Top Lohri Party Ideas in Delhi NCR

What Are The Top Lohri Party Ideas

If you are looking for Lohri party ideas you are in the right spot. Lohri is a popular festival celebrated across North India by Punjabis.

It is also called the harvest festival. So, it is about celebrating the bounty of the nature of Lohri because the Lohri party ideas are perfect to acquire.

This festival has its origins in farmers giving thanks for the promise of a bountiful harvest.

It celebrates the new crop that has come up but its modern interpretation is just about celebrating nature.

Wheat is the main winter crop and in October the farmers sow it. They harvest it between March and April however people celebrate Lohri in January.

This is because the first sprouts of the crops are visible in January so you know it will be a good harvest.

The promise of a good harvest is not just a signifier of wealth. It is the promise of food and a comfortable season.

This is why people celebrate it as a promise of a new life and give thanks to nature. 

Even though this is a Punjabi festival, it is celebrated all over north India. In fact, it is celebrated in some parts of south India too because Punjabis are all over the map.

While harvest and crops are the origins of the festival, it is now much more than that. It has become a common celebration of Punjabi lifestyle and welcoming the new.

More Lohri Party Ideas

It is a way to bring friends and families together as winter is coming to a close. If you have just moved out of Punjab you must be looking for Lohri party ideas in Delhi. Delhi is home to a lot of Punjabis so over the years it has become a popular festival here as well. 

The main feature or tradition associated with Lohri is lighting a bonfire in which people walk around.

There are two main functions of this bonfire which make it essential to the festival. Since this festival happens during the winter season it is a good way of keeping everybody warm and happy.

Secondly, the natural element of fire signifies the power of nature to which people pray. The fire stands for a lot of things.

It symbolizes life and health and is significant in nature’s regenerative capacity.

The Sun is a very important part of the Lohri festival as all life needs the sun to grow. The bonfire is also a representative of the Sun’s power. 

Lohri Festival With Party Ideas

Lohri festival is about welcoming new life and this doesn’t refer only to crops or harvest. The new bride in the family is also welcomed into the family on Lohri as her mother in law gives her a gift.

Newborn babies are also celebrated during this time when the entire family comes together. Therefore a Lohri party is a chance to meet all your old family as well as welcome new ones into the fold. 

For every Lohri party, you need a lot of props. Popcorn, peanuts, rayveri, and other sweets are all Lohri party props that you must have. It sounds a bit strange but this is what you need for throwing into the fire to keep it burning.

They can also be distributed among people afterward as prasad or offerings. A dhol (large Indian Drum) is another essential part of Lohri party props because that is the main music. This is another way that people express their happiness and joy at the start of the new season and the promise of a successful harvest. 

This is a special festival for Punjabis and people nowadays look for innovative Lohri party ideas to make it fun.

There are many Lohri party places and venues in Delhi NCR to choose from, below are some of the best. 

1. Vapour Bar Exchange Having Great Lohri Party Ideas

Vapour Bar Exchange is a great spot for celebrating Lohri in Delhi with friends or family. The atmosphere here is quite electric and it is a unique place to celebrate.

They have both indoor and outdoor seating so you can choose either depending on how cold it is. The food here is incredibly delicious which is key for a Lohri celebration.

Their Lohri Party menu is even better and they have all the favorites just for that one day. The DJ here plays all the best songs for you to dance to as dancing is a big part of this festival. Dancing is really what Punjabis love to do on any day, but especially on Lohri.

Where: Hauz Khas Village, Delhi

2. Raasta Having Best Lohri Party Ideas

If you want Lohri party places and venues in Delhi NCR where you can just chill and have a good time, this is the one. The ambiance here is very relaxed and it is great for a Lohri celebration. You can sit outdoors and you will feel like you are almost in your own backyard but with great service. This is a great atmosphere for those who love to catch up with their loved ones on Lohri. You will definitely have a good time here with their fully stocked bar and economical rates. The music here is pretty awesome as well which is a must for any Lohri celebration.  

Where: Green Park, Delhi

3. Moonshine Cafe and bar 

If you prefer a more classic place where you can sit and chat if you like, this is the one for you. Moonshine Cafe and Bar has an old-world charm to it which Punjabis love. It has brown leather couches and wooden and brick interiors giving it a very old-world feel. They serve Italian, Continental, and American cuisines so there are a variety of dishes to choose from. This is definitely a great spot to celebrate Lohri and reconnect with old friends and family.

