7 Cafes & Bars In Gurgaon That Are Best For Kitty Parties

Kitty Parties are a great way to bond with your friends and have a blast together. Add in some hot gossip, even hotter food, and the coolest of drinks, and you’re all set to party! If you are from Gurgaon or are looking for a kitty party venue in Gurgaon, we have just the right places up our sleeve that can be the aptest spots for your next kitty party!

1. The Flying Saucer Cafe, Sector 29

the flying saucer cafe

Even though it’s called a cafe, it is really a lounge. Known for its superb decor that attracts guests from all over the city, this place sure knows how to serve a storm of a party to its guests. Equipped with everything that you may possibly need to make your kitty party a success, we sure have to go give this place a try. Italian, Mediterranean, Continental, North Indian, Oriental cuisines offered are a hit amongst the food-lovers. Along with it are drinks that are both exclusive and exquisite to complement your taste buds. They arrange a live music, taking care of the entertainment of the guests.

Opens at: 12:00 PM
Closes at: 1:00 AM
More Info: Full Bar, Live Sports Screening, Nightlife, Live Music

2. Raasta, DLF Cyber City


Cannot wait to go to a kitty party with your new friends after tying the knot? These new relationships are very precious and you ought to take special care to ensure that you bond well. Take your party to a young and quirky venue such as Raasta at DLF Cyber City which strikes the perfect balance between sophisticated and quirky. This lounge is a big attraction for the youngsters as it has all that it takes to chill, relax, and have a great time. They offer Continental, Italian, Salad options to their guests along with Keto options for the weight-watchers. Besides, there is a generous supply from their full bar always at your disposal. They have karaoke nights, live music, live entertainment as well as a wonderful outdoor seating option. Can it get any more amazing?

Opens at: 12:00 PM
Closes at: 1:00 AM
More Info: Full Bar, Live Sports Screening, Nightlife, Live Music, Karaoke, Outdoor Seating

3. 21 Shots – The MRP Bar, Sector 29

Interior sheating area at 21 shots

A casual dining restro-bar which is all things comfortable and fun, 21 Shots is a fun and energetic place which offers you one of the best kitty party venues in Gurgaon. With its suave decor and lighting, the ambience exuded hits the chord of your party every time. The Chinese, Continental, Indian cuisines are perfect for the palette accompanied by the fantastic drinks and beverages from their full bar. The dance floor is a very loved characteristic of this place which, along with the live music, offers you the space and the opportunity to shake a leg with your friends and have a gala time!

Opens at: 1:00 PM
Closes at: 12:00 AM
More Info: Full Bar, Live Sports Screening, Nightlife, Live Music, Dance Floor

4. Friction The Drinkery, Sector 29friction the drinkery sector 29

Summers are the perfect time to take your drinks and your food outside and enjoy it in the natural air conditioner. In that case, there may not be any other place more comfortable and apt that Friction The Drinkery. Located in Sector 29, this casual dining resto bar gives people a reason to party. So, take your kitty party here and enjoy the sumptuous North Indian, Biryani, Thai cuisines along with their renowned cocktails. The place arranges live music for the entertainment of its guests which adds to the soothing and enjoyable ambience it exudes.

Opens at: 12:00 PM
Closes at: 1:00 AM
More Info: Full Bar, Live Sports Screening, Nightlife, Live Music, Outdoor Seating

5. Lagom Kitchen + Brewery, Sohna Road

party venue helpThere are a hundred reasons why microbreweries are the perfect place to have a smashing party! Not only do they offer an amazing assortment of freshly brewed beer and other fantastic drinks but also a great environment consucive for partying. Lagon Kitchen + Brewery offers Italian, Asian, North Indian, European cuisines to its guests in a very relaxed and warm ambience. They also have a wide array of drinks which the guests can order from the full bar available here. If you don’t want to sit indoors, enjoy the splendid outdoor seating at Lagom with your friends while you wine and dine!

Opens at: 12:00 PM
Closes at: 12:AM
More Info: Full Bar, Live Sports Screening, Nightlife, Live Music, Outdoor Seating, Brewery

6. The Hook, Sector 29the hook

Adding to the list of the few splendid rooftop kitty party venues in Gurgaon is The Hook, located in Sector 29. The Hook is a microbrewery and a casual dining restaurant which is on the run to become one of the most elite but budget restaurants in Gurgaon. They have a decor worth being stunned by an ambience that will always fill your heart with joy. The place offers a wide assortment of drinks to the guests and, being a microbrewery, is quite a master at that. As for food, The Hook offers Continental, Seafood, Asian cuisines which are the favourites of one and many. A splendid place if you wish to experience the nightlife of Gurgaon, The Hook awaits your visit.

Opens at: 12:00 PM
Closes at: 12:00 AM
More Info: Full Bar, Live Sports Screening, Nightlife, Live Music, Rooftop, Outdoor Seating, Microbrewery

7. I-Kandy – Le Meridien Gurgaon, MG Road

Fancy a poolside kitty party in Gurgaon? I-Kandy at Le Meridien is waiting or you to experience its unparalleled ambience and a service that will put all other party venues to shame. This poolside lounge is as wonderfully decorated and lit as it situated, in MG Road. They offer every possible service that has the prospect of making your party absolutely unforgettable. Take your kitty gang here and celebrate the party that is life along with some of their exquisite drinks from the full bar to toast with. Besides, if you are a foodie. their Finger Food options will absolutely stun you! They also have a live music facility for their guests to ensure that they never experience a dull moment at I-Kandy.

Opens at: 7:00 PM
Closes at: 12:00 AM
More Info: Live Sports Screening, Full Bar, Nightlife, Live Music, Outdoor Seating

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