which are the best party places in India

Party Places in India – Which Are The Best One to Choose

Party Venues In India

India is a country that is known far and wide for a lot of things. Its diverse culture, population, rich history, customs, traditions, cuisines, and whatnot. People from all over the world flock to our country every single day to explore this diversity that is our treasure. There are some party places in India which are perfect for your requirement. These party venues in India are perfect to visit with family.


The capital of the country. Delhi is a growing metropolitan city that is the starting point for any Indian adventure for tourists visiting the country. Delhi’s architecture, its cultural resplendence and the population which hails from all over the country. It is the perfect place to experience the country in a glimpse. Before you go ahead to explore the different Indian cities you should visit Delhi first.

Delhi’s neighbours Gurgaon and Noida which lie in the states of Haryana and Uttar Pradesh. They respectively have been following the suit of the capital city. They are developing at a marvellous pace themselves. With big companies’ offices, wonderful accommodation options, and wonderful infrastructure. Gurgaon and Noida have seen a fair share of Delhi’s population move to the outskirts of the city. To seek more quiet and comfortable places to live in, away from the city’s madding crowd Delhi & Gurgaon is best.


Mumbai, on the other hand, is the economic capital of India and is a fast yet soulful city. It is not without reason that many people refer to it as ‘Mumbai Meri Jaan.’ Home to millions, Mumbai is the city of dreams where people with dreams in their eyes and big ambitions flock. They come there to explore the possibilities. People struggle, work hard, and see light at the end of this tunnel in the city that never sleeps.

Just south to Mumbai is the city of Bangalore which is the IT and start-up hub of the country. This means that youngsters shift to Bangalore every month seeking better education and career opportunities.

They see this at many multinational companies which have their Indian headquarters in Bangalore. The city is known for its high quality of living, amazing south Indian food, some of the best beers, and plenty of parks.

Mumbai’s neighbour Pune is one of those laid-back yet advanced and smart cities. It is a favourite amongst academicians seeking high quality education.

It also offers fantastic job opportunities and the city is a wonderful place to live in, thanks to the abundant greenery.

While the Mumbai-Pune drive is relaxing in itself. The city of Pune is the perfect destination for a few days away from the hotch potch of Mumbai. Just unwind with family and friends at Pune.


Hyderabad is also one of the most important IT hubs of the country. It has also been honoured with the title of the best city to live in India.  Thanks to its peacefulness, infrastructure, jobs, and academic facilities. The history an architecture dates back to famous ancestors who have gifted the city with awe-striking forts. The minarets, and the Charminar that people from all over the country flock to the city for.

But, there’s one thing that outsiders are not yet fully aware of and that’s the party scene that India accommodates. All over the country, the population is different and so are its living standards, habits, and lifestyle.

The respective cities have grown in their own style, pace, and quantity and along with them, so have the recreational facilities. Isn’t it a natural sequel to the development of big MNCs? After all, all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.

Amazing Party Places in Hyderabad

So, these amazing party places, one better than the other have popped up in different parts of the city. All over the country to provide the people with the best ways to unwind, relax, and get ready for the week that’s about to come.

It isn’t news that India is a land of celebrations and we sure know a thing or two about celebrating life. Through the hundreds of occasions, both familial and religious that we celebrate every year.

Starting from special birthdays to bigger and grander celebrations like Diwali, India sure knows how to throw a mean party. But, just like the ethnicity and lifestyle of every city is different. So are its ways and medium to party.

While there are always the top party places in India which have made their niche in the business and are trusted by people nation-wide.

There are also a few of the more underrated ones which are known only to the locals. So, irrespective of where you are in India, be sure to find the perfect party place near you with the help of venue booking websites like Sloshout.

Not only do we serve as a local guide but also offer the most reliable data for even an outsider to make an informed decision regarding where to throw a party or even go for a casual hangout for.




When in Delhi, don’t miss out on places like Ministry of Beer, Raasta, Aqua-The Park and Smaash, among others. They offer a wholesome and holistic experience no matter what the occasion is.

While the classics like Farzi Cafe, Hard Rock cafe, etc are always there to entertain host and your guests. There are a few relatively hidden gems which are perfect for an exclusive experience. When looking for the best party places in India, it makes sense to look for them in the capital of the city.

Since Delhi will surely have the best experiences in store. From birthday parties to reunions to even pre-wedding reception party. There’s nothing that you can’t enjoy when in Delhi. These party places are welcoming, accommodating, with a staff that is always on its toes to make the party an actual rave.

Thinking about hosting a private party? Look for the best private party places in Delhi one of the most trusted venue booking websites- Sloshout.

Delhi is a big city and just as the multiplicity of choice helps keep more than just a couple of options available for you. It can also get overwhelming. Be it private party places or the clubs, when you are looking to book a party venue, trust only the best with your money and time.

Gurgaon/ Noida



When in Gurgaon or Noida, find the best microbreweries around which also double up as a pub.  Meaning they are perfect corporate parties or even bachelor parties.

