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The Foreigners Cafe

The Foreigners Cafe

J2/8, Block J, Rajouri Garden, New Delhi, Delhi 110027

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The Foreigners Cafe

Rajouri Garden, Delhi



J2/8, Block J, Rajouri Garden, New Delhi, Delhi 110027

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Are you looking for late-night party places in Rajouri Garden or the cafe in Rajouri garden for birthday party? Have you been scouting corporate party venues in Delhi for your next team meeting? Do you want to call all your friends over to have a great time at your birthday party? If you too are suffering from the confusion to find the best birthday party venues in Delhi, your search ends right at The Foreigners Café.

What is so enchanting about The Foreigners Café Rajouri Garden?

Located at the B.K. Dutta Marg, Opposite Metro Pillar 410, Rajouri Garden. The Foreigners Café is one of the most loved birthday party places in West Delhi. The Foreigner Café Rajouri is an affordable answer to a kid’s birthday party too. Besides being a delight to all the food lovers in the city, the venue is an amazing party venue too. Whether you want to have a casual get-together party, a reunion party, a kitty party or even an anniversary party, The Foreigners Café can be the party venue to all. To sum it all up, The Foreigner Café Rajouri can be the host to all your parties.

The ambiance of the venue is an added attraction. The look and feel of the venue are ever engrossing and inviting. It is the perfect place to host your guests and spend quality time with them at your party. You can sit and chill with your guests while you munch on your favorite delicacies at the venue. It is because of this ease and accessibility that people love this venue and have become regulars at The Foreigners Café New Delhi. The place hosts the coolest of DJs in the city too. All of these add up to the appeal of this party venue in West Delhi. So The Foreigners Café Rajouri Garden is also one of the most sought nightclubs in Delhi.

The Foreigner Café Menu:

The Foreigner Café Rajouri Garden serves a plethora of delectable dishes from North Indian, Chinese and Continental cuisines. The venue allows both vegetarian and non-vegetarian food inside its premises. Thus, you will have all the options of serving all your guests equally humbly. The Foreigner Café Rajouri is known to a food lover’s delight. Whether the venue hosts a party or not, it nonetheless receives diners from all parts of the city due to its offerings. But the venue will never rob you blind for its lip-smacking offerings. Along with the food, the venue comes with the promise of affordability as well. Thus, if you want to party large but with less expenditure, The Foreigners Café will leave you happy and satisfied with your experience.

The offerings do not just end at the food. Being a bar, the venue offers a complete luxury dining experience but within budget. Thus, you can expect to be flooded with oodles of alcohol at your party at The Foreigners Café. The venue has a full bar available and serves a range of delectable drinks which are both alcoholic and non-alcoholic. Thus, you can flatter your guests with a number of shakes, beers, whiskeys, scotches, cocktails, gins, rums, vodkas, tequilas, wines and even champagnes. The Foreigners Café does pull back on its servings of beverages. So this way, you can give your guests plenty of options to choose from. Therefore, whether you are a beer lover or get excited with the idea of premium scotches and wines, The Foreigner Café can provide everything for you. Thus, your party is sorted at the venue.

The ambiance of The Foreigners Café New Delhi:

No, the food and the alcohol are solely not the famous crowd-pullers at this venue. To give you a complete partying experience, The Foreigners Café Rajouri Garden has also delicately looked after its décor. The venue is quirkily done. The walls of the venue have the raw texture of bricks. These walls are adorned with maps of continents and countries and even statement posters. Thus, the venue gives the first impression of being a great conversation starter and has a soothing ambiance. Besides the painted walls, the venue also has wooden walls and glass panels. The wide windows are used to steer light inside the venue, giving it an earthy feel. The seating arrangement at the venue is pleasantly luxurious. Thus, your guests will never feel out of place even for a bit.

The entrance of the venue also has an earthy and a homely feel to it. The wind chimes, the creepers in the balcony and the fairy lights have a calming effect on the guests the moment they walk in. Thus, the entrance of The Foreigners Café has an entry pathway typical to that of the cafés in French culture. So with The Foreigners Cafe, the city has its share of French culture. Don’t be surprised to accidentally feel to be in the middle of the quaint French alley the next time you pass by the venue.

What adds to the soothing ambiance more is the occasional speck of greenery at the venue. The look and feel of the venue is further aggravated by the lighting inside it. Edison bulbs, fairy lights, and warm ceiling lights are the main sources of light in the venue. Furthermore, the walls of the venue are graced with patterned lights. Thus along with the wooden décor; the lights give the venue the warm and welcoming appeal. The engulfing ambiance of the venue will entertain your friends for the entire length of the party. There is the provision of opting for private dining areas at The Foreigners Café Rajouri Garden.

Live entertainment amenities at The Foreigners Café Rajouri Garden:

Besides the food and the décor, the venue is known for its live music. The acoustics of the place is done in a way to favor live performances and engage in more audience. Quite a number of famous brands in the city throng at The Foreigners Café New Delhi. Thus, you can also enjoy grand band music at your party at The Foreigners Café. Along with living band music, there is an in-house DJ too. The Foreigners Café hosts the best DJs around the country. Thus, rock your body to the tracks of the DJ on the dance floor of the venue. So party full-throttle with your buddies at your birthday party in Delhi and bring all of them to the dance floor.

The venue also has wide screens for live sports screening at the venue. Therefore, you can also catch the live updates of your favorite match while you are partying with your folk. As a matter of fact, you can even choose to host a game night with your buddies at The Foreigners Café. Thus cheer for your favorite team the loudest while you replenish yourself with the food and the beverages on offer. This party venue in West Delhi, therefore, is conducive to host a friends’ game night as well. To conclude, The Foreigners Café Rajouri Garden can host parties of all sizes and kinds.

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