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List of Popular Party Venues / Places in Gurgaon

Looking for Party Venues in Gurgaon? Browse from our amazing list of 220+ Amazing Party Venues in gurgaon, and book the one that suits you best ;)

0124 Bar Exchange Sector 50



The Friends republic South City 2



Vandeez Tadka Sohna Road



Uptown Fresh Beer Cafe DLF Phase 4


Very Good

Kshitij Hotel Royale Sector 29


Very Good

Batli 29 Sector 29



Batli 29

Sector 29, Gurgaon

1350 / Person

Green Hut Udyog Vihar



Green Hut

Udyog Vihar, Gurgaon

Hotel Choupal Sector 14




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Top Party Venues / Places in Gurgaon / Gurugram

Gurgaon shares Delhi's love for parties, food, drinks, and fun, in general. There is a reason why it is, in many forms, an extension of the city itself. It is a reflection of Delhi's energy, enthusiasm, and will to party and have the best time whenever they go out. Gurgaon has some of the most interesting, exciting, and innovative party places in the forms of restaurants, pubs, cafes, house party places, nightclubs, and so much more. No matter what mood you are in, all you need to do is find out the place which suits your preference the best and you will end up having the best time. Let us assist you in the process of selecting the best of the best.

Gurgaon is a city of a newly constructed India. Gurgaon is to Delhi what Pune is to Mumbai and being a new city as it is, it is also extremely developed and had all the latest infrastructure. What makes Gurgaon a city for the youth is that it hosts India’s up and coming IT sector and more and more companies are diversifying to these second tier cities which are likely to be more lucrative in the long run. Not everyone can afford to live in Delhi, but Gurgaon offers opportunities for more people to have the city experience even if they can’t live in the country’s first metropolitan. Given that large masses of the Indian youth are now migrating to these second tier cities like Gurgaon, the culture that is being developed in these cities is also for the youth. The party places in Gurgaon are some of the best in the country, since all the restaurant owners and nightclub owners here are trying to cater to the youth demographic. The youth is all about having a good time. Nobody believes more in the slogan “work hard to party harder” than youngsters who have just moved to a new city. Gurgaon hosts this youth culture that is unlike any other city in the country. India right now is seeing a revolution in terms of culture. There is a transformation which is occurring, and partying and going out is no longer something reserved for the rich CEO's. The youth, fresh out of college, are the ones who are searching for all the party venues in Gurgaon has to offer. 

The one thing that the youth love, is their beer, and Gurgaon hosts possibly the most microbreweries per kilometre compared to any other city in the country! The youth here has an appreciation for the finer things in life as much as they love a casual night out and this city offers something for everyone. If you are looking for party venues in Gurgaon where you can experiment with different cuisines, you could go to a restaurant cum bar like the Ark which specialises in Mediterranean cuisine, or Raasta which has some of the best Jamaican food. They have restaurants like Game n Grillz which serve authentic North Indian and Chinese cuisines all in an outdoor setting. They have some great sports bars like Agent Jacks Bidding Bar or Match Box. They have some uniquely themed pubs and restaurants like South Point Carnival which literally feels like a carnival when you walk in, or Classroom which takes you down memory lane to the rooms of your beloved high school. Gurgaon is also known for its numerous terrace and rooftop bars that let you enjoy a fun night out under the stars. Molecule Air Bar which is futuristic in both its presentation and its food has an outdoor option which you can enjoy when the weather is good. Another cool terrace party venue is Vapour which feels like you have walked into a rave from the moment you enter. Gurgaon clubs for party are some of the most wild and extraordinary anywhere in the country. Just when you think you have been to every type of place that you possibly could in Gurgaon, something new and even more exciting opens up that is bigger and better than the rest. If you want a unique experience that you cannot find at any other restaurant you could check out Carnival. It literally is a living breathing carnival from the moment that you walk in and it has something for both kids and adults. This is another cool category of party places that you can find in Gurgaon, party places where adults can have fun but they can also take their kids. As far as the unique experience is concerned you can also give Gravity Space Bar or Cocktails and Dreams Speakeasy a try. If you are looking for a good old nightclub you can check out Club Switch or Adda by Striker. Both these places have a distinct vibe of their own and know how to throw a great party that you will remember for a long time to come.  

With so many different types of party spots to choose from and so many different pubs, restaurants and nightclubs spread out across sector 29, cyber hub, golf course road, and other happening locations in the city, you need a guide you can trust. Sloshout is the guide that you have been looking for. If you are someone who loves going to different party places, Gurgaon is the place to be. We characterise restaurants or pubs according to occasions such as birthdays or they segregate them by location. We let you search for places based on whether you are planning an evening with family or a crazy night out with friends. we suggest places to go if you want to watch the match and drink some beer, or try some innovative cocktails and cuisines from around the world. It doesn’t matter what the occasion is or the objective is for going out, Gurgaon has the place for you. Whether you’re looking for places to host a family party or have a ladies night, or whether you’re looking for a family party with all girls at a ladies night, we can take care of it and find the best option for you. The reason why we can find you places that nobody else can is that we actually know these cities and know the pubs and restaurants we write about. We know which place is best suited for which type of party. We know where to go for the best cocktails, or where to go for the best whiskey or beer. We know where to go for the best Italian food, or where to go for the most delicious North Indian food. We know where you can find budget party places in Gurgaon, and we know where you can go for the ultimate fine dining experience. Sloshout can help you find that perfect place in the vast and happening city of Gurgaon.  The restaurants to party in Gurgaon having awesome services and facilities. 

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