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2nd Floor, Cyber Hub, DLF Cyber City, Gurgaon

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DLF Cyber City, Gurgaon



2nd Floor, Cyber Hub, DLF Cyber City, Gurgaon

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If there’s one the thing that Delhi-ites have mastered, it is making party plans for the weekend. No matter how hectic the week may have been, you can trust Delhi-ites to make the perfect weekend plan.

Everyone has their own way of making the weekend special. After 5 (or sometimes 6) days of grueling work, the perfect weekend plan goes a long way in fuelling that energy back for the next week. Every individual has their own preferences for what a perfect weekend looks like.

However, let’s not forget those who take time out to catch up with their friends during the weekdays as well. A nice cup of coffee, some sandwiches, or an elaborate dinner spread with wine- some people like either or both.

Delhi has no dearth of party places. It is no surprise that the capital will have its share of amazing venues for celebrating any and every occasion. Be it a casual get-together or a well planned birthday party, you will find the perfect venue for everything here in Delhi/NCR. Gurgaon especially is emerging as the destination for the best pubs and hence, the best parties. Many new places have sprung up off late who are doing path-breaking work in providing the perfect party space for millennials. Everyone knows that Gurgaon has some of the most offices of international companies and a full-blown cyber city. Many youths from all over the country come to pursue better career opportunities at Gurgaon and never leave empty-handed. If you are one of them, you will know that there are party places aplenty in Gurgaon

While every sector has its own specialties and some of the other famous party venue or cafe, Cyber City is no less. DLF Cyber City is thronged by talented youths working in the offices. They work hard all week and party harder over the weekend. On Saturdays, their only after-work destination is their favorite place. One of these party venues in Gurgaon which have won hearts is Imperfecto. This casual dining restaurant also doubles up as a bar and is everything you would want in a party place. It is the IT place for people who are new to the city and want to experience Gurgaon’s nightlife. After the offices shut, Imperfecto is crowded by the young people who are simply seeking a good time.

Imperfecto is hands down one of the best party venues in Gurgaon. It has everything that you want to tick off the list of the best party places. Besides having an eclectic aura and a decor that is perfectly in tune with its vibe, Imperfecto is also a heaven for foodies. The chefs at Imperfecto know what the crowd loves and have prepared the menu accordingly. It is varied, serves different taste palettes, and urges you to experiment. The cuisines served at Imperfecto include Mediterranean, Italian, Continental, Spanish, North Indian, and Asian. All of them are made from scratch with the best ingredients at the Imperfecto kitchen. After all, why should you have only finger foods when our partying? If you are looking for anniversary party places in Gurgaon, Imperfecto can be the ultimate deal. You wouldn’t have to worry about the details of the party. Leave it to the attentive staff who is very efficient and arrange everything you need for a perfect party.

At Imperfecto, all the delicacies that make it to the menu are carefully curated. The drinks available at the Imperfecto bar perfectly complement the dishes served to the guests. Their cocktails are just as irresistible as their mocktails and give options for non-alcoholic people as well. The bar is simply magic and the bartenders its magicians. You will find both classic options as well as experimental ones if you feel adventurous. At Imperfecto DLF Cyber City, there is something in store for everybody to enjoy. Not to mention that these drinks are the perfect party starters.

With both outdoor and indoor seating arrangements, guests also have the choice of choosing their setting for the party. The indoors have impeccable decoration which is young, vibrant and exudes a great aura. The decor accentuates the energy and the vibe of the place. It encapsulates you in its ambiance which is both relaxed and energetic. You will have no difficulties setting into a celebratory mood here at Imperfecto Gurgaon. This is exactly why it is one of the best freshers party places in Gurgaon. If you want to welcome someone new at work or simply want to celebrate your juniors at work/college, this is it. This place will give you the opportunity and the excuse to know and bond with them.

Imperfecto is also one of the best rooftop party venues in Gurgaon with unparalleled views that just make the party experience even more memorable. The staff at imperfect also takes care of your entertainment by arranging for live entertainment as well as live music. The live entertainment is highly engaging and the bar always gets more crowds on those days. As for living music, it sets the right mood for everyone, no matter how tired or exhausted they must be from all the work. This goes on to say that the party experience at Imperfecto is more than just a dine and wine affair. It is surely one of the best events places in Gurgaon you will find.

If you are looking curiously for birthday party venues in Gurgaon? Go no further than Imperfecto. There is no better than Imperfecto. Especially if the birthday girl/boy likes good vibes, amazing live music and entertainment along with sumptuous meal and drinks, there is no way someone can say no to that, right?

Imperfecto Gurgaon is apt if you want a party experience that makes you want to come back for more. The place generally receives a large number of guests, especially during the weekend. Visit Sloshout to book yourself a table before you visit Imperfecto to avoid any queues. You can find the best deals for both big and small reservations only at Sloshout.

In Gurgaon along with DLF Cybercity, there are many other areas where you can enjoy the party.  You can also celebrate your baby's first birthday. The first birthday party places in golf course road and sector 20 to 60 are perfectly decorated for various ocassion parties. 

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