Where: Hauz Khas, Delhi

4. India Habitat Center 

If you want to celebrate Lohri the way you did back in the old days, this is the one for you. When it comes to the Lohri festival celebration in Delhi there are many options to choose from.

However, if you want something classic and traditional then this is the best option.

They serve good old Punjabi food like Makki di roti, Sarson da saag, chole kulche, rabdi, keer, etcetera. It will definitely remind you of home and all the delicious food you ate growing up.

They have a bonfire as well which is a must at any Lohri celebration. Furthermore, they have Jasbir Jassi performing here so the music will be incredible. All the favorite Punjabi songs will be playing so you can’t help but dance. 

Where: The Hub- Habitat World, India Habitat Center Lodhi Road, Delhi 

5. Pind Balluchi

Pind Balluchi is a classic Punjabi restaurant that you can go to any time of the year. However, on Lohri the vibe here is something else entirely. They have multiple outlets all over the city so you can go to the one which is closest to you.

This is definitely one of the best places for Lohri party in Delhi. If you want authentic Punjabi food and the feeling of home, this is a great choice. You feel like you are a part of a community when you are here which is always nice. The Lohri party menu here is absolutely delicious and they have all the classic dishes on offer. 

Where: Karkarduma, Delhi 

6. Umrao Hotel 

If you want something which gives you nostalgia but takes it to the next level then Umrao Hotel is the answer. They have a Gourmet Punjabi dinner here with all your favorites but elevated.

They have amazing cocktails and drinks to accompany food and great music as well.

The ambiance here is quite royal and traditional which gives it a festive feel. You will definitely be in a festive mood when you walk into the Umrao hotel.

Where: The Umrao Hotel, National Highway, 8 Rajokri Crossing, Samalkha New Delhi

7. Bottles and Barrels

If you are looking for something that is a bit more fun and casual then you can always go to Bottles and Barrels.

They have an amazing Lohri party theme and the ambiance is electric and fun.

Punjabi parties are always on an entirely different level and bottles and barrels know how to balance that enthusiasm.

They have amazing music playing all night long which is really what makes the Lohri party theme.

This Lohri party in Gurgaon is one of the best that you can find out there. You will definitely not be disappointed. 

Where: Sector 30 Gurgaon

8. Jungle Jamboree Restaurant

Jungle Jamboree restaurant is another awesome place for the Lohri celebration in Gurgaon that you can go to.

The food here is spectacular and this is a great restaurant for Lohri because of the ambiance.

Their Lohri party theme is basically a jungle atmosphere because that is the theme of their restaurant.

The interesting thing is that Lohri is about giving thanks to nature so this actually works perfectly.

They have great music here as well and a wide variety of dishes to choose from. You are bound to have a good time at this party as it is a unique option.

Where: DLF Phase 3, Gurgaon

9. Made in Punjab

Made in Punjab is a great restaurant for the Lohri party celebration in Noida as it is the go-to place for Punjabis.

If you are looking for authentic Punjabi food to celebrate this festival with your family, this is the spot.

They have all the favorite dishes on the menu from Sarson da saag, Makki di roti. Of course the more popular ones like butter chicken, paneer butter masala and a lot of kulcha.

If you want to smell and taste the flavors of Punjab and your childhood home this is the one. 

Where: Sector 18, Noida 

10. Haveli Dharampura

If you want to do something extremely unique and different this Lohri, head to Haveli Dharampura. If you enjoy playing Lohri party games when you celebrate Lohri then this is the one for you.

They have kite flying as a part of the festivities which is always a fun time. In terms of Lohri party games, it definitely is something unique and new.

They also have an amazing lunch spread and the ambiance of being in Old Delhi makes it that much better.

If you’re tired of doing the same old thing every year then this is a great way to change it up. You will undoubtedly have a great time at this Lohri party.  

Where: 2293 Gali Gulian, Chandni Chowk, New Delhi

11. Bangla Sahib

Speaking of interesting Lohri party games, there is an awesome event planned at Bangla Sahib on Lohri. There is a cycle ride event from 7 am to 10 am starting from Noida stadium to Bangla Sahib.

If you are someone who loves sports and doing something active in the morning, this is a great choice.

It will put you in a good mood for the rest of the day and you can carry on with the celebrations. Who said that Lohri is just about eating food and meeting family.

