Top 10 Wedding Venues in Delhi NCR

Top 10 Wedding Venues in Delhi NCR

When wedding season rolls around, all of us are in the festive mood. Basically, the entire idea of organizing and planning this event seems amazing! Of course, all of us understand that the planning takes a lot of time and effort. We will discusss about top 10 wedding venues in Delhi NCR.

Even then, the end result seems great! However, this will only happen if we find the best venue, cook the best food, and make sure that everything works according to plan. However, all that comes later. The feeling of having an upcoming wedding in the family makes everyone so happy and excited. When the big day arrives, the event venue is what captures the attention of everyone at first. If it is a famous venue, everyone will understand that this wedding is worth attending! This is why the wedding venue is important. We understand this fact, and we know that you want the best wedding venues in Delhi NCR! The top 10 wedding venues in Delhi NCR should be see here only at Sloshout.

This is why the team here at Sloshout has come up with some of the best wedding venues in Delhi NCR for you! If you’ve been searching for “wedding venues near me“, we’ve got you covered. We’ve got a large range of wedding venues available for you to check. In fact, the team at Sloshout has listed top 10 wedding venues in Delhi NCR for you. Now you can choose your wedding venues in a jiffy and work on other parts of the event.

1.Regal Palace, GT Karnal Road –  Top 10 Wedding in Venues Delhi NCR

This particular wedding venue actually carries the name quite well. Once you enter it, you’ll understand why it is regal in nature. Moreover, it is in a good locality of Ashok Vihar. Ashok Vihar itself is a safe and secure area of Delhi. Moreover, the Regal Palace is actually quite huge. Floating guests can be accommodated here, as well as guests who are seated. For seated guests, the capacity is near 300. For the floating guests, it is slightly more than that. In addition to this, the Regal Palace’s main hall is air conditioned. This means that even in the hot summer days of Delhi, you will not face a problem here. The Regal Palace comes with its own catering service as well, which is adept at both non vegetarian and vegetarian options. So, you do not have to book caterers separately. So, hope you liked this one from the places of top 10 wedding venues in Delhi NCR.

regal palace gt karnal road - Top 10 Wedding Venues in Delhi NCR
 Regal Palace GT Karnal Road

2. D Imperia, MG Road

MG Road is already quite famous for all the different pubs and eateries. Moreover, you can also find some great wedding venues here. D Imperia is one such wedding venue in Delhi NCR. It looks like it says, absolutely imperial. The design and decor of the venue is worth looking at. One good addition to it is the fact that it also has a lawn. Many people now prefer holding and organizing events in the open air. D Imperia will provide you with that luxury. Also, if you have guests who are coming over from abroad or out of the city, they don’t have to worry about staying arrangements. Why? Because D Imperia has accommodation as well. The halls are air conditioned and there’s also a catering service!

D Imperia MG Road - Top 10 Wedding Venues in Delhi NCR
 D Imperia MG Road

3. Hilton Garden Inn, Saket

Not everyone likes a wedding ceremony to be held in a big venue with lots of people. Some people like a smaller, quiet, dignified affair. If you are into such a style of wedding ceremonies, then the Hilton Garden Inn is perfect for you. This wedding venue in Delhi NCR is famous for its decor and class. It gives off such an elegant vibe that you’d want to book it immediately! It has its own catering staff and also has accommodation for guests who need a place to spend the night. Moreover, the decor and ambience here is worth experiencing. Next time you’re searching for “wedding venues near me“, do check this place out!

Hilton Garden Inn, Saket
Hilton Garden Inn, Saket

4. Clarks Inn Suites, Kapashera

The location of Kapashera is renowned for being quite amazing both in terms of quality and security. Basically, you will not find too many locations better than this. Clarks Inn Suites is located in the heart of Kapashera. Moreover, even though the hall itself is not very large, it has a very good decor and ambience. The vibe has a very quiet and subtle air to it. If you want budget wedding venues in Delhi NCR, then the amount of class and elegance that you get here is unparalleled. Do try to book this venue as soon as possible. Once the wedding season begins, its difficult to reserve dates here! The staff is helpful, and it has its own catering system as well. It’ll be easier for outstation guests, due to its close proximity to the airport.

