are some of the famous theme restaurants in Gurgaon which offer a dining experience like no other.

Weekends are all about doing things that you don’t usually get to do during the weekdays. So, make that count and experience wining and dining at an ambiance that is way out of the ordinary.

3. Ditch The Bar and Lounge for The Best of Both

If you are going out with a group of friends and are torn between going to a bar or a lounge, we have the perfect solution for you. With more and more party venues in the city (Sector 29 & Cyber Hub), the number of options available has reached an all-time high, resulting in the lines between a bar, pub, and a lounge getting blurred. The idea is to provide the people with the best of both the worlds so that they can have the most fun and enjoy to their fullest.

You can go to a place that combines the characteristics of both a bar and a lounge and reap the benefits of both, which is ultimate luxury and comfort of a lounge and lip-smacking drinks and eccentric music of a bar. Molecule Air Bar, Manhattan Bar Exchange and Brewery, Agent Jack’s, Bronx Bar are only few of the names that the locals swear by when it comes to some much-need lounging and the great drinks characteristic to these places. Sounds like a plan, right?

4. Go Bar Hopping

Why settle in one place when you have multiple in mind, right? Your weekend only has 60 hours and you want to make the most of it by doing everything that gives you happiness and fun. How about you go on an adventurous bar-hopping night out? The idea is to basically go from one bar to other and spend as little or as much time as you want there.

There’s no memo, after all. You may want to ensure that you have your fuel high for this all-night adventure and a car for your perusal. Order different drinks that the respective bar specializes in, and in this way, you can make the most out of your short weekend. Few of the names that instantly come to mind are Absolute Bar, Coppers Grill and Bar, Vapour Bar Exchange, and Adda By Striker. However, these are only a few names for Gurgaon never runs out of bars for you to hop from. Even if you don’t have time throughout the week, you can witness the top bars in your city within only a few hours. Staying in the same place for long becomes boring after a while anyway.

P.S. Make sure that you either have a teetotaler friend to help you go around or a driver hired for safety.

5. Go Dancing In A Pub, The Old Fashioned Way

Some things are better left unchanged. The good old weekend plan that is loved and favored by people throughout the world is going to a local pub, enjoying your drinks and some finger food, and dancing the night away with your friends. After spending the long week on computers, presentation charts, and files, shaking a leg to your favoritism music track will set you free of that tiredness and help you spring back to the weekdays with new levels of energy and enthusiasm. You can mark 7 Barrel Brew Pub, Soi 7, TGI Fridays, Imperfecto as some of the great pubs in Gurgaon that both you and your friends will enjoy! Be it alone or with some friends, a trip to your favourite local pub is always a good plan for the weekend.

6. Go On A Culinary Expedition

So going dancing or to the bar isn’t your cup of tea. Are you someone who would much rather enjoy a great dinner and drinks with their family and/or friends at a nice restaurant?

If your answer is yes, then be it! If you are spending your precious weekend time with your family, opt for a restaurant that has a calm and quiet ambiance with good live music so that you can fully enjoy their company after having spent the rest of the week in your cubicle at work.

However, if you are looking for something a little more energetic, we suggest that you go to a casual dining resto-bar which combines fun, comfort, and leisure like Indian Grill Room, The Bikers Cafe, Farzi Cafe, and The Westin Gurgaon.

You can even hop from one restaurant to the other and go on a culinary expedition during the weekend, tasting the best delicacies from each of the restaurants. It all depends on what mood you’re in this weekend.

7. Throw A House Party

We know that this is slightly on the tougher side with regards to organization, but it will be so worth it eventually. Don’t worry, you don’t have to go all party planner on this one. Just organize a humble house party either in your backyard or in on your terrace and invite the closest group of friends. All you need is some good drinks, great food, and some music, It’s that simple. If you want to turn it into a movie night, simply arrange for a projector. House parties don’t necessarily have to be fancy and high-class.

During weekends, when you and your friends alike are super-tired and just want to have a good time to revitalize themselves, each other’s company works wonders. House 1011, House 1007 GN, House 1003 DE on have all hosted numerous house parties in Gurgaon in so far and never disappointed any guest. Teamed with superb food and beverages, this is bound to be a win-win situation for all! Don’t believe us? Give it a shot this weekend.

8. Hangout With Friends In Your Favorite Cafe

This is for those people who believe in keeping things simple and old-fashioned. This is a weekend plan that perhaps even our parents used to have back in their days. After a tough week of work, just chilling at your favorite cafe or restaurant, with your friends whose company you greatly enjoy can be largely refreshing. Order your favorite drinks, enjoy great conversations, and devour the food that you had so missed during the week. This is one plan that you can fall back on any time for it never goes wrong!

We know how tough weekdays can get. No mortal being is immune to it, after all. But that doesn’t mean we cannot do our best to make the most of the two precious days that we have before diving into the next week. With the most feasible and fun plan in hand, there’s no way your weekend can go to waste. The above-mentioned tips and the best party places of all kinds in Gurgaon are full-proof ones and will surely make for a fantastic weekend. If you are on the lookout for venues to party in, Sloshout can help you in the most efficient way to do so without any glitches or hassle.