hauz khas social restaurant

Food and Ambiance Never Look So Better

Hauz Khas is amongst the most visited places in Delhi. The place has its own charm and beauty. We have all seen one of the famous places in Hauz Khas in the movie Tamasha where Deepika finds Ranbir Kapoor dining with his colleagues. That place is known as Social Hauz Khas. It is one of the most popular eating joint in Delhi. It’s especially popular among youngster. The place is loaded with many unique features and surely stands different compared to others.

The café speaks creativity and frequently visited by creative people like writers and designers, et al. You can book a slot from 9-6 and keep doing your stuff without being interrupted. Free wifi is available to help you finish your project. Eating your favorite food & drinks, coupled with a beautiful outside view surely is every creative person’s desire. The food items are as unique and versatile you can find in any top restaurant. The most lovable food items are peri chicken, butter chicken biryani, chili chicken, tandoori momos, shakes, mocktails, kheema paav, Bombay Bachelor sandwich and Thai Thali.

Social Hauz Khas is known for its interesting innovation in terms of food and drinks. They have a full bar serving people a diverse range of cocktails. Old Smoke is the most preferred drink here. The seating arrangements are done in a nothing like seen before style. There are numerous improvisations such as lounges, recliners and open spaced balcony. You can also choose to sit on the roof top and view the picturesque view outside and smoke freely. The courteous staffs will entertain all your orders and queries. The DJ plays music perfectly in sync with the location making your stay all the more wonderful.

Although there are several Social dining outlets present in India but the Social Hauz khas is considered the best of the lot. The crazy combinations of food and drinks and the presence of serene location make it perfect place to visit every weekend with your family and friends. You may have to wait a bit because of the crowd in weekends but let me tell you it’s worth it.