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List of Best Farmhouse Party Venues / Places in Sohna Road, Gurgaon

Here is the best list of most popular farmhouse party places and venues in Sohna Road, Gurgaon, Gurugram, Haryana to book and organize an awesome party:

Farmhouse 800 Sohna Road



Farmhouse 900 Sohna Road


Very Good

Farmhouse 900

Sohna Road, Gurgaon

Sohna Rd Farm 1011 GN Sohna Road



Sohna Rd Farm 6655 GN Sohna Road



Sohna Rd Farm 6655 GN

Sohna Road, Gurgaon


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Top Farm Houses for Party In Sohna Road, Gurugram

Best Farmhouse Party Venues in Sohna Road


Is the long-awaited family reunion finally happening? Did all your friends from school or college ultimately manage to come down to the Delhi-NCR region? Do they want to have a weekend with each other and reminisce about the old days? Is your best friend getting married and the responsibility of arranging a bachelorette party has fallen on you? Do you have a birthday to plan for a younger child in your family? Are the people in your college wishing for a grand freshers party? We know what it feels like to be responsible for hosting parties. In order to host a great party, you will need a great venue that will fit your preferences.


How to look for the perfect party venue in Sohna Road


The first of your many worries in these cases would be looking for the perfect venue. Your own house may not always be able to accommodate so many people at once. Comfortably is needed with necessary arrangements for food and drinks and even sleeping area, if required. In this case, an ideal venue to host such parties would be big, spacious farmhouses! The Delhi NCR region has some of the best farmhouses for picnics, parties in the Gurgaon area. Gurgaon already has places for parties or sightseeing with its rooftop bars, restaurants, cafes, pubs, and micro-breweries. It is a great place to hang out with friends or family away from the Delhi mainland.


If you are specifically looking for a farmhouse in Gurgaon for a picnic, look no farther than Sohna Road in Gurgaon. For your dream party venue, choose one of the many farms for a party on Sohna Road! These farms are perfect for any kind of party or reunion or get together you may wish to throw. Sohna Road is also conveniently located. In this case, nobody has to travel very far or go out of their way to reach these venues. Easy to reach, easy to locate - these farmhouse venues are ideal.


Why choose a farmhouse as a party venue


Rather than booking a large table at a restaurant, just rent a furnished, luxurious farmhouse to host your party. The farmhouses are immaculately decorated giving your party plenty of opportunities to take aesthetic pictures for their social media. The style, the feel of the farmhouses are arranged to keep in mind the preferences of the guests. It is full of modern décor – and they are also kept in top shape. The elegance, ambiance of these farmhouses will set your party apart. It will make all your guests want to take a lot of pictures!


These farmhouses in Sohna Road have impressive, manicured lawns for all the sports lovers of the family! If the children bring a volleyball net or badminton racquets with them, a game can be easily played here. You can also set up barbecue stations here for some live, sizzling hot food to serve to guests immediately! There is also a pool in each of these farmhouses. Here one can laze around under the sun or even have some fun in the pool water. This makes the farmhouses even more lucrative in the summer. Who would not want a pool to casually swim a little and cool off? In some farmhouses, there are also cozy cabanas present. That would entice your guests to never leave the poolside and go inside! A few of the farmhouses even boast a Jacuzzi for a quieter form of relaxation.


Host great Birthday parties


The inside of these farmhouses is also amazing for relaxing and just chatting with each other all day. If you are looking for birthday party venues on Sohna road Gurgaon, these farmhouses would be very suitable. Children can stay inside and have a fun time playing different games. The children would also love the outdoor space. It will provide them with ample space to run around and play freely. Children love to play in open spaces rather than cooped up inside a house so this would be a great option.


Host theme parties in these spacious farmhouses


These farmhouse venues can also be decorated by you exclusively and specifically for the event you are about to host. That makes things easier because these venues allow for external decoration for you to host the perfect theme party. Themed parties are particularly well appreciated for birthday parties, kitty parties, bachelorette parties, freshers and so on. For example, you can have a Halloween themed party where all your guests will be dressed according to their wishes. Maybe even as popular characters from TVs and movies! If you want to add a special horror element, then you can come down to the farmhouse a day before. Set up your prop pieces in place so that the entire ambiance is thoroughly scary to suit the mood!


These farmhouses also come with furnished and furbished kitchens and dining spaces. If you get a cooking crew to come and cook, they can also do it with no difficulty at all. This also saves you the hassle of cooking on spot and looking for appliances. Now you can go out there and enjoy the party with everyone else! It is important that you do not run around in your own party busily. It should be fun and relaxing for you as well. Being a good host means you going out and mingling with the guests.


