How Do You Plan Anniversary Party Step By Step

How Do You Plan an Anniversary Party Step By Step?

Anniversaries are the most important events for couples. Not only are anniversaries are gentle reminders of their love for each other but also lets them look back on their journey. When the anniversary date comes people always think and plan to celebrate an anniversary party. Thus you should make sure that you make you’re beloved feel extra special on your anniversary and also how do you plan an anniversary party step by step.

Along with this, you should also celebrate the day with those people who have been a part of your journey. Therefore, to bring everybody together, you can have a grand anniversary party.

Anniversary parties are fun ways to have a get-together party on your wedding anniversary.

Now, to make sure that you have an enjoyable anniversary party, you need to know the basics of party planning.

The planning of an anniversary party can be quite elaborate. Not only do you need to take care of the needs of your guests but also include intricate details in the party to make your better half feel special.

When the stakes are that high you might be left wondering about ‘how to celebrate my anniversary in Delhi’. And then, there is the concern of looking for the right venue where you can have your anniversary celebration near Delhi.

So, to help you out with everything, we are elaborately describing the process of planning for your marriage anniversary celebration in Delhi.

1. Decide On a Perfect Time and a Date

If your anniversary happens to fall on a weekend, then you can actually have the pleasure of planning the party on the very day. But in the other case, you will need to decide on a date and time for the anniversary party.

Usually, a close weekend is chosen to be the date for the wedding anniversary celebration in Delhi.

But you need to also see the fact that your friends and your relatives are able to attend your party as well. Also, you need to be mindful of the time of the day as it is crucial as well.

The feel of a day party is entirely different from that of an evening party.

Thus sit down with your family members and friends to decide on a time and date for the party. To ensure that almost all of them attend the party, you can have them RSVP shortly after you send them the invitation.

2. Zero in on a venue for an Party

The place to celebrate marriage anniversary in Delhi entirely depends on the kind of party you wish to have and the number of people attending the anniversary party.

Since the last few years, a number of anniversary celebration places in Delhi have cropped up. Each of these places has a unique signature and style of its own.

Now you need to look for the one which fulfills your needs and budget for the anniversary party.

For example, if you are hosting a small get-together party, you can choose a nice and quaint rooftop restaurant or a pub in a quieter part of the city.

On the contrary, if you want to have a grand and spectacular anniversary party, you can either book a farmhouse or a party hall in Delhi or even a banquet hall in Delhi.

Couples celebrating a milestone year of their marriage like the 1st, the 5th, the 10th, the 25th and so on generally prefer formal to host their party at a formal venue for anniversary party like banquets, resorts, hotels, farmhouses, etc. You can also google the keywords ‘anniversary party places near me’ or ‘anniversary party venues near me’ to have a fair idea of the anniversary celebration places in Delhi.

3. Opt for an anniversary party theme:

Now you would not want your anniversary party to be monotonous of boring. To jazz up things a tad bit, you can set a theme for the anniversary party. You can either go for a color-based theme.

This way you can color coordinate the decorations and the costumes well.

If you are a couple who loves characters from the comics, you can add more color to the party by organizing a masquerade party or a ‘go-as-you-like’ party.

However, if you are having a casual anniversary party, the theme of the party can be met with the venue for the anniversary party itself.

You might choose a rustic and a traditional dinner under a starry night, a Bollywood night or a good, old karaoke night with your loved ones.

4. Start sending out the invitations for your anniversary party in Delhi:

So after you are through with the above preparations, finalizing on the guest list and choosing the design for the invitation, sending out invites is the natural step. Ideally, invitations should be sent out 6 to 8 weeks before your anniversary party.

In the invitation card itself, ask your guests to RSVP to your party. This way you will be able to form an idea about the number of guests who will attend the party. You should definitely have a deadline for the guests to RSVP to your party.

That way, you will be able to arrange and plan the budget for the refreshments of the guests. You should also make it a point to mention the theme of the party so that your guests get enough time to prepare for the party.

5. Decide the refreshments of the anniversary party:

We all know that the key to winning the hearts of your guests is through their belly. No one ever comes to a party without the expectation of being treated with great food.

With the figure you receive from the RSVP of the guests, you can then be able to calculate an estimate of the quantity and the budget for the food and drinks.

You can either draw up a figure of the plates yourself or take the help of a caterer to understand the quantity of the food and the amount you should spend.

For a small crowd, putting an estimate on the quantity and the budget is easy. You can also organize a buffet-style eating arrangement by yourself. However, for big gatherings, you might want to hire a caterer.

Cooking for more than 30 guests gets a bit taxing and complicated. Moreover, you would like to organize quite a few varieties of dishes. Therefore, it is better that you hand over the responsibilities to a catering service.

Pamper your guests with an ample number of appetizers, sumptuous main course dishes, desserts, and both with alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. Do not forget to include a few options for vegetarians as well.

6. Set the decoration for the anniversary party:

The decoration is generally kept in synchronization with the theme of the party.

You can later add nuances to the decoration that symbolizes the story of the couple.

To achieve this, you might need to take professional assistance from the party planners in Delhi.

Some of the common decorations for an anniversary party include garlands, balloons, banners, photos of the couple, floral decoration, hanging paper lanterns, centerpieces, photo timeline of the couple, etc.

7. Opt for an entertainment amenity:

Any party is dull without a bit of entertainment in it. Any form of entertainment is a lifeline of a party.

It keeps your guests energetic and happy at all hours of the party. And if you want to entertain your guests a tad bit further, you can arrange for a live entertainment session.

You can either hire a live band to make them play your favorite songs or dance the night away to the beats of a DJ.

Regardless of what you choose, you should definitely make a booking way before the party to avoid any last-minute mishaps.

Make sure that you make the DJ or the band play a few romantic songs especially the favorite song of the couple.

As a result, the star of the event, i.e., the couple can then have the first dance on the dance floor.

8. Hire a photographer at your anniversary party in Delhi:

Last but not least a photographer would seal off the day for you.

To have all the precious moments at the party captured, a photographer is a definite requirement.

You can either hire a professional photographer or talk to a friend of yours.

This way, your anniversary party will be well-documented.

As a result, you can then cherish the memories through the photos for the rest of your lives. Moments and days such as these are hard to come by.

Therefore, you should the extra mile to make sure everything is captured and well framed.

If you are going for a professional event photographer, you should definitely place a booking request as soon as you start planning for the anniversary party.

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So if you are planning to have a marriage anniversary celebration in Delhi, make sure that you already have the right resources at hand.

Begin early with your planning and execution to smoothly arrange for a happening anniversary celebration party in Delhi. And if you think that organizing and looking after the above-mentioned steps yourself gets a bit too taxing, opt for a party planner in Delhi.

Not only will they present you with a rocking anniversary celebration in Delhi but also keep a close check on your expenditure.

Consequently, you will be able to have a more organized anniversary party in a tighter budget.

The whole team of Sloshout wishes you a very happy wedding anniversary in advance!