There is no reason why you can’t use this beloved holiday as an excuse to get fit. What better day to start your fitness journey than on the auspicious day of Lohri.

It is after all day when you welcome new things into your life. This could be one of them! 

Where: Bangla Sahib, Connaught Place, New Delhi

12. Delhi Place Mall 

There is a grand Lohri special celebration planned at Delhi Place Mall which will be full of fun and festivities.

They have issued a Lohri party invite to one and all for their five-day Lohri celebrations. The celebrations will take place from 9th to 13th January and from 11 am to 10 pm, as per their Lohri party invite.

This event is being hosted by Morya Exhibitions and Events and they have a lot of fun things in store.

They will have a five-day-long exhibition where you can find great fashion and lifestyle products. Furthermore, there will be a band performing live for five days consecutively.

They will also have Tanoura dance along with a special Bhangra dance on the 13th which is the day of Lohri.  This is an event that you should not miss out on as it will be quite extraordinary. 

Where: Delhi Place Mall, Saket, New Delhi

13. Cafe Delhi Heights

If you are looking for a Lohri party invite to a place with great food, this is the one for you. They have a wonderful Lohri platter for the festivities that you will simply love. There is a wide range of dishes to choose from which will satisfy all your cravings. From the staple savory options such as Makki di roti and Sarson da saag to the desserts like gajar ka halwa, they have it all. You will leave with a happy tummy which is the best way to celebrate anything. 

Where: all outlets of Cafe Delhi heights 

14. Moonshine Cafe and Bar 

There is a Lohri party at Moonshine Cafe and a bar where DJ Yogi is performing all the hits. The place looks spectacular because of there awesome Lohri party decoration ideas. If you love to dance then this is a great party for you. You can let go and completely lose yourself and have fun in your best Lohri party outfits. All Punjabis love songs and dance and if you are one of them, this is a great choice for you. 

Where: Moonshine Cafe and Bar, Janpath, Connaught Place

15. The Ruin Pub by Infecto

For those who believe that Lohri celebrations are all about dancing to Bhangra and Giddha, this is your spot. For your Lohri celebration in Delhi 2020, you can head to the Ruin Pub for their Bhangra night. They have people playing the dhol so that you have the best beats to dance to. They also have awesome DJs playing music live so you can party till you drop. This is definitely one of the crazy parties out there and it is a lot of fun. 

Where: Hudco Place, Andrews Ganj Extension, New Delhi 

In the West, Christmas is the big festival that is celebrated in the winter. Lohri is very similar to that except it is about nature. It is a community celebration and the Lohri celebration in Delhi 2020 should be no different. This is a festival full of joy and cheer and you can go all out for your Lohri celebration in Gurgaon 2020.

This is a festival enjoyed by children and adults alike and children go from door to door. They sing songs and people give them sweets which the children love. This is a time of sharing and people make a lot of food which is always great.

Lohri Festival Celebration in Delhi NCR

From staples like Makki ki roti, sarso da saag, and rau di kheer for dessert, there is a lot of wholesome food. Winters is a time for the Lohri celebration in Noida and all other places. So winters become synonymous with this festival. When it comes to the Lohri party in Noida or anywhere else, food is at the center of it all.  Every community or locality has a huge bonfire and people dance and sings around it.

This is a festival that brings the entire community together so it is a great uniting factor. There are many awesome Lohri party places in venues in Delhi NCR mentioned above where you can enjoy this. 

Lohri Festival Celebration

This is a time of welcoming new people and new things and making them a part of your family and life. The new bride and new babies in the family get gifts as a way to welcome them. Earlier this was a festival just for farmers to celebrate their harvest. However today it has become a way to show that you are prospering through the way people dress. This is why sweets and food are also prepared to share with the community as a sign of wealth and prosperity. When it comes to the Lohri festival celebration in Delhi this is the best way.

People celebrate the Goddess of Lohri by making beautiful clay (cow dung) idols of her. Once people decorate the idol they place it where they build the fire. Once the sun sets, the fire is burning and people throw sesame seeds, gur, sugar-candy, and reweries to keep it burning. The fifteen places listed above are some of the best places for the Lohri festival celebration in Delhi NCR. The next time that Lohri rolls around you will know what options are available and where you can celebrate. There is no time as great as festival time and Lohri is one of the best! Happy Lohri! 

So, we hope you liked the Lohri Party Ideas given by us.