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Best Anniversary Party Venues / Places in Delhi NCR

Anniversaries are special in everyone’s life. You celebrate your marriage anniversary party, your brand launch anniversary party, product launch anniversary party, company anniversary party, an anniversary party of your business merger and what not. Many people search for the best venue for an anniversary party near me whether it is marriage or anything else.


Ocean Pearl Banquet Chattarpur

Ocean Pearl Banquet

Chattarpur, Delhi


veg ₹1500 per plate
non-veg ₹1800 per plate
Tivoli Grand GT Karnal Road

Tivoli Grand

GT Karnal Road, Delhi


veg ₹1500 per plate
non-veg ₹1750 per plate
Satvik by Chabra Pushpanjali

Satvik by Chabra

Pushpanjali, Delhi


veg ₹800 per plate
non-veg ₹950 per plate
Zeenat Motel & Resort Alipur

Zeenat Motel & Resort

Alipur, Delhi


veg ₹1500 per plate
non-veg ₹1700 per plate
Sky Martini Banquet Kalkaji

Sky Martini Banquet

Kalkaji, Delhi


veg ₹800 per plate
non-veg ₹1200 per plate
Ocean Pearl Gardenia Chattarpur

Ocean Pearl Gardenia

Chattarpur, Delhi


veg ₹1450 per plate
non-veg ₹1550 per plate
The Manor Friends Colony

The Manor

Friends Colony, Delhi


veg ₹1200 per plate
non-veg ₹1700 per plate
The Palace Greens Alipur

The Palace Greens

Alipur, Delhi


veg ₹1450 per plate
non-veg ₹1550 per plate
The Canvas Farm Chattarpur

The Canvas Farm

Chattarpur, Delhi


veg ₹1100 per plate
non-veg ₹1200 per plate
Atrio A Boutique Hotel Rajokri

Atrio A Boutique Hotel

Rajokri, Delhi


veg ₹1200 per plate
non-veg ₹1550 per plate
Zorba Entertainment MG Road

Zorba Entertainment

MG Road, Delhi


veg ₹1400 per plate
non-veg ₹1650 per plate
vardaan by sandoz Pitampura

vardaan by sandoz

Pitampura, Delhi


veg ₹1200 per plate
non-veg ₹1700 per plate
Radiance Motel Chattarpur Chattarpur

Radiance Motel Chattarpur

Chattarpur, Delhi


veg ₹1350 per plate
non-veg ₹1550 per plate
Crowne Plaza Mayur Vihar Mayur Vihar

Crowne Plaza Mayur Vihar

Mayur Vihar, Delhi


veg ₹1200 per plate
non-veg ₹1600 per plate
L Elegant Royal Mayur Vihar

L Elegant Royal

Mayur Vihar, Delhi


veg ₹1100 per plate
non-veg ₹1250 per plate

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Best Venue for Anniversary Party Near Me

Anniversary party venues

Anniversaries - The one time of the year where we get to Share something special with our loved ones. Anniversary parties are very important because they strengthen the bond between two people, and they celebrate their happiness.

In today's lifestyle, it becomes important for us to share whatever moments we can afford to. Since everyone has their own jobs and personal lives, we find very little time to celebrate important events in our lives.

Anniversaries are such events. Marriage anniversaries, moreover, help us to celebrate the love and bonding that two people celebrate. But we must also keep in mind that such celebratory parties take time to organize. What if we become to busy? We won't be able to manage or organize parties for people.

After all, these things take time. They need planning. This is why Sloshout brings you a host of anniversary party venues to help you save time.

Why Sloshout?

As we said earlier, our lives nowadays are filled with work. We are barely able to give time to our families. Whenever we get time, we have to manage work from home. Or, we have to finish homely chores. Even if we discount that, then most of us are busy fiddling with our phones or using our laptops.

Technology does bring its own set of problems. However, it can also help you manage things.

If used the right way, technology can help you save a lot of time. After all, isn't this what technology was made for?

Sloshout is an online website that has affiliations to the best venues.

If you want an anniversary party venue or a birthday party venue you can find it here. You can even find wedding and wedding reception venues here.

So, how do you use Sloshout? It is extremely easy. All you need to do is visit our website. You then need to fill out a form with your basic information. Once the basic information is given, a Sloshout agent will call you for more details.

These details include the likes of budget and venue preferences.

Once this is done, the agent will then look for the best venues according to your requirements. Based on this, you will get a few shortlisted. You can then book the venues directly through our website. Or, you can check the venues for yourself.

However, if you decide to check them physically, do make sure that you book a meeting with the venue manager beforehand.

