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List of Birthday Party Venues / Places in Delhi

Looking for best places to celebrate birthday in Delhi? Choose your venues from around our list of 400 + Awesome Places & Venues where you can celebrate your birthday with your loved ones. Read out the remarkable list of birthday party restaurants in Delhi below and select the top rated birthday party packages in Delhi.

Ministry Of Beer CP Connaught Place


Very Good

Lord of the Drinks Forum Nehru Place


Very Good

Headphones Punjabi Bagh


Very Good

Raasta Green Park


Very Good


Green Park, Delhi

Alcoholic Package
Aqua - The Park Connaught Place



52 Janpath Connaught Place



52 Janpath

Connaught Place, Delhi

1 Oak Cafe & Bar Defence Colony



Headphones Greater Kailash 2


Very Good


Greater Kailash 2, Delhi

Smaaash Vasant Kunj




Vasant Kunj, Delhi

Uncultured Cafe & Bar Kailash Colony


Very Good

Karma Kismet Greater Kailash 2



Karma Kismet

Greater Kailash 2, Delhi

Rabbit Hole Hauz Khas Village


Very Good

Rabbit Hole

Hauz Khas Village, Delhi


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Best Places to Celebrate Birthday in Delhi

8 years onwards, everyone has their own way of celebrating this special day/birthday. And Delhi is a paradise for any party seeker who wants to celebrate their birthday with their friends or family.

Your best friend’s birthday is coming? It’s all the more reason to celebrate and party the night away. Once you fix the date, all you have to do is visit Sloshout’s website, and browse through the pool of Birthday party places in Delhi.

Double the fun of your birthday bash in Delhi’s top restaurants

Birthdays call for celebrations, doesn’t it? It can be yours, your family members, or someone from your office. Sloshout has you covered with an array of affordable restaurants for birthday parties where you can throw a mind-blowing bash for your loved ones. and get a list of more than hundreds of places to celebrate a birthday in Delhi Book a kickass Birthday Party in just 3 simple steps:

  • Browse through our Birthday Party Venues
  • Select the restaurant out of the lot
  • Ask for its final price from our venue experts



Where should I celebrate my birthday in Delhi?

Delhi has an abundance of birthday party places to choose from. If you want a casual place where you can chill with your friends, you can go to Ministry of Beer. This is a great cafe cum bar for hosting a birthday party because it has a fun atmosphere. On your birthday you don’t want to feel rushed and you want to spend quality time with people. This place allows you to do that and especially if you love beer, this is the ideal spot. It is located in Connaught Place, and Connaught place in general has a lot of options. There are many amazing bars and restaurants around here so once you are in CP, the party can go on. If you want to celebrate in a more happening and hype place, then you can go to Raasta. It is the quintessential choice for those who just want to drink and dance their heart out.

Where can I celebrate my BF birthday in Delhi?

If you are looking for a place to celebrate your best friend or boyfriend's birthday, start with what you know. As their girlfriend or best friend, as the case may be, you already know what their favourite place is. You can take one of two routes here. First, you could just plan a party at the place which you already know is their favourite. However, the second option is more fun. You can use what you know about their favourite place, to find an entirely new place. For example, if their favorite place is a cafe which serves beer, and they love beer, that’s a clue. You could create an interesting experience for them by taking them to a microbrewery such as Pause. Pause- brewery and pub, is a great place to celebrate a birthday. Therefore, trying different beers would definitely be a fun way to celebrate. On the other hand, you could do something entirely unexpected. You could rent a farmhouse in Delhi NCR and plan a house party. The best thing to do would be to plan a surprise party which they were not expecting. This would definitely catch them off guard and would make for a memorable birthday.

What can I do to celebrate my birthday?

On your birthday you could celebrate in one of two ways. You could go all out and have a big birthday bash with all your friends. However, you could also do the complete opposite and take your birthday as an excuse to relax. One of the best ideas to celebrate birthday in my opinion, is to just do nothing. How often do we get the chance to truly do absolutely nothing? Therefore, why not use this as an opportunity to completely unwind from your stressful job or studies. On the other hand if the way you unwind is by doing something fun, that is always an option. You could go to a theme park with all your friends or for a boat ride or something different. However, if you don’t want to put too much effort into it, you can always take the tried and tested route. There are many amazing birthday celebration places in Delhi so you have many options. You can just go to a website like sloshout.com, filter by your preferred location, and pick birthday a venue.

Where should I go on my birthday?

On your birthday you can go to a number of birthday party places in Delhi. In fact there are a lot of great options to choose from Ardor 2.0 restaurant and bar. When it comes to restaurants and nightclubs Delhi has a vast variety and you will be spoilt for choice. However, if you want to make your birthday extra special, you can choose to do something different. Of course you can always go to a bar or restaurant but you can do that on any day. Why not use this birthday as an opportunity to do something different. You could go on a hike or on a nature trail or you could even take a short trip. Doing something adventurous and fun is always a great way to break out of your shell. In our day to day lives we become stuck in routines and don’t try something different. A birthday is a great excuse to check something off your bucket list that you just haven’t found the time to do.

What should I do for my birthday in winter?

If your birthday falls in the winter time then you are one of the lucky ones. During the winter people are already relaxed and happy because the year is coming to an end. With Christmas, New Years Eve and other celebrations around the corner, everyone is already in a party mood. There is a lot that you can do to celebrate your birthday during this time of year. Of course you could go party at some great club or restaurant. However, why not take advantage of the season and take a trip to the nearest hill station? If you live in Delhi NCR, going to a hill station is not difficult at all. You can simply hop on a bus and be somewhere beautiful and scenic the very next morning. This is a great idea for celebrating a birthday during the winter season. If you go on a trip then you will definitely remember this birthday for years to come. Besides, you may have some unique experiences which you may not even have thought of which makes it more special. These are just some ideas to celebrate a birthday in Delhi, Gurgaon and Noida but you can celebrate your day however you like so Happy Birthday in advance."

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