As there are so many great options to pick from, you can choose anyone as a theme of your party. If you want an all-white theme, then look for the one that goes the best with the entire idea. These farmhouses are elegant, beautiful and sleek and will impress all your guests – whatever their age may be. It is important that everyone feels at home and comfortable and can sit back and relax.


Pull off a great Bachelorette weekend


These farmhouses are a great spot for bachelorette party places in Sohna road. Your sister or best friend deserves a great send-off before she gets hitched for life! For that, you’ll need a spectacular venue to pull off a great bachelorette. A farmhouse would be ideal because it would have a lot of space for your friends to dance all night. The interior décor will also allow all of you to take amazing pictures that will get lots of likes! The bride-to-be will be the happiest as the party venue sets the mood for the entire party. The pool will also allow the bachelorette party to have some dressing themes. All the friends can dress up with a similar theme and click memorable pictures to keep for life.


Having a rocking Freshers party in Sohna road


For freshers party places in Sohna road, these farmhouses are great because it would hold a lot of people. No chances of overcrowding. It would also be an ideal dance floor and all the freshers can dance freely! The outdoor areas can also be a good place for all to sit under the open air and stargaze. If you want to avoid spillage inside, set up the alcohol or beverage station outside. It would allow all the guests to have their drinks and also mingle amongst each other. People can walk around and get to know everyone around them.


The open-air environment will add an extra element to the party. Since there are no nosy neighbors on either side, one can even take the party outside. With the help of a few canopy tents and fairy lights and a big sound system, make your own disco!


Fun kitty parties to wow everyone


For kitty party places in Sohna road, the farmhouses would make you stand out as the host! The wonderful venue and arrangements will amaze every guest! Add to that, delicious finger foods with some refreshing drinks – your party will be a hit. Go the extra mile and arrange for some fun party games. Just keep a pack of cards with you, it will only make the environment more lively.


Your family might want a reunion in a villa with a swimming pool in Gurgaon for a party. These farmhouses will be a fantastic spot for a get-together party or even a picnic. Outdoor spaces that come with these farmhouses provide for the best picnic spots. Do you want to cook your own food and have it outside? All the types of equipment are already there to give you the best picnic experience ever. There will also be the amenities of the indoor space. For the children to have the most fun in the swimming pools, keep some balloons and floaters aside. They will enjoy and frolic in the water while you also get some rest.


Perfect Anniversary celebration venues

We often have to host our parents' anniversaries or our own. For that, we look for warm, intimate spaces but big enough to hold everyone. In this case, a farmhouse would be ideal. We do not have to then go out into bars and restaurants among strangers. We will just be surrounded by loved ones and family and celebrate happy occasions. The older ones in your family will absolutely appreciate the comfort of their own homes in these homely venues. If they are tired, they will easily slip into one of the bedrooms and take a nap.


Perfect Reunion venue for friends


These venues are great for catching up with friends. There are often too many distractions in the bars or restaurants outside. The farmhouse will give you privacy and space. The best part, you won’t be in a hurry to leave because there is not a time limit. Arrange a meet-up with all your friends in these venues and have a chilled out reunion. Booking one of these is almost like a stress-buster. You can leave behind the daily hassle and headaches and enjoy special moments in peace.


Why host a House party in a farmhouse


House parties nowadays are becoming incredibly more popular. They are easy, free accessibility and comfortable for the host and the guests. It is also understandable if sometimes the guest list is so big that one’s house cannot fit so many people. So the easiest solution is to go out there and rent a big enough farmhouse that would suit the job! Rather than looking for a cool place to hang out, it is easy to just bring the party inside! Keep cool boardgames and think up ideas that would work very well at a house party. You can even make it a ‘Bring your own Booze’ party. Everybody brings their own favorite drink while you supply the food – making it a much more pocket-friendly party too!


Looking after Menu and cuisine

Even though the venue will do half your job, you have to keep an eye out at the food menu. Make the food menu easy to serve but also delicious. Keep plenty of desserts as everyone loves something sweet after a hearty meal! A sweet punch or a lemonade stand would be great for refreshing and quenching everyone’s thirst. Hours of dancing at a bachelorette or a freshers’ party can be tiring.  A venue, if rightly chosen and fits perfectly, can do half of your job of organizing the party. So, it becomes very important that you have a venue that fits all your needs.


Are you having trouble looking for the perfect farmhouse for a party in Sohna Road? Well, look no further because Sloshout is here to help you out in the best manner possible! Sloshout has an amazing interactive website. It will give you the most information about the available farmhouses in Sohna Road, Gurgaon for the party. If you take the extra step and call them, they will take charge of it all. They will book the best place for your party after consulting you. They will also arrange for anything and everything necessary for you to host an incredible party. So you will thoroughly wow your guests with your hosting skills! Throw a great, unforgettable party in these farmhouses for a party in Sohna road.

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