9 Best Nightlife Destinations in Delhi

Delhi is one of the most happening party places in the country, if not the most. During the day, everyone is rushing to their offices, meetings, and tangled in their daily schedules. However, it is during the night, after the sun goes down, that these people come out to get rid of the day’s stress and party in their own unique way.

Delhi has something for everyone, no matter what age or what background you come from. When you have so many options, why spend your precious evenings at home watching same old football matches? Hang out with your friends, take your family out for a great alfresco dinner, or just shake a leg at the dance floor to your favourite music tracks. No matter what you choose to do, one thing you can be sure of is that you will have a great time, no matter what. Delhi’s nightlife never disappoints.

However, before you go out for the late night parties and dinners in Delhi, you need a before party, party, and after place to make sure that your evening is complete and packed with fun and thrill. For that, you will require an expert venue planner to search for the venue that is perfect for you! Sloshout, India’s #1 venue search destination, helps you select from among the thousands of great party places that the capital city of the country has to offer. From cafes to themed restaurants, discos and clubs to lounges, alfresco dining restaurants to microbreweries, there is no end to how much you can do and how much fun you can have at these places. You only need to know where to drop in for the perfect, fool proof party plan to experience the true Delhi nightlife.

The Bars Will Never Fail You!

The bars are the new clubs! If you consider their popularity, the comfort they offer and the ease with which people can chill there, bars have the most popular party places in Delhi, no matter which age group, background, or profession you belong to. There are quite a few bars, which cater to guests and their varied requirements.

1. Patiala Peg – The Imperial, Janpath

Patiala Peg truly is the most authentic bar, both in its name and vibe. This place has the quintessential bar set-up which was so loved back in the days as is coming back in the party trend rapidly. Youngsters love to hang out in this chilled-out environment where they can enjoy the most exceptional drinks, coupled with a wide variety of finger food that is offered. The vibe of the place, as mentioned before, is truly that of a posh bar which can house high-end corporate parties with excellent efficiency.

patiala peg the imperial janpath

USP: Well-Stocked Bar, Ambiance, Delicious Food

Location: The Imperial, Janpath

Open Till: 11:45 PM

2. Local, Connaught Place

Local is truly the bar of the locals. It embodies the true spirit of Delhi – it is lively, ever-vibrant, and always filled with a fun crowd that is here to make the most of their leisure time. Perfect for a hang out place or as a birthday party place in Delhi, this bar is a deviation from the quintessential ones. But, it is nonetheless amazing in itself. They serve North Indian and Continental cuisines along with the drinks that they serve from the top-notch bar. It is a must-visit place for everyone who believes that partying is a very social instead of a personal event. Local encourages you to meet new people and interact with them here at this fun place.

local a perfect corporate party place

USP: Ambiance, Live Sports Screening, Food

Location: KG Marg, Scindia House, Connaught Place

Open Till: 1 AM

3. The Flying Saucer Cafe, Connaught Place

The Flying Soccer Cafe brings in the best of a café, a bar, and a lounge which concentrates majorly on the reception and hospitality of its guests along with serving them food and drinks of the highest quality. Guests are forced to keep coming back here because of the wide variety of food options available here. The Flying Saucer Cafe, located in Connaught Place at the heart of Delhi, serves cuisines like Italian, Mediterranean, Continental, North Indian. The live music arranged by this café-cum bar-cum lounge is the live music which ensues that the guests are kept entertained throughout their time here. So, when weekend calls for some relaxation teamed with entertainment, The Flying Saucer Cafe provides with a very inviting option to enjoy Delhi’s nightlife.

the flying saucer cafe

USP: Nightlife, Live Music, Decor

Location: Inner Circle, Connaught Place
Open Till: 12:30 AM

Bring The Heat Down At One Of These Poolside Restaurants

Summers are here and so it’s the scorching heat! The whole country knows about how Delhi can heat up like a microwave oven during these months. You definitely wouldn’t want to dine at a place which doesn’t offer at least some respite from the heat, would you? Try out these poolside restaurants in Delhi which will definitely do more than just a bit to bring the heat down while you enjoy your drinks and food.

4. Aqua Grill by The Poolside- Pride Plaza Hotel, Aerocity

Just got done after a tiring day at work? Bring the stress and the heat down at Aqua Grill by the Poolside at the Pride Plaza Hotel in Aerocity which the guests seem to love! This place has the most relaxed and chilled out ambience with decor that is made for everyone who wishes to take a moment or two off from their hectic schedules. Serving Continental and North Indian food, this place sure knows how to impress its guests with amazing service and high-quality food and drinks. The guests can order their favourite drinks from the full bar available here and enjoy it by the poolside, which is the absolute highlight of this place.

