Clubbing vs House Party : Which one do you prefer?

Clubbing vs House Party: Which One Do You Prefer?

Most of us have been a part of both house party and parties at clubs. While everyone’s definition of ‘fun’ and ‘partying’ differs, people tend to enjoy house parties a little more than clubbing. Having said that, let’s not forget all those days of being a college student. You couldn’t wait to get to college and use that clever fake ID to get into the clubs. A few years later, you’re probably craving for a little quieter and having fun with the people you know and have been friends with.

There has always been a debate over which party is more fun, a house party or going clubbing. In today’s fast-paced world, nightlife has almost become a part of our daily lives. A day without a party, without boozing, is boring. However, the dilemma remains: House party or clubbing?

Clubbing vs House Party : Which one do you prefer?

Let us give you a few reasons for and against both house parties and clubbing so that you can take the call for yourself:

1. Host (and friends)

At Clubs, even though you might go with a few friends, you find yourself in an unfamiliar space with a lot of strangers partying around. For some people, this is the biggest con of clubbing. You may even find yourself clubbing with absolute strangers and not enjoying the company of your friends who came partying with you. On a hindsight, this is an advantage for some people who are new in the city and are looking to make friends. The club is the best to make friends. However, the bar is the best place to find a lover, as Ed Sheeran would say.

House parties are much more private and welcoming. You are likely to know everyone who will attend the party if you are that close to the host. Even if that isn’t the case, you will know most of the people. This minimizes the pressure of putting effort into socializing. You can be yourself as these are the people you have known for years. You party and enjoy with your own friends and create memories that all of you will remember and cherish for the lifetime.

2. Dress Code

Clubs will most likely have a dress code for both girls and guys. If its a high scale pub, you will have to put in quite some effort to make sure that you are dressed according to the code. Usually, people at clubs are well-dressed and decked up. But a dress code becomes a little restrictive. For the times when you impulsively decide to go to the club or take your friend by surprise by bringing him/her to the club without a notice, you might be stopped at the entrance if you aren’t dressed according to the code.

House parties are so much cooler that way. This is your friend throwing a party and all the people invited, which is usually restricted to near and dear ones, know you and won’t be judgemental. You can wear whatever you like and still be let into the party unquestioned. Humans are all victims of their impulses. Sometimes we like to dress up like we’re going to a red-carpet event, sometimes we like partying in our PJs. For the latter case, house parties are the best.

3. Safety

When you go partying at clubs, you are likely to drink a lot. At the end of the party, you are too sloshed to stand vertically for 10 minutes. If the people you go partying with also end up drinking that much, it’s risky for anyone to drive the rest of the people back to their homes. Even though taking a cab is always an option, the safety factor at a club is always much lower than at house parties.

At a house party, you will know that the attendees are all your friends. The host usually takes up the responsibility of ensuring that everyone gets home safe and nobody drinks and drives. Otherwise, you always have the option of just crashing their couch. This way, you can drink and party to your heart’s content and not worry about your safety since you will be surrounded by caring friends and acquaintances.

4. Food and Drinks

Clubs nowadays charge exorbitant prices for the drinks. Even though we may like to indulge in some exotic alcoholic beverages once in a while, making it a regular affair will reflect on your wallet and bank balance. Having said that, clubs are also the best place to go if you are entertaining someone for a professional meeting. However, if you are there partying with your friends, you may or may not find the drink and food of your choice. In that case, you will anyway have to end up paying for a drink that you want only half-heartedly and not enjoy your food fully.

House parties offer the food and drinks of your choice. It is also much cheaper if you just arrange for a BYOD affair. If you are the host, doing that will be beneficial instead of arranging for drinks that suit everyone’s taste. If you are an invitee, you can just carry the drink you like the most and ask your friend to mix it up and provide you with glasses. This is a lot cheaper than paying all the exorbitant prices and taxes at the clubs. As far as food is concerned, you can always go ahead and request for the food/chakhna you want, if the host is a friend. Since it’s a house party, the host will most likely be able to arrange for anything, given that it’s feasible.

5. Music

At the clubs, you’re stuck with a DJ and this can either be the best or the worst thing depending on if your music taste matches the DJ. Say, If you like rap/hip-hop and get stuck at a club that’s only playing EDM. It can ruin your party vibes. On another perspective, clubs are also a good place to discover new music. A lot of clubs are going noise-free by giving their guests headphones where they can either play their own music or groove to the DJ’s beats. Didn’t they know that people have been doing this for long at house parties?

With house parties, you get more options to listen to music of your liking. You can even turn into the DJ and change the music or mix a few songs if you feel like it. If you are on the side, with someone else mixing songs, you can always go up to them and ask him/her to change it. It’s a house party, after all. Everything is fun, less judgemental, and enjoyable.

After reading the pros and cons of both kinds of parties, it is upto you to decide which one you like better: house parties or clubbing. Both house parties in Delhi and clubs have their advantages and disadvantages, how you would like to spend your weekend is entirely dictated by what mood you’re in or who you wanna party with.

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