How to Celebrate Halloween Party?

Over the years, Halloween has also found sizeable popularity in the Indian community as well. Halloween party is perfect to celebrate in October month.

With the increased indulgence in the American soaps, movies and the American culture by the Indian people.

Halloween has gradually become a rage among the Indian youth.

Halloween parties are held with great pomp and show in major cities of India where people dress up scary clothes.

They also dressed as dead characters and party the whole day just like their American counterparts.

Since, celebrating Halloween party is the new sensation in India, Sloshout lists a few ways in which you can organize a happening party and set a benchmark as the ultimate Halloween party in India:

Halloween Party in Delhi

Halloween Party

  • Plan a collective Halloween party with your friends and family:

    We all agree that we have the most thrilling and memorable time partying when we celebrate any occasion with our friends and family by our side.

  • Including your friends and your family in a Halloween party is going to add more colors and fun to the party as they will too put their best foot forward to dress up as scary characters from the past.
  • Imagine your party being attended by your grandparents and your relatives, matching your efforts and your energy to make your party a success. Your Halloween party will then be an instant hit. 
Halloween Party Ideas

Halloween Party Ideas

  • Plan a Halloween Dinner:

    If you are wondering about how to celebrate Halloween party as a teenager, the easiest way you can have fun and attend a Halloween party is to plan a dinner outing with your friends.

  • Planning dinner can be a hassle-free alternative to organizing a full-fledged party without missing out on the fun of a party.
  • So, call up your friends and get in touch with Sloshout to start planning the best Halloween party in Delhi. 
Halloween theme party ideas

Halloween theme party ideas

  • Arrange for a pumpkin carving competition:

    Taking a cue from the art and craft class in school, which are usually fun-filled due to the participation of your friends, arranging a competition among you and your friends can take the ball game a level further.

  • A pumpkin carving competition on the day of Halloween can be a fun way to celebrate the occasion and has all the potential to be the answer to the question ‘how to celebrate Halloween party for adults’.
  • Not only will the party bring forth the creative skills of all of your friends but also give you the rare chance to bond with your friends over a fun activity, making the Halloween party a huge success. 
Halloween 2019

Halloween 2019

  • A costume party at your own locality:

    Celebrating a Halloween party can achieve a whole new meaning when you can include your neighbors and your friends to don spooky costumes to honor the occasion too.

  • Parading the local streets with your neighborhood friends can be a quirky and definitely an innovative way to celebrate Halloween and will also inspire other people to take to the event with more vigor.
  • So, hold a competition among your friends to acknowledge the person who donned the pirate look better. 
Halloween Party in Delhi

Halloween Party in Delhi


  • Make Pumpkin pies:

    To answer the inevitable question of how to celebrate Halloween party for adults, if you are looking for a less jazzy way to celebrate Halloween with your friends, making pumpkin pies is definitely one way to around it.

  • Pumpkin pies will not only give you the opportunity to try out your baking skills but is also an effective way to pay your respects to the dead and pray for their soul to be in peace.
  • So, call up your friends and stock up on enough pumpkins to enjoy an intimate celebration of Halloween with your friends and family. 
Halloween Party in Delhi

Halloween Party in Delhi

  • Plan a horror movie marathon with your cousins and siblings:

    If you are eager to create a spooky ambiance in your Halloween party and want to relive the memories of some of the best horror movies that you have seen while growing up, you can plan a movie night with your cousins and your siblings and watch all those spooky movies which you watched in your childhood.

  • Along with bringing back the memories of your childhood and the collective memories you have had with your siblings and cousins, a horror movie marathon is a great way to celebrate a Halloween party with limited expenses. 
Halloween Party Ideas

Halloween Party Ideas

  • Plan a bonfire at the nearby jungle or hill:

    If you are one of those who are suckers of adventure and thrill, you can plan a quick hike to the nearby hill or a forest and spend an entire night there with your friends by a bonfire.

  • You can make the most of this opportunity to venture out in the wild and spend an entire night under the starry sky, stargazing with your friends.
  • And if you are more of a brave heart, you can challenge yourself and all your friends to share all their spooky experiences and stories of the dead by the bonfire at the strike of midnight that day!
  • Either way, spending a night under the stars is one such experience that we city dwellers mostly miss out on and with the excuse of looking for ways on how to celebrate Halloween party, stargazing and hiking is one good way to spend time with your friends and loved ones because at the end of the day a celebration is all about companionship and spending quality time with people.

  • Visit the nearest cemetery or graveyard:

    If you truly want to honor the dead, you have the option of doing so by planning a spooky outing with your friends to the cemetery and the graveyard.