USP: Poolside, Full Bar, Ambiance, Decor

Location: Pride Plaza Hotel, Aerocity

Open Till: 11PM

5. Lust by The Pool – Radisson Blu, Kaushambi

Lust by The Pool is one of the budget poolside lounges in Delhi which offer quality drinks, food, and service to its guests, Besides the amazing ambiance, courtesy the poolside outdoor seating arrangement, the place also has great, albeit minimalistic decor. As for food. They serve a variety of finger food, a cuisine that they have mastered, which is the perfect accompaniment for an evening by the pool with friends or family. Lust by The Pool at Radisson Blu Kaushambi makes for one of the best nightlife destinations in Delhi for people who like to take things easy and at their own pace.

lust by pool

USP: Poolside, Outdoor Seating, Full Bar, Budget

Location: Radisson Blu, Kaushambi

Open Till: 11:30 PM

6. Ira – The Waterside Bar, ITC Maurya

Bars are great as it is! But, waterside bars are the absolute best! When you come to Ira – The Waterside Bar, you get to experience the feeling of a holiday destination in Delhi itself without actually having to leave the city! This is perfect for people who find it difficult to get leave from work but most definitely need a break to refresh and rejuvenate. Be it with your friends, your partner, or just by yourself, Ira’s experience is best in all case scenarios, no matter what mood you are in. Besides offering the most exquisite popular as well as some unconventional drinks from their bar, this place also offers a wide range of finger food to its guests. The decor of the place and its ambience need no explaining as it speaks for itself!

ira the waterside bar itc maurya chanakyapuri

USP: Outdoor Seating, Ambiance, Poolside

Location: ITC Maurya, Chanakyapuri

Open Till: 1 AM

Try A New Cuisine the Next Time You Go Out

This is for every foodie out there who are always looking for new cuisines to try and tease their taste buds in the most wonderful way. Delhi, even before it has such amazing party places, has a wide range of cuisines to offer, thanks to the diversity in its population. You can meet people from all over the world, and now, you can taste delicacies from every corner of the world.

7. Pa Pa Ya, Saket

Pa Pa Ya at Saket is an absolute heaven for everyone who loves Asian Food. This place is no ordinary Asian restaurant, though. They put their own twist on the loved traditional dishes and make it their own, thereby creating a new league altogether. Guests seem to love it and have returned time and again for the sumptuous food that is carefully cooked by the trained chefs. Along with a wide range of dishes from Asian, Chinese, Thai, Japanese cuisines, guests can also order drinks from the full bar menu which is designed specially to complement their food menu. The vibe and ambience are very welcoming and chilled out, making it perfect for brunch parties in Delhi.

Pa Pa Ya Saket

USP: Fine Dining, Brunch, Ambiance, Food

Location: Select Citywalk, A-3, District Centre, Saket

Open Till: 1 AM

8. Arriba, Mexican Grill and Tequileria, Khel Gaon Marg

Arriba is not your ordinary run-of-the-mill dining place. This place has created a legacy of its own with a very distinguished ambience and food that is absolutely unparalleled. The place has an outstanding outdoor seating place where the guests can enjoy their exclusive Mexican food. They only serve Mexican dishes but offer a great variety of that. There are also drinks that the guests can enjoy from the full bar available here. This place, with its jovial vibe and a very idiosyncratic decor, is perfect for when you are looking for an out-of-the-box place to throw your corporate party in Delhi. It goes without saying that it is a must-visit for every foodie who enjoys or wants to try Mexican food.

arriba khelgaon

USP: Outdoor Seating, Food, Full Bar

Location: The Village Restaurant Complex, Asiad Village, Khel Gaon Marg

Open Till: 12 AM

9. Fork You, Hauz Khas Village

Fork You at Hauz Khas Village is a super-fun and not to mention, a superb place to enjoy some of our most favourite cuisines of the contemporary times. However, what makes it different from other chain eateries and restaurants who serve the same cuisines is that Fork You emphasizes a lot on the quality of food and its value for money. This place serves cuisines like continental, Asian, Italian, Mediterranean, Burger, American. And not just that, Fork You is renowned among foodies for its customized burgers which are a rage in the city! They also come under the category of the best bars and pubs in HKV serving mind-blowing customized cocktails to please the guests’ taste palette. The outdoor seating area, live sports screening, and live music are surely few of its stand-out points.

fork you hauz khas village

USP: Food, Bar, Live Music, Outdoor Seating

Location: 30, Hauz Khas Village

Open Till: 12:30 PM

Now that you have some out-of-the-box ideas and as well as party destinations in Delhi to choose from, what are you waiting for? Head straight to the place that you think you will like the best and get rid of the week’s tiredness and fatigue in the company of your loved ones. The great drinks and amazing food are an absolute must too!