Top 5 Pubs and Disco In Noida For Your Weekend Party!

Pubs and Disco In Noida For Your Weekend Party!

The present generation knows how to work hard and party hard. Or, as they say, “work hard, party harder”. For everyone who is a believer of that statement, Noida is perhaps one of the best places to live in. The once corporate hub is now turning into a major party destination, courtesy all the up and coming, exciting weekend party places that are popping up throughout the Noida. These places don’t leave any stone unturned to ensure that the guests when they visit the party venue after a long day at work, get everything that their heart yearns for. Continue reading “Top 5 Pubs and Disco In Noida For Your Weekend Party!”

Best 5 Party Places in Noida For Your Weekend Party

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Merriment, meeting with friends, dancing, music, great food, enjoying social company, and some great drinks, all these make the gruesome week bearable for every person who finds himself/herself stuck between pages, sheets, files, and deadlines. Finally, when Friday night comes, you can be sure of getting rid of all the week’s tiredness in the company of your dear ones and in an ambiance that you like. Without the hope of a break, it is perhaps impossible to go with our daily schedule with the same enthusiasm and energy. Continue reading “Best 5 Party Places in Noida For Your Weekend Party”

9 Best Nightlife Destinations in Delhi

Delhi is one of the most happening party places in the country, if not the most. During the day, everyone is rushing to their offices, meetings, and tangled in their daily schedules. However, it is during the night, after the sun goes down, that these people come out to get rid of the day’s stress and party in their own unique way.

Delhi has something for everyone, no matter what age or what background you come from. When you have so many options, why spend your precious evenings at home watching same old football matches? Hang out with your friends, take your family out for a great alfresco dinner, or just shake a leg at the dance floor to your favourite music tracks. No matter what you choose to do, one thing you can be sure of is that you will have a great time, no matter what. Delhi’s nightlife never disappoints. Continue reading “9 Best Nightlife Destinations in Delhi”

The Best Places In Gurgaon To Experience Its Nightlife

The Best Places In Gurgaon To Experience Its Nightlife

With our circadian rhythms working differently due to changed working hours in our professional lives, the nightlife culture in India is now a huge rage! After the lights go out at the offices, these hard-working, mostly young professionals do not give in to the tiredness of the day. They head straight to the clubs, pubs, lounges, and nightclubs that keep their doors open to guests till dawn! There are always surprises to be expected and it is only after sundown that the true nightlife of a city truly shows. Gurgaon, the hub of young IT professionals from all over the country who are acing their professional careers, is rapidly becoming the king of nightlife destinations in the whole country, competing with Mumbai. Continue reading “The Best Places In Gurgaon To Experience Its Nightlife”

Your Beginner’s Guide to Delhi Nightlife

Your Beginner's Guide To Delhi Nightlife

Delhi, the country’s capital, is bound to have a diverse and large population with youngsters coming from all over the country looking for career opportunities. Studies show that every year a large percentage of the country’s youth population shifts to Delhi looking for better education and job prospects. This not only means a better communication of culture and new ideas but also a coming together of the common interests of today’s youth. Delhi, even though a very interesting and albeit wonderful place to live in, does not go easy on its freshers. So, along with great career opportunities, Delhi also has come up with even greater nightlife party destinations which perform the essential job of refreshing and rejuvenating the worked out and stressed minds and bodies of these hard-working youngsters. Continue reading “Your Beginner’s Guide to Delhi Nightlife”

10 Most Happening Rooftop Seating Bars in New Delhi

10 Most Happening Open Air Bars in New Delhi

Rooftop restaurants or outdoor seating lounges are now a huge rage in Delhi. Everyone is opting for the outdoors instead of the indoors when they feel like having some great food in the company of their near and dear ones, accompanied with great drinks from the bar, of course Delhi always caters to the needs of the people and has done the same this time as well by bringing more and more outdoor and rooftop seating restaurants, bars, lounges, and cafes to the city where people can escape the heat at the end of the day and enjoy nature’s air condition. Continue reading “10 Most Happening Rooftop Seating Bars in New Delhi”

Your Beginner’s Guide to Gurgaon Nightlife

Your Beginner's Guide to Gurgaon Nightlife

Gurgaon is part of Delhi/NCR and its ever-expanding territory. A lot of energy and effort on the part of both the private and the public has gone into making Gurgaon a corporate hub. Thousands of new youngsters come to Gurgaon every month from all over the country looking for new job possibilities and avenues. These people, who are a majority of the population of Gurgaon, are young, hard-working, and surely like their leisure time as well. After spending almost all their daytime in the office cabins, they generally head to one of the many fantastic nightlife destinations that Gurgaon boasts of. In fact, survey says that these youngsters shed out a lot of money directed towards recreation and entertainment. It seems that they have fully comprehended the meaning of “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”. It is because of this ever-increasing demand that Gurgaon is always coming up with newer and better nightlife destinations, offering parties of all kinds and sorts and in all budgets. Continue reading “Your Beginner’s Guide to Gurgaon Nightlife”

Gurgaon’s Best Cocktail Bars For Your Next Party

It is a ritual for some people that every weekend some people like to head out and enjoy their two days off work and busy schedules chilling with their friends and doing everything that their 9 to 9 jobs steal from them. And some of those things include the simple pleasures of life like hanging out with your friends and having your favourite drink at a bar that not only serves some of the best drinks in the city but also acts as the best host to you and your gang of friends. Gurgaon has truly turned into the hippest party destination of Delhi/NCR. Every day, and especially during weekends, thousands of people, belonging to different age groups, backgrounds, and professions. Home to some of the best and most innovative party destinations of Delhi/NCR, Bars, pubs, clubs, restaurants, lounges, cafes, microbreweries…you name it and Gurgaon will have it! Continue reading “Gurgaon’s Best Cocktail Bars For Your Next Party”

The Best Things To Do In Noida This Weekend

Weekend in Noida

Noida has recently developed as an up and coming party destination of Delhi/NCR. After the inauguration of DLF Mall of India, many Delhiites rushed to Noida to experience whatever Noida was offering. The status quo now is that Noida has some of the must-experience party places in the whole of the city, so much so that even people from the heart of Delhi are considering these party places in Noida for their birthday bashes, corporate parties, anniversary parties, or even simple dinner hang out sessions. Given that the up and coming as well as the renowned party places in Noida like Imperfecto and TGI Fridays are doing their best to offer services that are not only at par with but surpass the quality of service offered elsewhere, in other party places in Delhi/NCR. Continue reading “The Best Things To Do In Noida This Weekend”