Top 5 Pubs in Gurgaon Which Allows Stag Entry

Top 5 Pubs in Gurgaon Which Allows Stag Entry

Here is a shout-out to all the single guys out there who are tired of missing out the joy of nightclubs in Gurgaon. Are you sick of listening to ‘stags are not allowed’ again and again? And can’t even imagine to party with your guy gang because most of the places does not allow you to? Many clubs and bistros ban stag entries on the name of women safety and you can’t even argue over it. A lot of ‘party goers’ debate over how fair is it to ban all stag entries because a few guys cause nuisance at bars and clubs.

Well, we won’t start another debate here whether the stag entries should be banned or not. We agree women safety is an important issue in national capital region and it should not be taken lightly. Unfortunately, there are a lot of ‘innocent male counterparts’ who suffer in the hands of heartless club owners. To end the agony of all the humiliated guy gangs, Sloshout is has come up with a list of pubs in Gurgaon which allow stags in their premises.

All boys in the house wipe out those tears and get ready to party hard!


thikana 29 sector 29

Located in Sector-29 on Leisure Valley Road, this place justifies its name on point. It’s a Thikana for all the broken-heart guys who just want to hang out with their guy gang. This place is the biggest underground spot to dance away your night with your friends or office mates in Gurgaon. Its quirky ambience and lip-smacking food will fill-up your tummies and soul. If you are looking for venues for your all boys’ office party, head to Thikana 29 right now!


big boyz lounge gurgaon

Can you imagine listening to live music while sitting on the rooftop of one of Gurgaon’s best pubs with your office’s boys? What? You don’t think it’s possible? Well, prepare yourself to get surprised! For we know a place where you can enjoy with your boys and no, you don’t need a girl to accompany you to enter there. Known to the biggest club in Gurgaon sector-29, Big Boy has a very pleasing ambience. It has some mind-numbing drinks complemented with multi-cuisine food which makes the whole experience of partying magical. Try out any drink from their bar menu and lose yourself in the groovy music.


Chull Sector 29

Chull is like your wildest and kinkiest dream come true in the shape of a restaurant. Themed all wild and kinky, this place is perfect to do some ‘boys talk’ while enjoying their scandalous menu. Interiors covered with shhh talks written all over their walls, this place will pleasantly shock you. Located in Sector-29 of Gurgaon, we guarantee you it’s nothing like you would have seen before. Book the rooftop of this kinky pub for your next all boys’ corporate party and satisfy your ‘chull’ to party.


Ninkasi Imperial Brews and Cookery Sector 30 Gurgaon

Located at DLF Star Mall in Sector-30, Ninkasi has beautiful wooden interiors with indoor, outdoor, and rooftop seating. Popular amongst beer enthusiasts this place serves variety of beers like German Rye, American Light Lager, Master’s Brew, Cider, and Belgium Wheat. If your guy gang is known to be beer geeks, you must visit this place after office today!


Bottles and Barrels Sector 30 Gurgaon

Placed a little far from the crowded Leisure Valley market, Bottles and Barrels is loved by all beer lovers. Starting from their signature beer Jaggery Ale to most loved Belgium Wheat, and American Ale they serve everything and anything. It has a good gastro pub vibe with contemporary touch. The rooftop is the highlight of this lavish restaurant. Drop all those heavy files and make sure you party with your boys here before going home tonight.

Finding a place which allows stag entries in Delhi NCR can be painful and humiliating at the same time. Who loves to get rejected every time they visit a pub right? How about letting us help you? Sloshout has one of the best party venues where stags entry is not an issue. So, don’t hesitate before planning an all boy party and we will guide to book a venue without exposing to the humiliation of rejection by club owners.