Best Microbrewery in Gurgaon

The 10 Best Microbreweries In Gurgaon For Every Beer Lover

The delight of having a freshly-brewed beer in the wonderful company of your friends after a hectic weekend never goes out of trend, does it? Microbreweries are now replacing the pubs and bars, so why go for a bottled beer when you can have freshly-brewed ones and that too in such great variety? Microbreweries in Gurgaon are a great place to enjoy that good old glass of beer in the delightful company of your friends. No matter if it is a casual weekend hangout or a bachelor party, there is one place that is suited for every kind of party and we are here to tell you about the ten best microbreweries in Gurgaon according to Sloshout, the #1 venue marketplace in Delhi/NCR. Read on to find out where you should be headed next:

1. Soi 7, DLF Cyber City

soi 7 pub brewery

If the bachelor party in Gurgaon that you have in mind has to be a grand one, it has to be Soi 7 Pub and Brewery in DLF Cyber City. This microbrewery is one of the best in town and has some of the most favoured freshly-brewed beers in its menu. Besides, it offers what many lounges and bars seem to not have on their menu- a collection of dishes from cuisines all around the globe. For example, you can dig into the sumptuous Chinese, Thai, Japanese, Asian, Pizza delicacies that Soi 7 serves. The rooftop seating area adds the posh alfresco touch to this place which is a favourite amongst Delhiites for a smashing party in a microbrewery.

2. Prankster, Sector 29

party package of prankster

India’s First Food & Brewery Campus, Prankster is the perfect corporate party place in Gurgaon, having a large capacity of two hundred and fifty people. Its uniqueness is highlighted by the unique interiors and decor which is themed on a college campus, thereby attracting youngsters from all over the city. The bistro serves an impressive menu with cuisines like Modern Indian, North Indian so that you can eat your heart out. Their outdoor seating facility along with the much talked about decor makes it absolutely insta-worthy and a very relaxing place to hang out in Gurgaon. The Live sports screening makes it even more inviting.

3. Warehouse Cafe, Sector 29

Warehouse Cafe is a microbrewery and a casual-dining restaurant in Gurgaon which serves lip-smacking food along with high-quality beers, thereby being a paradise for foodies, with amazing drinks. This place also offers the best corporate party packages. Known for its extraordinary ambience and as a paradise amongst foodies, it serves American, Continental, Italian, North Indian, Asian cuisines. Warehouse Cafe has a very comfortable seating and an ambience that is very calm and provides the perfect opportunity to catch up with your friends. The Chilli Chicken served here is a must-have for it is renowned to be of the best amongst the foodies of the city. One can also find some amazing drinks and the hookahs which have exciting flavour options. The outdoor terrace area, restaurant area, a private room and a separate bar paired with the super-reasonable pricing makes it one of the best restaurants for corporate parties in Gurgaon.

4. Molecule Air Bar, Sector 29

molecule air bar microbrewery

Renowned amongst almost all the party-lovers in Gurgaon, Molecule Air Bar in Sector 29 is a microbrewery party place like no other. One can enjoy the best of alcoholic blends and food at this themed microbrewery and pub with Continental, North Indian, Italian, Chinese cuisines in their menu. With its open-air seating, Molecule Air Bar offers the best setting for a corporate party place in Gurgaon where guests can wine and dine under the stars. Molecule Air Bar in Sector 29 is a one-of-its-kind bar and lounge which is reminiscent of the Second World War. Themed on Hitler’s evil experiment labs with food served on chemical apparatus, Molecule Air Bar is not your usual, run of the mill bar and lounge.

5. Boombox Brewstreet, Sector 29

Located in Sector 29, Boombox Brewstreet is a multi-cuisine bar and cafe which is a favourite amongst party-goers. This microbrewery and a casual dining restaurant serve a wide range of cuisines which include North Indian, Italian, Chinese, American. Amongst drinks, Boombox Brewstreet is a haven for every beer-lover.  Known as one of the best corporate party places in Gurgaon, Boombox Brewstreet enjoys a massive popularity amongst the youth and party-lovers for the Live Music performances and the DJ nights hosted there. The trained chefs and bartenders know exactly how to make your dining experience memorable and fun.  The bar is well equipped with both local and international drinks and the premium menu takes care of the varied tastes and preferences of the people. Needless to say, it is one of the best amongst the best of the Gurgaon party places.