  • Burial grounds are the closest you can venture to the dead souls and thus a planned hang out with your friends to the cemetery or the graveyard is one such rare experience which should definitely not exclude your list of to-do things in the Halloween this year.
  • Pack your bags, head to the local cemetery or burial grounds and spend a couple of hours there to witness the dead from incredible proximity of an inch.

  • Party the night away at a local nightclub or a restaurant:

    If you simply want to enjoy the company of your friends and family and are looking for a chance to celebrate a Halloween party with them, heading to the local restaurant or the nightclub can be the best possible option for you.

  • Nothing can come close to celebrating an occasion with the company of your friends, so to have an unparalleled partying experience; you can pre-book a venue for a Halloween party in Delhi with your close ones and don your favorite make-up and costume to look your best on that day.


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Halloween party in India is no longer a far-fetched reality. Huddle up your gang to have the unique experience of celebrating a quirky Halloween party in India.

Are you running out of ideas to celebrate your Halloween party in Delhi? Has the thought of having the best Halloween party in Delhi been giving you jitters? Don’t worry. Sloshout has solutions to all your worries. Sloshout is your go-to a buddy for party planning and organizing woes. It has all kinds of answers to all party-related questions and problems.

If you want to give your friends a dose of quirky American culture.

Organizing a Halloween party in Delhi NCR can be quite fun.

Whether you want to have a Halloween theme party in Delhi or a casual Halloween party in South Delhi.

Sloshout can be your guide. Our team at Sloshout can assist you in party ideas as well as choosing the right venue for you.

However, to help you find the appropriate venue to plan the best Halloween party in Delhi. 

We are listing below a few venues.

Time Machine, Sector 38

Do you want to have an avant-garde experience of dining with your friends? Are you a fan of sci-fi and time travel movies like ‘Back to the Future’ and ‘Hot Tub Time Machine’?

Well then, there is a little haven for you situated in Gardens Galleria, Sector 38, and Noida. As is evident from the name, Time Machine is not your average party venue in Delhi. Time Machine gives you a piece of the future in the present.

With bright, yellow Edison bulbs, captivating ambiance and cool décor, Time Machine is the perfect setting for your Halloween Party.

The venue serves flavorsome delicacies from North Indian, Continental, Chinese, and Italian cuisines along with finger foods and momos.

The venue also has a full bar and serves a range of exquisite beverages, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic in nature. Time Machine gives its diners an amazing and deeply engrossing live music experience.

The venue also has a live sports screening facility too for the sports enthusiasts. It remains open till 1 AM in the night and is listed among the best party venues in Delhi NCR.

Thus, if you want to have a midnight Halloween party in Delhi 2019, this is just the place for you.

Head over to Time Machine for your Halloween party in Delhi 2019 to have a rocking time with your friends. Bring your folks along to enjoy the thrill of their spooky yet fun offerings.

Hard Rock Cafe, Saket

The name itself is enough to describe the legacy of Hard Rock Café. This pub is famed to feature the best names in the music industry from all across the country.

Along with the amazing and soothing drinks and music, Hard Rock Café serves a plethora of sumptuous food.

You can enamor the guests with dishes from the Mediterranean, Mexican, North Indian, American cuisines and a number of salads. Hard Rock Café, Saket is famous for its out-of-the-world burgers and the gins and cocktails.

The full bar at the pub has quite a lot to offer to its diners.

If you want to enjoy your Halloween night with great music, food, and drinks.

Hard Rock Cafe Saket is the place to be.

Hard Café Rock has the best acoustics for live sound and has an enticing ambiance.

The kind which will charm you right away.

The pub has lined up special offerings this Halloween for the diners. Along with a mix of new cocktails and dishes, there will be a special gig on Halloween night.

So, place your bookings in Hard Rock Café, Saket today to have a musically spooky night with your loved ones.

Ministry of Beer, Gurgaon

Situated at the Vatika Grand, Near Leisure Valley, Sector 29, Gurgaon, Ministry of Beer is the hub of party lovers.

Sector 29 Gurgaon pubs are amazing to do the party.

Serving a mix of exotic and sumptuous bar food. T

The Ministry of Beer in the heart of the nightlife in the city.

The bright interior space, the luxurious and classy setting, and the picturesque décor make this pub a party lover’s haven.

The interior space is ample to cater to all your guests comfortably. Along with the sophisticated look and feel, the Ministry of Beer has a rocking live entertainment scene.

The live music is sure to give you chills. The in-house DJ will give your party the added spirit. The venue has one of the most courteous staff in the entire NCR.

Their services are sure to make your Halloween night special. Ministry of Beer remains open till midnight. So, put on all your Halloween costumes and head to the Ministry of Beer for your Halloween party in Delhi.

So, plan your Halloween night here to party in their mysterious world and treat your friends to mouth-watering delicacies.

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