If you book the venue through Sloshout, you can get the best-authenticated prices. We guarantee that you won't get better discounts anywhere else.

You can also verify your results through a quick search of "best anniversary venues near me". We are sure that Sloshout will pop up more than once as a recommendation!

What are the things that I should be aware of when booking small anniversary party venues near me?

When you are looking for a venue for anniversary parties, you need to keep a lot of factors in mind. Location, security, safety, food, alcohol policies; these are just a few things which we will be discussing a bit in detail. Of course, there are more such nuances. Nonetheless, they can be handled properly later on. However, do make sure to do a thorough survey before choosing your venue. We at Sloshout can help you out with shortlists, but the ultimate responsibility and choice lie with you. After all, who better to understand the exact needs of your party, than yourself? With the help of Sloshout, you may no longer need to search for "best anniversary celebration places near me".


Location is everything when in search of a venue. Just like real estate, the location serves you with a lot of social factors also. Nowadays, we tend to judge anniversary parties by how good a venue really is. This, in turn, reflects on the people who are organizing it. If your guests are happy, then your party is a success! With a good location, your anniversary party is a lot of steps closer to a dream! The venue must be in a good area. It must be accessible by foot, and also by vehicle. It is better if the area has a visible landmark. This would make it easier for the guests to locate. It must also be in a well-lit area. This makes it much more secure.


Apart from the venue for an anniversary party being in a well-lit area, it must also have proper security. Parties tend to go on late-night nowadays. If it gets too late, then it will be difficult for people as they will be concerned for their safety. So, it is better to have a handful of security guards. The extra expense will be worth it in the long run.


Another important aspect is the parking. The parking lots must be available for the venue. Even if the parking lot is not near the venue, it should not be too far away either. The guests will be inconvenienced if the party is too far away. They would have to park their cars and walk for a long while before reaching the venue. This could leave a bad impression and a sour taste in their collective mouths. So make sure that the venue for the anniversary party has a well located and convenient parking spot!


When you look for "small anniversary party venues near me", do make sure that it has proper catering services. If the catering service available is not up to the standard, then you should get another caterer. Food is the most important aspect of such parties. This is why catering should be at the top of your list. Have your venue manager talk to other catering service providers. Then you can talk to both of them and sort out the budget and funding. The logistics are not important at first. However, the guests must be happy with the food!

With our help, we can make your anniversary party a grand success!



Anniversaries are best to celebrate anywhere. People celebrate their anniversaries at some romantic places and venues. Whether you are celebrating the 50th anniversary or 25th anniversary you always search for the best venue for an anniversary party near your location.


In short, you celebrate anniversaries of all small & big events of your life to mark their importance in your life’s chronology. We have great, awesome and mind-blowing places to celebrate marriage anniversary in Delhi & NCR region.


Of all the anniversary parties, the affordable 25th-anniversary party a.k.a. Silver jubilee, or 50th-anniversary party a.k.a. Golden jubilee matters the most. Other than these people also celebrate first anniversaries, 10th anniversary, 30th anniversary, and so on.


The increasing numbers of anniversaries are a sign of successful years you have spent with your life partner, colleagues in your company, or manage to run your business in the market.


Whatever the event is, anniversaries always call for celebration, and for that, you need a classic restaurant which makes your anniversary party super special.


Are you tired of finding the best anniversary celebration places near me?


Browse through Sloshout’s list of anniversary party restaurants and find your perfect venue in just a matter of a few minutes. Our venue experts will get you the best bargained unlimited alcoholic or non-alcoholic party packages for 3 hours.


We assure you that you will not get tired of our venues whenever you may have to find the best anniversary celebration places near me.


Searching the best Venue for an anniversary party is quite difficult but we make it comfortable and easy for everyone.


Plenty of people on the web search for restaurants for an anniversary party near me but somehow they don’t get this search term like marriage anniversary celebration places near me because of the thousands of results in the search engine.


The term that people usually types on the web like anniversary celebration places near me get plenty of choices but in between them so many people don’t get satisfied that’s why Sloshout comes out with a right and better choice of anniversary party restaurants for everyone so that he/she can make a better choice in between these venues.


So, after making the right choice or selection in between the listed places for anniversary celebration our venue expert will get in touch with you.


So, you don’t have to worry about anything or we can say that your search ends here only at Sloshout where you can select Anniversary party venues, anniversary party places, and anniversary party venues near me.


Ultimate, stupendous and mind-blowing venue for anniversary party available at Sloshout.


We have authentic places for anniversary celebrations in India.


