list of banquets hall in gt karnal road

List of Banquet Halls in GT Karnal Road

List of Banquet Halls in GT Karnal Road

Regal Palace

Regal Palace is one of the best places if you are on the lookout for banquets in GT Karnal road. It is not only visually pleasing but also very efficient in its service. Our mind-boggling list of banquet halls in GT Karnal Road Delhi will work better for everyone.

The venue has gorgeous decoration and the space it allows is perfect for weddings and receptions.  We have a great list of banquet halls in GT Karnal Road.

When you have a guest list of around 500 people, the regal palace will be one of the best wedding venues in GT Karnal road for you.

Their seating capacity in the halls is 325 while it can accommodate up to 500 floating guests at a time. The list of banquet halls in GT Karnal Road will work best for you.

Their decor is done by a dedicated professional and so is the catering. The catering team ensures that your guests are served only the best and most fresh food.

The cuisines they serve are from around the world and have both veg and non-veg options.

The whole venue has air conditioning and every other requirement is fulfilled by the staff to the best of their ability.

Regal Palace
Regal Palace

City Park Green Resort

When you are ready with all the preparations for your wedding, the next step is to find a worthy venue. It should do justice to the big day.

That’s why we bring to you one of the best wedding venues at GT Karnal Road– City Park Green Resort.

Not only do they have lovely halls but also a sprawling lawn perfect for outdoor celebrations as well. This gives more space and scope for you to invite more guests for the big occasion.

The hall at City park Green resort can accommodate 700 people.

City Park Green Resort
City Park Green Resort

The lawn is spacious enough to comfortably accommodate 200 floating guests. As for the seating capacity, it is 500 and 125 guests for halls and lawn respectively.

They offer decoration services to the trained staff. They also have a complimentary changing room for the comfort of the groom and the bride.

The catering staff takes care of the food as it serves the guests’ multi-cuisine dishes in both veg and non-veg options. So, why search for more banquets in Gt Karnal Road when you can book the amazing City Park Green Resort?

Palm Green

Your search for a banquet hall in GT Karnal Road ends here at Palm Green. Here, you will find the best of everything that makes a party venue worth your occasion. Be it wedding or pre-wedding, Palm Green offers one of the best wedding venues in GT Karnal Road.

The venue has a beautiful sprawling lawn which accommodates a large number of people. This way, you don’t have to compromise on the number of guests you can invite for the big day.

Palm Green’s lawns can accommodate 1000 floating and 800 seated guests. As for the hall, the seating capacity is 200 while the floating capacity is 600 guests.

They have their in-house catering team who serve the cuisines of your choice.

Besides, their decor team and the in-house DJ make planning a big event here seem like child’s play. The lawns are truly luxurious and with good weather, make for the best banquet hall in GT Karnal Road.

Palm Green
Palm Green

Valentine Resort – A Great List of Banquet Halls in GT Karnal Road

One of the best ways in which you can ensure that your party becomes a success is by choosing the right venue. The right party venue can make or break your party.

Hence, we suggest you check out Valentine Resort which is a favored banquet hall in Gt Karnal Road by the locals. Valentine resort has multiple party locations which means that you can hold more than one party at a time.

They offer complimentary room for changing for the groom and the bridge. The spaciousness of the hall is another big advantage.

The halls can accommodate a maximum of 500 floating and 300 seated guests.

They have wonderful decoration that will instantly make the guests feel at awe when they see the venue. The staff at Valentine Resort is one of the most efficient and prompt ones you will find.

They leave no stone unturned to ensure that your party is unhassled and minus any unpleasant surprises.

The Grandreams

The Grandreams is located at GT Karnal Road near Azadpur Metro station which makes it easily accessible for the guests.

The venue is for perfect for pre-wedding ceremonies in GT Karnal Road. They have a seating capacity of 325 guests and 500 floating guests.

The catering staff at The Grandreams serves multi-cuisine delicacies from all over the world in both vegan d non veg options. Guests are bound to feel at home when at The Grandreams because they have wonderful hospitality.

The Grandreams
The Grandreams

They have three halls, namely Victorian, Elizabeth and Alexander where you can hold different occasions at one time.

This venue is perfect for relatively small celebrations like birthday parties, shagun, Mehendi, etc.

Invite your guests for an evening of fun, laughter, good memories, and good food at The Grandreams. When you book The Grandreams for your big day, you can be sure that your guests will feel welcome.

Aagosh farm

If you want nothing short of perfect for your big day, opt for Aagosh farm. It is one of the best banquet halls in GT Karnal Road for weddings that are meant to be unforgettable.

Here, you will be welcomed by stretches of lush greenery, cascading waterfalls, manicured lawns, and blossoming flowers. The vibe here is extremely refreshing and makes everyone feel cozy and welcome.

The decor is a mix of sleek minimal chic which is contemporary but doesn’t feel too overwhelming. You can even choose from the many themes offered by the decor team like classic, minimalist, royal, Victorian chic, avant-garde, modern, retro, etc.

They also have a live barbeque counter and the capacity of guests is as much as 2000.

The catering team takes care of your culinary requirements and serves the best multi-cuisine delicacies. Every guest is accommodated comfortably in this spacious venue.

Aagosh farm
Aagosh farm

Zafferano Suryadev Motel and Resort

If you want to make sure that your big day is planned just how you want to, choose Zafferano Suryadev Motel and resort.

This banquet hall in GT Karnal Road is one of the few wedding venues which allows the guest to customize their party the way they want it.

They have both a catering team and a decor team in their venue. The catering team serves delectable multi-cuisine fare in both veg and non-veg while the decor time takes care of the aesthetics.

However, guests are allowed to bring both their own catering as well as decor team if they wish it to be a certain way.

Their halls have a seating capacity of 500 people and 700 floating guests. They also have a lush green lawn for parties under the sky.

You can get alcohol served to the guests either from the menu or buy ti from outside. Zafferano truly believes in making the dream day a reality for its guests.

That’s why they do everything under the sun to ensure that their guests feel satisfied and unfilled. They go back with happy memories and lots of photographs for a lifetime.

Zafferano Suryadev Motel and resort
Zafferano Suryadev Motel and resort


24 Carat

Looking for lawns for an outdoor wedding party? Look no further 24 Carat in GT Karnal Road. It is one of the best wedding venues in GT Karnal Road for you to celebrate your big day in.

24 Carat allows you to get your own caterers so that you get to control what you serve to your guests.  They have complimentary changing rooms for the bride and grooms’ comfort. This is the best list of banquet halls in GT Karnal Road where the space can be perfectly booked online.

The guests will love the chic and awe-striking decor of the place which can be customized according to your needs.

Their well-stocked bar is one of the best features of this wedding venue in GT Karnal Road. The venue is very well-lit which makes it look chic and offers to get background for pictures.

There is ample car parking space in the venue which eliminates all the hassle. Contact Sloshout to know how you can avail the best discounts on wedding venues in GT Karnal Road.

This way, you can find the best venues all in one place and trust the experts to offer the best packages for your booking.

24 Carat
24 Carat list of banquet halls in GT Karnal Road

Now that you know all the best banquet halls in GT Karnal Road, go ahead and make your dream day a reality.

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