The Best Places to Celebrate Your Next Anniversary in Delhi

Anniversary Celebration Near Delhi With Best Places to Visit

Every relationship is unique on its own. It has its own ups and downs and it has its own milestones.  The anniversary celebration near Delhi can be easily organized at Sloshout. While not every milestone can be denoted by a number, anniversaries can.

Anniversaries are one of those special occasions where you get to spend the time with your partner and really acknowledge each other’s presence and role in your lives.

Some couples like to celebrate anniversaries every month while some just stick to the years. Just like each is special on its own. There are special ways in which a couple visualizes to spend it memorably with their partners.

Some older, married couples may also like to invite and involve their friends and family in their 25th-anniversary party.

Be it one year or ten. It is important to take the anniversary as an excuse to convey to your partner how much it means to you.

After all, the best thing we can give anyone is our time. So, the next time you cross a benchmark in your relationship, consider commemorating with an awesome anniversary party.

Anniversary Celebration in Delhi

Anniversary celebration in Delhi is both easy and tough to plan as there is an abundance to choose from which may sometimes overwhelm people.

Like mentioned, every couple is different and so are their ways of celebrating a milestone. So, depending on what you and your partner enjoy the most. Pick a venue for an anniversary party near you which suits your requirements, fits your budget and meets your standard of ‘romantic’.

At Sloshout, we have multiple such locations listed along with all the pertinent information that makes choosing an anniversary package in Delhi easy.

Not only do you save money and time when you book your place to celebrate an anniversary in Delhi. But also get access to the best options that the city has to offer. Check out the following few places if you want to look at potential options for anniversary party places in Delhi:

Ardor 2.1

Some places to celebrate an anniversary in Delhi are better and much more special than the rest. The same is the case with a place like Ardor 2.1 which is a lounge-cum-casual dining place.

Situated in the heart of the city in Connaught Place. The feel-good vibes and the wonderful, bright lighting are absolute charmers.

They also have very unique decor that imparts a very strong character to the place. Once you enter, you will be welcomed by a very inviting staff. They are always on their feet to serve the guests.

The crowd there is also nice, making it a good place for some socializing. They serve North Indian, Chinese, Continental, Italian along with drinks from the full bar.

It is definitely one of the most romantic places to celebrate an anniversary in Delhi. As it also has a very nice rooftop seating facility.

Live music and live sports screening make for the right amount of entertainment at Ardor 2-1.

It is a wonderful place if you wish to experience the nightlife of Delhi that is much talked about throughout the country.

M Bar and Lounge, Paharganj

Looking for venues for anniversary celebrations near Delhi? Make your way to Paharganj to M Bar and Lounge for a very unique anniversary dinner with your bae. This place is a bar-cum-lounge which is great for those who want a lowkey dinner party.

They have a very budget-friendly menu that serves delicious finger foods. The decor is very vibrant without being too bright.

If you want to invite your friends for this special occasion. This place lets you do so without punching a hole in your wallet.

M Bar and Lounge, due to its location and the vibe is great. If you are someone who likes to experience the nightlife of Delhi.

They are open till 1 AM So late-night dinner parties will be a complete success at M Bar and Lounge.

The Luggage Room, Connaught Place

The Luggage Room in Connaught place is touted as one of the best places to party in Delhi. Irrespective of the occasion. However, its warm lighting and the mellow mood also make it perfect as a venue for an anniversary party.

Their service is off the charts and the food is especially popular amongst the locals. The live music in this lounge makes it even more apt for couples looking for a nice and cozy place. Where they can enjoy their anniversary dinner.

They have Italian, Continental, and Chinese on their menu that is offered with drinks that complement the culinary preparations.

You will experience no dull moment when at The Luggage Room and are in fact sure to go back with a memory card full of pictures and heart full of memories.

Headphones, Greater Kailash II

Greater Kailash II is one of the poshest neighborhoods of Delhi and also one which has many places to celebrate an anniversary in Delhi.

Headphones are one such place which is a bar with the advantages of a casual dining restaurant. They have a very unique decor that appeals to the young population especially.

Even though they are open for a few hours from 5PM to 1AM, they make sure that during that time they serve their guests with impeccable hospitality.

Their menu boasts of a selection of Continental, Chinese, Italian, North Indian delicacies which are to die for! They are known far and wide for their unique and palatable cocktails along with the live music that creates a wonderful vibe.

Their staff is very friendly and attentive and ensures that each guest has a great time at headphones. If you want to go out for a nice dinner with bae, this is an anniversary celebration idea in Delhi worth exploring.

High Street Lounge and Bar, Vasant Vihar

If you and your partner enjoy food and would like to have a romantic candlelight dinner for an anniversary, High Street Lounge and Bar in Vasant Vihar will be a great place for the same. They only have north Indian dishes on their menu that they serve along with alcohol. It’s truly as authentic as it gets. The place is dimly lit and has comfortable seating. They are open till late in the night which means that you can opt for a late-night anniversary dinner with your bae after work. Their staff ensures complete comfort and homeliness of the place so that every guest feels welcome. They are also a budget place which means that group parties are also a good idea when it comes to High Street Lounge and Bar. However, do make sure that you have your table booked from before to ensure zero hassles.

Back To Back, Rajouri Garden

Meant for the couples who are fun, open to new places to eat in, and always in a jovial spirit, Back to Back in Rajouri garden is definitely an anniversary celebration in Delhi worth trying. The moment you step into this casual dining restaurant, you will instantly imbibe its infectiously energetic and refreshingly happy vibes. They are also an absolute haven for foodies. The menu at back to Back consists of North Indian, Chinese, and Continental delicacies, cuisines that are every foodie’s favorites. They also have a live music arrangement which just takes the place a notch higher and makes it a must-visit place for everyone who likes vibrant decor and overall feel-good vibes.

