Rooftop Venues for Corporate Events

10 Unique Gurgaon Rooftop Venues for Corporate Events

Some people prefer indoor seating, some prefer to have it outdoors. Outdoor seating in restaurants and bars have their own charm and add to the life of the party. While the Gurgaon offers wide ranges in terms of outdoor space, a rooftop venues can provide an ideal escape for meeting planners looking to “wow” their group with an evening event. Following are such venues which are amongst the best rooftop seating venues in Gurgaon. These venues are perfect for corporate parties.Rooftop Venues for Corporate Events

1. Molecule Air Bar

This open-air bar is known for its freshly brewed beer, the peaceful outdoor seating and its lounge. All these facilities are perfect for hosting a corporate party in Gurgaon. The lounge and bar have a variety of drinks at affordable prices. It also serves North Indian, Italian, Chinese, and Continental cuisines. Molecule Air Bar has a wonderful ambience where guests are sure to enjoy a lot. Guests can host their corporate parties here and enjoy the drinks, great food, and the lively ambience. The bar also provides live DJ music for all the music enthusiasts.

2. The Ark

If you wish to throw your colleagues a corporate party, arrange for the best food and drinks. The Ark, a casual-dining restaurant, offers brilliant Mediterranean food which your colleagues are sure to enjoy. The Ark offers fantastic services to its guests and the staff is well-behaved and cordial. The outdoor seating facility makes the dining experience at The Ark even more enjoyable for its guests. For sports enthusiasts, they also screen live sports matches. You can have a memorable time with your colleagues and bond well at The Ark while having a great time!

3. The Classroom

revisit your old school days with your colleagues at The Classroom. This casual-dining restaurant has a classroom theme which is unique and offers a distinguished experience to its guests. You can enjoy the fantastic food at the outdoor seating area which makes the ambience even better. The place has its own micro-brewery which serves some really great beer. One can always have fun playing Pool, Jenga, Fooseball and some other Board games that are available here. The Classroom is known for its lip-smacking Finger Food, snacks, and Continental Cuisine.

4. Bottles and Barrels

Bottles and Barrels has an amazing ambience with a Live Grill and Cold Foods Section unique to itself. The restaurant has a lavish ambience and a luxurious terrace seating. It consists of six gazebos that are equally distributed between low and level settings. The restaurant offers a buffet from 1-3.30 pm every day which serves quality freshly cooked meals and great beer selections. There is also live music for all the music-lovers who enjoy dancing to their favourite soundtracks.

5. Ninkasi Imperial Brews and Cookery

Ninkasi is a fantastic microbrewery which offers an amazing selection of alcoholic blends and spirits. The guests will surely enjoy their outdoor terrace seating facility. Ninkasi is one of the few restaurants which have Belgian as well as Asian dishes on offer. The decor and the ambience of this microbrewery and bar are absolutely awesome. Enjoy a few drinks and lip-smacking food at Ninkasi with your colleagues. It also offers a private dining area to the guests for a splendid dining experience.

6. Raasta Cyber Hub

Raasta has recently renewed its menu and its decor and is now ready to host its guests in an even better ambience and with better service. It is a casual-dining restaurant which has long been known for its splendid menu and the comfortable outdoor seating. Raasta brings the perfect dining experience to its guests with a new Rastafarian twist on its drinks. Raasta attracts a huge number of youngsters for its lively and vibrant ambience.

7. Soi 7 Pub & Brewery

Soi 7 is one of the perfect corporate party venues in Gurgaon. It is a pub and a microbrewery, the only one at DLF Cyber Hub. Soi 7 has a very splendid menu which is not like any other Asian menu one comes across. It only offers the most authentic Asian dishes. Soi 7 has upheld the tradition of cooking Asian dishes on the Asiatic frying pan shows their dedication. The outdoor seating facility is splendid and offers great comfort. Enjoy good food and party in one of the best corporate party places in Gurgaon.

8. The Old School Brew House

Experience the nightlife of Gurgaon with your colleagues and friends at The Old School Brewhouse. It offers a great ambience for colleagues to come together for a lively party and enjoy an assortment of drinks and food. They serve Italian and Indian cuisine. The Old School Brewhouse is an affordable option for those searching for a venue for their corporate party. It has a great decor and will definitely keep you entertained. Guests can enjoy their drinks and food either indoors or in the lovely outdoor seating space.

9. Factory by Sutra

Factory by Sutra is best known as the perfect pub as well as a working space in Gurgaon. It makes for a great venue to host a corporate party. It is a microbrewery and a casual dining restaurant where you can enjoy the best night out with your friends and colleagues. The restaurant also serves a wide range of drinks along with North Indian, Chinese and Continental cuisines in a calm and cosy ambience. The restaurant offers a very homely experience and the food they serve is definitely in tune with that. The dining experience is made even better by the terrace seating facility offered by Factory by Sutra.

10. Ministry of Beer

Ministry of Beer is surely the best place for all beer-lovers to grab a refreshing drink. Along with a wide array of beers, they also serve different kinds of cocktails which are perfect for parties. The place also has a great service and an affordable menu. Guests can enjoy the best of Asian, Continental, and Finger Food at Ministry of beer. If you want a remarkable venue to host a corporate party in Gurgaon, look no further than the Ministry of Beer. It offers a beautiful outdoor seating facility as well as a private dining area to its guests.

Enjoy your corporate parties at some of the most splendid venues in Gurgaon which offers the best services. Besides food and drinks, these restaurants, pubs, bars, and microbreweries are rated amongst the best in city. They will surely make you keep coming back for a splendid experience every time.