valentine's week

Here’s The Perfect Valentine’s Week Plan That You Wouldn’t Want To Miss!

Who says you need only one week to express your love for your partner? Of course, you don’t. But, Valentine’s Day and the very week itself is a celebration of that love where you exchange gifts and spend some more quality time with each other. That won’t hurt, would it? we know how important it is in today’s busy times to spare some time for your partner and spend it with each other.

valentine's week

Valentine’s week is all about that. Not only is love in the air, it also encapsulates you and leaves you with a bittersweet feeling after Feb 14th. You can still continue to show your love to your partner in innumerable ways, but you can also make these days leading up to the 14th of February count. Here’s how you can celebrate each day of Valentine’s week and make the memories last for a lifetime.

Rose Day

Let the beauty and grace of these lovely red roses which have, since time immemorial signified all things love, express your passion and love for your partner. And no, it is not a hard and fast rule that only guys give their partners roses. Girls can too. Here are a few tips you can keep in mind while planning the perfect Rose Day, the first day of Valentine’s week.

  • Buy a big bouquet of roses and decorate it with little picture postcards and personal messages. It is far better than just buying a few roses from the shop and gifting your partner.
  • Stick to the theme and go for a dessert splurge with your partner. We suggest you give everything rose flavoured a try! For example, rose sherbets, rose flavoured cheesecake, or a full-fledged 3-tiered rose cake to kick off the week with elan.
  • You can follow it up with a dinner at home, cooked by you to show just how much you value your partner.

Propose Day

Now, this day doesn’t hold much meaning if you’re an old couple who is already a few months or years into their relationship. However, it is THE day for you to say what is in your heart to that special person. And hey, don’t go for the conventional ideas. Hear us out for we have some extraordinarily unique ones up our sleeve.

  • Take him/her by surprise. Instead of inviting them for a candle-light dinner or a small house party where they might already comprehend that you are about to propose, it’ll be a pleasant surprise if you can plan a bit more and catch them unaware at their workplace or so.
  • Not every girl likes flowers, and not every guy is confident enough to go down on their knees and propose. A little bit of effort from both the sides makes a big difference. So guys, take something else for your girl if she’s not a fan of flowers. What about a bouquet of her favourite chocolate with hand-written notes on it? And girls, the era when only guys could propose to girls are far gone. If you want to say something to your guy, take the first step and go for it.
  • To celebrate, you can always head to your favourite restaurant or cafe, no matter how small and humble it may be. After all, it is where your story started.

Chocolate Day

Now, as the name of the day itself suggests, there’s not much innovation and thought that can be put into it, is there? Well, think a little harder then. For only a few chocolates or candies might not be enough to woo your girl/guy partner.

  • Instead of just buying chocolates from the store, out a bit more effort an bake your partner something. This is an extremely sweet and caring gesture and shows that you are always willing to walk a step further for them. A chocolate souffle, dark forest cake, or even a chocolate muffin goes a long way.
  • If you’re not so adept at cooking, send them chocolates throughout the day. One at a time, with handwritten notes. Say, the dark chocolate for all the times you fought, a white chocolate for every time you shared a sweet moment together, and so on. Be creative.
  • If none of this works for you, we say you indulge a little more and go for a chocolate facial or even a chocolate spa together. It’s said that a partner which pamper themselves together, stay together!

Teddy Day

Who doesn’t love teddy bears, right? Those fluff balls are absolutely adorable. Be it a guy or a girl, we think everyone can do with a bit of cuteness in their lives. So, on the fourth day of Valentine’s Week, get your hands on one of these fluff balls and gift your partner some cuteness (overload)!

  • If you think you can go a step ahead and make a teddy bear instead of buying one, there’s nothing like it! No, we aren’t hinting at one of those life-size ones, Even a small teddy bear says a lot if it’s hand-made.
  • Besides, there’s always the option of baking teddy-bear shaped treats for your partner if he/she is a sweet tooth. There’s all the room for your creativity and brainstorming to come into play.
  • If you want a real-life version of a teddy bear, and if both of you are animal lovers, head to a pet-friendly cafe where you can spend some time cuddling dogs, the next best thing after teddy bears! Trust us, you have no idea as yet how much fun you’ll have.

Promise Day

We think that this day ought to be spent with each other in complete privacy, sharing and talking about your most prized memories together. It’s not only through promises said in words that you can show your partner that we will be there for them, actions matter more. So, talk about your past memories, your future aspirations, perhaps with some wine and good food and just spend the day together, rekindling those memorable moments.

Hug Day

If you’ve been together with your partner for a long time, you have probably exchanged hugs every day anyway. So how is this one day special? It’s special because it signifies the warmth and the support that you shared through each of that hug. However, if you’re a new couple just a few weeks into their relationship, here’s how you can make your day special:

  • Go back to the place where you met each other for the first time or where you proposed to him/her, and express your feelings again. If possible have some time only to yourself and you will see how your bond strengthens.
  • You can also go and explore a nearby city together, and put your compatibility to test.
  • End the day with a perfect dinner at a place that you both love, or enjoy some live music and great food with drinks at a cafe.

Kiss Day

Just like hugs, kisses aren’t numbered too. Is it really possible to pick one day up and express your love through a kiss? We think not. So, here’s something you can do to make even this day count:

  • Go on a getaway together. This could by your first or your nth getaway with each other. If you can’t make it to a different city or state, choose a nice resort or hotel in your own city and just shut the world off for a day. Have your entire day and all your time to yourself. This will give you the time, and the ambience to know yourselves better. And you can always have a fun party at the end of the day with some good music, great food, and drinks that you can enjoy. Sounds like the most amazing day, right?

Valentine’s Day

All these days culminate in the ultimate, Valentine’s Day itself. Each couple likes to spend this day how they like it. Candle-light dinners and gifts are now overrated. Do something landmark to make this year’s Valentine’s Day better than the last. This depends on your shared interests and likes. Here are a few of our suggestions:

  • Go on an adventurous trek or paragliding or something that takes your adrenaline to the highest of levels. You can also try the hot balloon services in India. This can be the extraordinary event that marks your Valentine’s Day of this year. It will also test your strength as a couple.
  • Cook up a storm for your partner. And by this, we mean a proper 3-course meal which you know he/she will absolutely enjoy and appreciate. Take cues from your favourite restaurants and how they do it absolutely master-chef style.
  • If cooking is not really your forte, go for the traditional romantic dinner. However, instead of sharing the space with a hundred other people, book the restaurant to yourselves. Or, pick an outdoor seating restaurant in Delhi for an even more romantic spot and reserve it for yourself. This way, you can have the best of everything – fantastic view from the rooftop, your partner’s company, great food and drinks, and amazing service, without being disturbed.

There are endless number of ways in which you can celebrate Valentine’s Day in Delhi. However, most of all, it depends on you as to how you want to make Valentine’s Day 2018 super special. Every couple is unique in their own way, so why should your celebrations be like everyone else’s? Check out superb Valentine’s Day party venues in Delhi at Sloshout to help you decide which one works best for you.