You will get a great discount, unlimited food, drink and packages when you select places to celebrate an anniversary near me, or venue for an anniversary party.


So, all your party needs are fulfilled only at Sloshout whenever you search for anything related to anniversary party places near me. 


Best places to celebrate marriage anniversary in Delhi NCR


Marriage is a huge milestone in a person’s life. It is a promise to be by someone through thick and thin.


This is something special for the people involved and for their relatives, friends, and family which is why anniversaries are eagerly awaited by every single person involved in a marriage.


As we all know, in India, marriage does not just mean the coming together of two individuals, it is the coming together of two entirely different families which makes this already magical occasion all the more special which is why a very big emphasis lies on the anniversary as it serves as a reminder to friends and family of the auspicious day of the bond that tied two lives together.


Now when you live in a city of millions of people, it is only understandable that the same day would be serving as the anniversary of more than thousands of people.


So the struggle for finding a place to celebrate your anniversary is real.


And which is why you had typed ‘places to celebrate anniversary near Delhi’ in Google which had led you to this article.


And let us tell you something, you have come to exactly the right place to look for your ideal venue for the special day of your life.


How can Sloshout be of help to you in finding a venue?


Every year thousands of people Google ‘places to celebrate anniversary nearby Delhi’ and a large number of those people end up at our website and regardless of saying, we are quite adept at matching you with your perfect venue. All you need to do is put in your contact info and requirements from a venue.


Then as you sit tight, our Sloshout executive would prepare a shortlist of places that match your standards and contact you through your preferred mode of communication.


And then with the guidance of our expert, you can make the choice of venue for the special occasion. Or if you want to do it all by yourself, you can log on to our website and find the list of anniversary venues from our collection.


And then all you need to put in are your requirements and ‘Voila!’ you have got a shortlist of all the places in and near Delhi which is willing to and able to cater to your needs. And then all you need to do is make an advance payment of 15% (Yes, you saw that right. Only 15%) of the price of the venue and that’s it.


You would have successfully booked one of the best places to celebrate an anniversary in Delhi at a price that you just wouldn’t find anywhere else in the market. And on top of that, you can avail of attractive discounts which you would find exclusively with us.


Can you trust the security and authenticity of the venue?


We know that the day of the anniversary is a special event in your life. And we also know you wouldn’t want to be ruined in any foreseeable way.


And this is exactly why we expect you to have questions and doubts over the authenticity and security of the anniversary venues in Delhi which are listed on our website.


And it is understandable that the low prices and discounts may further increase your doubt. But you can rest assured that all our venues are authentic and safe.


Before affiliating ourselves with a venue, our experts go over and inspect the place and run thorough risk analysis and test the efficiency of the place so that your celebration meets no hurdles en route.


We know that every program has something or the other that goes wrong no matter how perfect the program is.


But you can stay tension free regarding the venue because we promise you impeccable service. And we never compromise with the pleasure of our customers.


Why should you consider Sloshout to book your preferred venue?


Choosing a marriage anniversary venue in South Delhi is getting increasingly difficult with the passing of each day. Due to the high population density of the national capital territory of our country, thousands of people are getting married every day which leads to the immense crunch of venues when it comes to the anniversary celebration.


Moreover, there are a lot of factors involved while choosing a venue. And the foremost of those is the ambiance and financial status.


Many times a venue that fits your bill perfectly may appear out of reach because of the steep pricing of the place.


And taking advantage of the situation of the crunch of venues, most place owners fix exorbitant price tags to the places you fancy which leads to disappointment for people interested in the place.


And on top of that if you have to find a marriage anniversary venue nearby Delhi through a middleman, then the prices reach such an absurd amount that it feels ridiculous to pay the same for any venue.


But every year, thousands of people pay the sky-high prices just to have the anniversary they dreamt of, and in doing so burn a huge hole in their wallets.


This is precisely where Sloshout comes in. With hundreds of venues affiliated to us, we have the best marriage anniversary venues in Delhi on our website. And the best part about Sloshout?


The captivating price ranges. No matter what your budget is, rest assured that we have a place lined up for you. One may wonder how we are giving out the venues at such prices. The answer is simple, we do not inflate our prices every single time there is a crunch.


They always remain the same. And on top of that, we involve no middleman, thus delivering the venue to you directly from the seller. And to add the cherry on top, we offer discounts which you simply can’t ignore.


All in all, we strive to deliver you the anniversary that you deserve and we ensure that you don’t have to pay way out of range to make it real.


Some of the best marriage anniversary places & venues


Ardor 2.1


Situated at Connaught Place in New Delhi, this venue boasts of a comfortable feel with the added bonus of rustic light setting and a soothing ambiance if you are looking for a very mellow and romantic anniversary with your significant other.


