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How to Plan a Kids Birthday Party on a Budget? Top 5 Tips

Significance of a kids birthday party

Kids’ birthday parties are a lot of fun but they are quite difficult to plan and execute. During the initial years when your children are growing up, kids’ parties are a great way to make memories. The way that you celebrate their birthday and make them feel special is something that they will always remember. Kid’s birthday parties are about making memories and making the child feel loved. It is an occasion for the kids to just have a lot of fun and for the adults to feel happy for. As we grow up we stop having birthday parties however while we are young our parents take care of it.

As a parent, nothing could be more important to you than your child’s birthday party. However, these days children’s birthday parties have become quite competitive. People tend to go all out for kids birthday parties these days. They can be quite an expenditure if we are not careful. However, there are ways that you can save money and plan a kids birthday party on a budget. Below are some ideas that you can use to make your kids birthday party budget-friendly.

1> Cook up a storm

kids birthday party

Nowadays, a lot of people get caught up in hiring caterers or going to restaurants for birthday parties. However, if we think back to our birthday parties as kids, our parents always put in the extra effort. Our birthdays were not special because our parents spent a lot of money. They were special because our parents took the time to actually make it a special day. One way that you can keep the tradition going is by cooking food at home for your kids birthday party. Nobody knows what your kid loves to eat better than you do.

Therefore, why not just prepare a batch of your kids to favorite food for their birthday party. You could go with fan-favorite options such as pav bhaji or noodles. For pav bhaji, all you need to do is make a large batch of the bhaji and toast some buns. However, if you think the Chinese would work better for this party, noodles are always a great option. Kids can be quite picky in terms of what food they like or dislike. However, there are a few dishes that people of all ages and all types absolutely love. Furthermore, the focus should be on what your kid likes since it is their birthday!

2> Plan your own Entertainment

Why hire an entertainer when you can provide your own entertainment! A lot of people today have stopped trying to be creative and think of new ideas. All they do is spend money on an entertainer and leave everything up to them. However, if you actually put in the time to plan games and activities for your kids party, it will be much cheaper. It is actually not that difficult, but you will have to take some time out for it. First, you need to start by thinking of what is it that your kid enjoys. Do they enjoy arts and crafts, do they enjoy running around and playing, do they enjoy music, etcetera. For example, if they enjoy arts and crafts you can just have a bunch of supplies available for a crafts-station.

You can teach the kids how to make something, or you can just let them go wild. They will easily be able to spend time being creative and having fun. If they like to run around then just have outdoor activities planned. For example, you can have the party outdoors and just give the kids a ball to run around and play with. It is an easy plan but it definitely works and would make for a fun birthday party. If they like music and you know how to play music, nothing like it. However, even if you don’t know, that is fine. You can simply have a bunch of toy instruments for them to experiment and play with.

The possibilities are truly endless once you start thinking of and coming up with ideas. If you truly can’t think of anything, there are always some classic options to choose from. Dumb charades is a game that is always fun no matter what age you are. Similarly, antakshari is another great option for a group game.

3> Hire a venue expert for the best deal

The place where people typically lose a lot of money is when they rent a venue for the birthday party. It is a good idea to rent a venue because your home may not be able to fit that many children at once. Even if your home is big enough, the clean up after the party can be quite a headache. Therefore, it is a good idea to rent a venue, but you need to be careful. Venues for parties like these often charge quite high prices. However, if you hire a venue expert like Sloshout they will get you a packaged deal. They will negotiate the prices for you so that you know you are getting a fair deal.

Negotiating such deals on your own can be quite a challenge. However, with the help of a venue expert that you trust, you know you are in good hands. It also makes the venue selection process far more easy and convenient. On Sloshout you can browse through multiple venues through the comfort of your own home. It shows you venues in your preferred locality and as per what the occasion is. This way you can find a venue that is best for your requirements. This is great not just for saving money but also for convenience.

4> Make your own return gifts

Another common trend nowadays is to buy expensive return gifts for all children. However, there really isn’t a point or purpose to this. A clever idea to bypass this cost would be to get the children to make their own return gifts. This might sound like a weird idea at first but it is actually a great option. For example, if you have a crafts station, you can get all the kids to build or paint something. You can get that framed and send it home with them as a return gift. Or you can have a photo booth and send the pictures home with them as a return gift. This kills two birds with one stone because it serves as entertainment during the party as well. This is a creative way to save costs and it is something that the kids will enjoy.

5> Involve the parents

Another place where you can save costs is by inviting the parents to the party. Usually, it can become difficult to keep track of so many kids at once. Therefore you end up having to hire extra help to supervise the party. A more cost-effective solution would be simply to invite the kids parents. Even if all the parents don’t come, a few are enough to have sufficient adult presence around. Ultimately, no matter how much you spend on a party, it is about your child. If your kid is having fun then it is a successful birthday party.

How to Plan a Kids Birthday Party on a Budget?
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How to Plan a Kids Birthday Party on a Budget?
Kid's birthday parties are about making memories and making the child feel loved. The above article shows how you can plan your kid's birthday party in the budget.
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