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Best House Party Venues / Places in Delhi NCR

Do you want to host a cocktail party without having anyone disturbing you? Choose any of our House party venues in Delhi NCR and throw a mind-boggling party that your friends can never forget.


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Rent Farmhouses and Villas for House Party in Delhi NCR & Other Metro Cities

If you are a Delhi or Gurgaon resident and a grand house party is on your mind involving you and yours, then you can plan it on your own. House parties are actually an occasion that brings you an opportunity to celebrate some precious moments. The booking procedure for any kind of house party in Gurgaon or Delhi has got easier like never before with the advent of online party booking platforms like Sloshout. One of the most amazing advantages of these platforms is that they work round the clock where you can initiate the booking procedure as per your comfort and convenience. You can choose your space from a comprehensive range of places to have the best house party in Delhi or Gurgaon. Added benefits include amazing discounts on the deal. So, next time when you need to have a house party in the company of you and yours, then visiting Sloshout is simply a great consideration.


Frequently Asked Questions for Farm House Party in Delhi

How many Farm Houses in Delhi are available for party?

The whole area of Delhi NCR has hundreds of farmhouses available for parties. In fact, one can find farmhouses in all the four districts or zones of Delhi. Thus, you can easily choose one which will be easy to travel to and agrees to your budget and your criteria for the party.

What is Lowest & Highest Price Farm Houses in Delhi for party?

Delhi has farmhouses which cover a range of amenities and price ranges. Thus you can have farmhouses that have as low a price as 250 INR per plate per person to farmhouses with the price range of 2500 INR per person per plate. However, these prices do not include the rates of the DJ, the decoration, the photographer and the other amenities and vendors that you wish to opt for at your party.

How many people are allowed in house party?

A house party can have as many people as you want. Whether you wish to have a close-knit party or a grand affair with all your friends and relatives, farm houses are equipped to accommodate parties of all kinds and sizes. Thus from 10 people to 5000 people, the farm houses in Delhi can cater to all of your guests with equal zeal and dedication. If you wish to know more about these house party places or want to know about their availability, you can get in touch with the venue experts at Sloshout.

Are food packages or drinks available in house party?

Yes, most of the farmhouses in Delhi have catering services for the guests. You can have a detailed chat with the catering team of the farmhouse and have the cuisines and the specific dishes that you wish to have at your party arranged by them. Some of the farmhouses in Delhi also allow alcohol inside their premises which means that you can have access to a fully-stocked bar at the venue or bring your own alcohol. To know about the amenities in detail, you can get in touch with one of our executives or reach out to the concerned manager of the farmhouse.

For how much time does a villa / house or apartment is available for party?

Farm houses can be rented for an entire day or for half a day or even for a few hours. It all depends on how long you wish to have your guests over or the kind of farmhouse that you are renting for your party. For instance, if you wish to have a budget party, then you can book a farmhouse for half a day or for a few hours. To know in detail about the renting time of each farmhouse in your locality, get in touch with us or with the concerned venue manager. You can either write to Sloshout or call us directly at (+91) 85888 26881 to place in your inquiries today.

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