6. Striker Skybar, Golf Course Road

Who said microbreweries are only great for corporate parties? Striker Skybar at Golf Course Road is breaking boundaries and attracting guests of all ages and from all backgrounds. No matter what your party requirements, Striker Skybar has something in store for you. The alfresco seating teamed with the live music is just what you need when you want to just relax and enjoy the live music. As for food, delicacies from Finger Food, Asian, Indian, American cuisines are in plenty are sure to fill you up. The decor and the ambience of the place are vibrant, cheerful and very colourful. Striker Skybar is also known for its splendid cocktails along with the freshly-brewed beer from the microbrewery.

7. Downtown – Diners & Living Beer Cafe, Sector 29

For every foodie and for everyone who loves a tall glass of some premium quality beer, there is hardly any place as good as Downtown – Diners and Living Beer Cafe. Situated in Sector 29, this is listed and considered as one of the best pubs and microbreweries in Gurgaon. The food here is of the highest quality, prepared by trained chefs who specialise in North Indian, Chinese, Italian, Continental cuisines. Guests can devour their beer at the rooftop seating area which gives Downtown an edge over every other pub and microbrewery in the area. No matter what kind of party you are planning in, be it a birthday, a reunion or even a big corporate party in Gurgaon, Downtown has all every requirement sorted so that your party doesn’t lack anything.

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8. Agent Jack’s Bidding Bar, Sector 29

Places which have both live music arrangement and a rooftop seating area seldom go wrong as far as parties are concerned. And if its Agent Jack’s Bidding Bar, there is no way that you can expect to spend a dull time here. A pub and a microbrewery situated in Gurgaon, Agent Jack’s Bidding Bar is a perfect hangout destination for youngsters. The electrifying ambience of this place makes it ideal for both weekends and weekdays. The brewery offers a variety of beers, cocktails, whiskies and other soft and hard variety of drinks, occupying 2 levels with the main operation on level-2 and a terrace and open space on level 3. The restaurant also serves Italian and Chinese delicacies, a treat for foodies. The artistically decorated with a breath-taking ambience and a wonderful rooftop eating facility makes it a perfect venue to host corporate parties in Gurgaon.

9. Feel Alive, Sector 29

Feel Alive is everything that you wanted your birthday party venue to be? Be it with a big group of friends, your parents, or just your partner, Feel Alive will offer you the best services to suit the kind of party that you want to plan, instead of it being the other way. The place has a very well-lit and vibrant decor along with wooden seating. Being spacious, it is also great for small to medium-sized groups. As far as food concerned, the trained chefs make sure that only the best of the best reach your plate. The cuisines served here include North Indian, American, Asian, Biryani which you can enjoy in the private dining area available here. The dance floor and the live music keep the entertainment factor high all the time while the karaoke is there for you to bond just a little more and have fun with your friends and/or partner.

10. After Stories, Sector 29

Amongst the multiple microbreweries and pubs in sector 29, After Stories stands out because of its vibe and ambience that the name itself makes apparent. Being the hub of corporate parties in Gurgaon, After Stories attracts a lot of guests every day! This is because of the perfect ambience suited to relax after a hard day’s work. The place specializes in North Indian, European Fusion and Continental dishes. After the little party in your mouth with all the great dishes, make your way to the dance floor to shake a leg to the groovy music. After Stories is surely one of the very best corporate party venues in Gurgaon offering alfresco style dining on a budget.

Next time you are planning a party, no matter what kind it is, make sure you check out these microbreweries in Gurgaon so that you don’t miss out on a possible opportunity to host a party that will be the centre of every conversation.