Surely some of the best party venues in India are hiding in the alleys of Gurgaon and Noida,. Frequented by the locals who benefit from their amazing service got always happy.

From rooftop party places to lush lounges and pool party places as well.  Gurgaon and Noida have to be a party-lover’s paradise when in north India.

There are also a number of farmhouses, villas, and apartments for those who wish to have a more private and intimate party. Flying Saucer Cafe, Friction The Drinkery, Big Boyz Lounge, and Raasta Cyber Hub are some of the most loved and high-rated party places. They have paved their own niche.

When in Noida, don’t forget to check out Imperfecto, Noida Bar Exchange, TGI Fridays and the Smoke Factory. This is for a truly exceptional party experience no matter what the occasion. The neighbouring cities of Faridabad and Ghaziabad also have their share of amazing party places. These are worth checking out if you’re in the area.


Moving on to Mumbai, you will surely have a truly tough time selecting just one place to throw a birthday party. You can also celebrate a anniversary party for there are way too many options.

If you are looking to book a party hall for that big, fat Indian wedding party. We suggest you look for them through venue booking websites. It can save you the added burden of going to the places and checking them out. At Sloshout, we have the most genuine information and images to help you make a choice right from the comfort of your home.

However, if it is the search for the top party places in India that brings you to Mumbai, get ready to explore its eccentric nightlife which ranks highest in the whole country for a number of reasons.

It is thanks to places like Bombay Cocktail Bar, Typsy Gypsy, Lord of the Drinks, and Barrel and Co. that people can find comfortable and welcoming hangout spots for an after-work drink or a weekend night out with friends.

Kitty parties to family brunches, cocktail parties to your child’s first birthday party. There’s no party that goes uncelebrated in Mumbai. And given the amazing range of party places in the city, why should it? Book party venues online at Sloshout for unparalleled convenience and efficiency.




In Pune, The Urban Foundry, Farzi Cafe, Apache, and Classic Rock Coffee Co. These are perfect for breakfast or brunch dates with your partner or girlfriends.

It is tough to stay in touch with friends at a time when our week’s schedules are all packed to the brim. But, thanks to such awesome hangout spots and party places in India. You can book party venue online and just show up without having to go through the added hassle of queues.  Nothing to worry about table reservation on site.

Enjoy a coffee, a cooling drink or desserts, cuisines from all over the world. The spirits that fuel the party- basically, everything that you need to make any party a grand hit.




Down South, Bengaluru is raving with some of the best party places in India. It include everything from quaint little cafes to lush and high-end pubs and microbreweries.

Known amongst the beer-loving folks all over the country this city’s party places serve some of the best brews. These are worth going back to Bangalore for.

If you are a resident of this lively metropolitan city which has as diverse recreational options as its population. Then you’re in for surprises every weekend.

Or if you wish to host your friends and family in a more intimate party then book a party hall online. You can look for private party places on venue booking websites like Sloshout.  For the best deals on farmhouses, villas, and houses which fit all your requirements you can visit us.

MI SU, Skyye, Communiti, and 1Q1 are some of the most popular places in Bangalore where parties of all kinds find shelter. No matter what your guests like, they will surely fall in love with the vibe, decor, and the energy of these places.

Treat yourself to your favourite beer while looking at Bangalore’s mesmerising cityscape from above at the many terrace party places. Seriously, your options are endless.




Hyderabad is the city of rich history, culture, tradition and of course, its biryani. So, when in the city, you must try out their street food and the legendary biryani. They have been serving for decades over there.

When planning a party in Hyderabad, you will have just as many options. From eccentric rooftop bars that fit  just perfectly for birthday parties and weekend hangouts. To party halls that are meant to accommodate the party of a hundred, there’s all that and much more.

When it comes to after-work drinks or corporate parties. The  Zero 40 Brewing, Tipsy Stories Rooftop Bar, The Lal Street Bar Exchange and Post Brew Pub offer some excellent options. Their service is off the charts and so is the selection of food and beverages. These are carefully curated to fit the drinks menu and vice versa.

When looking for a more mellow romantic dinner, Olive Bistro, Heart Cup Coffee, SkyHy, 10 Downing Street, and Over The Moon will do the job of impressing your partner like no other.

From friends to family and colleagues to your special someone. Every occasion is enjoyed differently with everyone else and for every such occasion, there is a special party place in Hyderabad.

Top Party Places in India

Ask the venue booking websites for assistance and you will find it all right on your screen in a matter of a few minutes. After all, who has the time to go scouting for the best party places in India when you can have all the information you need right on your fingertips?

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There will always be excuses to not indulge yourself in your loved ones’ company. The time is always a constraint, but with the best party places in India now at your fingertips. With the search results of ‘book a party hall near me’ or ‘book my venueleading you to the safe hands of the best party booking platform.  Sloshout, what can be your excuse? Happy partying! You can check out this blog also: Book a party venue online.