With pricing of INR 950 per person, it is pocket-friendly too which only increases its charm.


Manhattan Bar Exchange


With a post interior and romantic ambiance, this bar bases its charm on the impeccably and tastefully decorated interiors along with good food and even better service.


Like seriously for INR 1100 per person this is an absolute steal.


Add to that the Golf Course Road location which is one of the most picturesque locations of Gurgaon.


Molecule Air Bar


This vaguely futuristic-looking bar is situated in Sector 29 of Noida. With an outdoor courtyard seating arrangement available, this is the place to celebrate your anniversary if you wish to do it under starry skies and moonlit night.


And the bluish tinge of the place would have the romantic in you crooning with delight.


With pricing of INR 1300 per person, it is one of the most sought after marriage anniversary venue near Delhi.




Just like the name suggests this place is guaranteed to make you spellbound with its artsy interiors décor schemes and rustic paintings.


Add to that the comfortable and spacious seating arrangements, this place is tailor-made for people who love to spend their anniversary in an aesthetically pleasing environment.


Situated in Sector 38 in Noida, this place has a great footfall of anniversary events.



As the name suggests, this café allows you to enjoy soothing music as you enjoy your meal. This place is perfect for those who wish to enjoy their anniversary with the bliss of silence.



Fancy an anniversary in the heart of nature? Masha offers you the perfect chance to do so. With a balcony that faces on to lush green canopy, you can have the perfect romantic outing with your partner if you choose to spend it at Masha. And with the pricing of INR 1000 per person, it is one of the best deals around.


The Town House Cafe


If you love old medieval architecture with sprawling arches and doorways, then this café is the place for you to celebrate your marriage anniversary in Delhi. The ambiance alone is spectacular. And add to that the accessibility of the venue and the impeccable service. This café is a popular destination for couples who wish to spend their anniversary in Delhi.


Bottles and Barrels


Colorful, vibrant and cheery, this venue is famed for its courtyard which boasts a beautiful fountain. The feel-good vibe of the place attracts a lot of people who want to spend their anniversary to the tune of good music and great food. Your true search must ends while finding the best anniversary celebration places & venues near me especially at Bottles and Barrels.




With a courtyard that presents an unparalleled experience of a classic Indian dinner, Raasta is a restaurant that gives you your money’s worth. A most exclusive place to celebrate anniversary parties here.


The food, the atmosphere, and the service ensure that you would have a great anniversary. Here, when you celebrate your anniversary party then you will get the top-experience of hospitality.



Frequently Asked Questions about Anniversary Party

Which are some budget friendly Anniversary Party venues?

We bring you affordable Anniversary Party venues and provide you exciting deals and offers on the same. Top 5 Pocket friendly Anniversary Party venues include Ocean Pearl BanquetTivoli GrandSatvik by ChabraZeenat Motel & ResortSky Martini Banquet.

Which are the types of Anniversary Party venues?

If you are looking for Anniversary Party venues, we deliver best rates and offers in Farmhouse , Banquet Halls , Family Party Halls , Wedding Lawns , {VENUETYPE5}, and more.  

Which are some Top Rated Anniversary Party venues?

With the numerous options of Anniversary Party venues, we have handpicked the most popular places with pool side arrangement, scenic view, and beautiful open lawns. Here are a few highest rated Anniversary Party places – Ocean Pearl GardeniaThe ManorThe Palace GreensThe Canvas FarmAtrio A Boutique Hotel, etc.

How to find reviews and ratings of Anniversary Party venues? What are the prices and menu for Anniversary Party places?

Our website,, will help you identify the Anniversary Party venues with the best ratings and reviews from real customers. We also provide with the negotiated prices and menus of all the Anniversary Party venues. The affordable Anniversary Party venues in your city that we provide will ensure that every penny that is spent is worth the place. The Anniversary Party venues have varied ranges, starting from Rs 700/- per person and going upwards to Rs 2000/- per person.

Which are some places for Anniversary Party for large gathering?

There are plenty of options for a large gathering Anniversary Party venues - Zorba Entertainmentvardaan by sandozRadiance Motel Chattarpur. These are some of the names of the large and affordable Anniversary Party venues. They can accommodate more than 1000 people.

How to find Anniversary Party venues for small gathering?

There are enough options for Anniversary Party places to accommodate a small and intimate gathering. Some options are Crowne Plaza Mayur ViharL Elegant Royal, . These Anniversary Party venues come with an area for accommodating around 100 - 300 guests for a small function with affordable prices.

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