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Celebrate Your Special Moments in Connaught Place

When you look for the best party venues in Delhi, Connaught Place will never let you down. Figuratively and literally, Connaught Place has always been the heart of Delhi and no other place in the country’s capital can walk away with this status. Whether it is day or night, the ‘happening’ aspect of this place always prevails.  While the rest of Delhi is transformed into unrecognizable avatars, Connaught Place, famously known as CP, has not only retained its charm, but also has preserved itself as it used to be.

However, with the progress of time, this legendary market has been experiencing various developments- with as many new restaurants and bars opening up. And, with the mushrooming of these trendy eateries CP is now gaining the status of the new food hub of Delhi. So, the next time you plan for a party, you should definitely visit this place, for it will make the event memorable for you.

With lot many options available, if you get confused as where you should be heading. Here, we are short listing some of the best party venues in Connaught Place that will make your task simple.

Party Venues in Cannaught Place

  • FLYP@MTV: It is MTV’s first cafe in the country and the interior is something like you have never seen before. The place includes a virtual museum, a recorded studio, live events, workshops on food, music and fashion. The dishes served here have the necessary modern twists. So, you need no more reasons to visit this place.
  • Farzi Cafe: You should host you party here especially to taste the quirky dishes that come with all the dramas. The menu is really interesting with all the food items like, the F.F.C. or Farzi Fried chicken with smoked BBQ cream and Sri Lankan Grass Hoppers, Makai Mehti Tikki Burger, and so on.
  • Tamasha: This is another best party place in CP as it has big and open space, along with excellent services. The ambience is excellent and always on its top most energy, and the lightings and music are soothing to eyes. Precisely, it is a perfect place to upbeat an evening party.

Apart from that, there are many birthday party venues in Connaught Place that can make your celebratory moments simply unforgettable. These attractive places not only offers mind-blowing ambience, but also highly delicious eateries and soul-soothing music that will turn your birthday party all the way special.