Masha, Hauz Khas Village

For an anniversary party that can double up as meet-up session with friends, head over to Masha in Hauz Khas Village. This bar-cum-casual dining restaurant is open till 12 in the night and overlooks the lake from its balcony seating. They also have live music nights and is a perfect place for candlelight dinner for the anniversary.

You will have full privacy and can enjoy your own space with your bae when you celebrate your milestone with North Indian, Chinese, Italian, Middle Eastern food on the menu.

Their cocktails are worth trying and the food is selected in a way that complements the drinks and vice versa. So, what are you waiting for? Book a table at Masha in Hauz Khas Village if you are looking for a fitting place to celebrate an anniversary.

Fork You, Hauz Khas Village

Another place situated in the party hub of south Delhi, Hauz Khas, is Fork You which is not a very common choice for anniversary celebrations in Delhi.

However, if you are a couple who like to experiment, this is a place you should try.

This lounge is open till 12:30 in the night and is known amongst the frequenters as one of the best places to get yourself a customized cocktail. You can even get your burger custom-made to your liking.

Their menu consists of Continental, Asian, Italian, Mediterranean, and a selection of sumptuous Burgers.

Amongst the many things that they are famous for, live music and outdoor seating are definitely two of those.

Their desserts and baked goods are the perfect way to end a meal. However, make sure to get yourself a table reserved before your anniversary party because Fork You gets an immense amount of crowd, especially during the weekends.

Moonshine cafe and Bar, Hauz Khas Village

Moonshine Cafe and Bar in Hauz Khas Village is already a raging favorite amongst the youngsters. People come from all over Delhi to Moonshine Cafe and Bar due to its amazing decor, vibe, and of course, food. This place makes for a great place to celebrate the anniversary in Delhi if you don’t mind being surrounded by other people.

It is a very social place and has an infectious energy that is hard to miss. They are open till midnight and have live music for the guests. Plus, you get to have an amazing selection of Chinese and North Indian dishes from their menu. Pair it up with drinks from the bar which are just as great as the food offered.

All in all, Moonshine Cafe and Bar is great for anniversary celebration ideas in Delhi if you like good music, good food, and great vibes.

The Bottleyard Cafe, Saket

Located in Saket, The Bottleyard Cafe is frequent for those who like their privacy and yet to like to socialize.

The Bottleyard Cafe is designed such that it’s outdoor seating also give as much privacy as the indoor seating arrangement.

It is great if you are celebrating your anniversary here because you get to enjoy each other’s company exclusively and have a very romantic and memorable time.

The crowd if known for being very good and the staff in The Bottleyard Cafe is extremely competent.

Their efficiency makes the dining and wining experience at The Bottleyard Cafe even more easy and hassle-free and definitely more pleasurable.

So, if you are nearing your anniversary date, don’t forget to visit Sloshout and book your table at The Bottleyard Cafe without delay!

Raasta, Green Park

Celebrating your anniversary with close friends? We know just the right place for you.

Raasta at Green Park is definitely one of the best party places in Delhi where youngsters throng every evening.

They have karaoke nights and live music every day of the week so that there are no dull days at Raasta.

They also have both an outdoor seating as well as a rooftop seating from where you can enjoy the view of Delhi.

Boheme Bar and Grill, Saket

Are you a foodie couple on the lookout for great food and equally good vibes, head over to Boheme Bar and Grill in Saket for an amazing anniversary dinner.

The place promises some of the best North Indian, Chinese, and Italian food that you can find in the area and that too for prices that won’t rob you.

Order drinks from their bar menu which perfectly complement the food and lift your mood immediately.

It is a great place for candlelight dinner for anniversary and also if you are looking for 25th Wedding anniversary venues in Delhi for your parents.

Surprise them in the most wonderful way by booking a table at Boheme from before at Sloshout to avoid any hassle.

Kinbuck 2, Connaught Place

Hands down one of the most humble yet extraordinary places to celebrate the anniversary in Delhi, Kinbuck 2 in Connaught Place is a must-visit!

When planning for your next anniversary with your partner and close friends. We suggest you check out Kinbuck 2 for its vibe, its beautifully unique decor, and the very efficient service.

The place is distinctly different from the other lounges in the area and truly sticks to its high reputation.

They have rooftop seating meant for outdoor meals under the sky. The DJ is also available for those who like to sit indoors and enjoy their music.

You will have a number of options to choose from when it comes to food at Kinbuck 2. Yes for the places that serve North Indian, Continental, Italian, Salad, Kebab, Asian, and Momos!

No matter which year you are celebrating with your partner. It is always a great idea to ensure that you make special plans in order to make them feel better.

Anniversary Party Venues Near me

These places are apt as anniversary party venues near me and also offer amazing anniversary package in Delhi.

We at sloshout help you with the latter by providing jaw-dropping discounts and packages for both big and small groups. Whether who seeks our guidance and help in looking for and booking a party venue.

No matter what occasion it is that you are celebrating. Finding the perfect venue is one of the most important decisions that you need to make.

But, don’t fret for now Sloshout is here to help you make a well-informed decision. It provides all the pertinent information including prices per person and authentic images of the venue.

You can avail of discounts and ask for our expert assistance. A hassle-free, well-planned, and super awesome anniversary party with your bae.