Clark Inn Suites
 Clark Inn Suites

5. The GranDreams, Shivaji Marg

If you have an absolutely huge guest list, the problem comes with space. It is difficult to find places for a lot of people in a city like Delhi. However, the GranDreams makes your job much easier. It is not only elegant and beautiful as a wedding venue, but it is also HUGE! Around 1200 floating guests can be accommodated at any time, and seating arrangements can be made for 800 guests. That’s a huge auditorium, isn’t it? Besides its own catering system, it also has more than one venue in the same area!

The grandreams
 The grandreams

6. Hotel Executive Club, Chattarpur

Chattarpur already has a huge number of beautiful farm houses. But did you know that its also a top wedding destination in Delhi NCR? That’s right, the best wedding venues in Delhi NCR are here. Hotel Executive Club also falls into this category. Despite its beautiful looks and ambient lighting, it does remain a budget wedding venue in Delhi NCR. This means that you cannot fit more than 250 guests here. Nonetheless, we believe in quality over quantity. Hotel Executive Club provides that in spades. There’s also a huge and spacious lawn for the venue. This gives it a proper outdoor feeling! Make sure to check this affordable wedding venue in Delhi NCR!


7. Windsor at Mallu Farms, Chattarpur

Another count for Chattarpur here. WIndsor at Mallu Farms is a huge wedding venue, with a capacity of over 650 guests. Moreover, it is one of the most regal wedding venues you can find. It has its own unique ambience and sense of exclusivity. There is a lawn and hall for the guests to entertain themselves in. Windsor at Mallu Farms also has a catering staff of its own. The food here is known to be excellent so you won’t have a problem with that either. Do try this wedding venue in Delhi NCR when you get a chance!


8. Holiday Inn, Mayur Vihar

This particular wedding venue is famous because of the elegant vibes that it provides. Apart from being a beautiful place to stay at with all the modern amenities, weddings here are huge! The affairs are so huge that they need a humongous wedding hall to go with it! That is exactly what they did. The wedding venue here can hold up to 600 people at one go! However, they don’t compromise with their quality of service. The service here is top notch and one of the main reasons to consider it. Trained chefs are responsible for the cooking. The decorations are done by professionals here!


9. Fraser Suites, Mayur Vihar

Fraser Suites in Mayur Vihar is also quite known for its elegance. However, it is different in the sense of its size. It does not accommodate a large number of people. At the most, you can fit 200 guests here. Yet, the level of class and elegance here can be found nowhere else. There are also rooms for outstation guests. The chefs create a large menu full of options from different cuisines. You can try their eclectic dishes whenever you get the opportunity. If you have to book a wedding venue, this is it!

Fraser Suits - Top 10 Wedding Venues in Delhi NCR
Fraser Suits

10. Essex Farms, Hauz Khas

Essex Farms is in Hauz Khas and this automatically shoots up its idea in front of people. Moreover, when you actually step into the wedding venue, you’ll realize that it has a very homely yet elegant vibe to it. After all, a proper Indian wedding must create the feels through the wedding venue as well! Essex Farms provides you with that. There’s a lawn, in addition to the main hall. This means that it can house up to 600 guests at one go! Quite big, isn’t it? The staff is trained properly. The chefs are famous for their cooking. Basically, you will not face problems in this wedding venue in Delhi NCR.

Essex Farms Hauz Khas - Top 10 Wedding Venues in Delhi NCR
 Essex Farms Hauz Khas

If you have liked this short list of wedding venues in Delhi NCR, then do consider having a look at Sloshout. Basically, if you want to book wedding venues online, then we are the best site for it. Moreover, we will help you find cheap wedding venues in Delhi NCR. Our tie ups with different wedding venues allows us to give you the most authentic prices. Therefore, affordable wedding venues in Delhi NCR will no longer be elusive! We can help you find exactly what you need, in a jiffy as well!

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