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List of Roka Ceremony Venues / Places in Delhi

If you are looking for sagan and roka ceremony places in Delhi such as banquets, party halls, farmhouses, cafes, houses, villas, you can check the stunning list here!


Sloshout brings you the complete list of 400+ roka and sagan venues where you can choose the best roka ceremony places for your loved one.

Divine Lounge & Bar Netaji Subhash Place


Divine Lounge & Bar

Netaji Subhash Place, Delhi

Kushi Banquet Rajouri Garden


Raunak Karol Bagh



Karol Bagh, Delhi

Rockland Hotel Chittaranjan Park


Rockland Hotel

Chittaranjan Park, Delhi

RG's House GT Karnal Road


RG's House

GT Karnal Road, Delhi

Tivoli Pushpanjali Dwarka Link Road


Regal Palace GT Karnal Road


Regal Palace

GT Karnal Road, Delhi


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Popular Roka Ceremony Party Places / Venues / Restaurants in Delhi

What is it about Indian weddings that make it so exotic and interesting? Why are that Indian weddings have somehow managed to is setting itself apart from the rest of the world? If these are the kind of questions that have been haunting you for quite some time now, you are just at the right spot! Let's find out how weddings in India have been able to attain recognition from the whole world.


Weddings, in general, are a massive affair for not only the couple but also their friends and families. Weddings in India however, hold a special place altogether that makes it unique and extraordinary. Apart from the clichéd Indian wedding mandates of color, music, and rituals, Indian weddings are also an epitome of emotion.


There is a distinct essence in Indian weddings that helps it to be distinguished from the others. The essence of warmth, love and the welcoming nature that weddings in India have is truly incredible. Thus, it is not just the superficial aspects of an Indian wedding that makes it what it is. But this blend of the external attributes and the inner panorama gives weddings a different turn.


Indian weddings and most weddings around the world come with a certain set of rules and rituals. These rituals are considered very homy which are believed to do good to the couple in their married lives.


Weddings are mostly divided into three different sections. Each section comes with its own set of values and importance. These are termed as pre-wedding ceremonies followed by the main wedding event and finally the post-wedding rituals, respectively. There is an innumerable number of rituals that take place in the course of an Indian wedding.


Occasions like the Sagan, Haldi ceremony and Mehendi ceremony are a few of the most exciting ones. These rituals are not only considered to be beneficial for the couple in the long run but they also help to bring people together. One such wonderful function prior to the main wedding ceremony is the Roka ceremony.


Sagan and Roka ceremony falls under the category of pre-wedding functions. It is kind of similar to that of the engagement party but it is more on the traditional and cultural side. It is the function that takes place a considerable amount of time before the wedding. It is the day on which a final word between the couple is passed and things are ultimately confirmed for both the parties. It is the day that verifies the wish of both parties to get married and spend the rest of their lives together.


The Roka ceremony involves the two families coming together to celebrate this final decision. From exchanging sweets and wishes to the act of blessing the couple, the Roka ceremony has its own charm. The day of the Roka ceremony is one of the most beautiful and happiest days for not only the couple but also for their families. This is because of the fact that the Roka ceremony is the ultimate initiation of all the wedding preparations. It is one of the very first rituals that take place and this gives way to the beginning of this beautiful wedding journey.


Sagan and Roka ceremony, unlike engagement ceremony parties, carries a set of customs that are rendered important both socially and traditionally. This day includes the family coming together and welcoming each member, especially the couple, into their own respective families. This includes practices like conducting a puja for the well being if the couple and various other activities like putting a dupatta on the head of the bride. These rituals are a part of the entire course and together they form the function of the Roka ceremony.


Weddings in Delhi are possibly one of the most popular celebrations that take place. Delhites consider the ceremony of a wedding and its other counterparts as a very crucial series of occasions. Delhites like to celebrate every small bit of it with a lot of happiness and glory. With time and an increase in demand for fulfilling the wish of celebration if these rituals, Delhi has not dissatisfied its people. The union territory has eventually come up with a series of venues for the Roka ceremony.


Venues are certainly the very basic of every event and function. It is the factor on which every other major, as well as minor aspect, depends on. There are a countless number of places to celebrate Roka ceremony in Delhi. Each venue comes with its own individualistic set of designs and services. With so much going on for the preparation of the Roka ceremony, it can get sometimes difficult to pick. It is tiring to go through all the prospective Roka Ceremony venues in Delhi and find the right one amongst a plethora of unending options.


Therefore, here we are to take some load off your shoulder. We have done our research for you to present you with a list of the best places to celebrate the Roka ceremony in Delhi. These Delhi Roka ceremony party halls have been through many considerations before we could actually pick the most deserving ones. These Roka Ceremony Delhi party places are as good as they get. They are handpicked just for you to consider all the brilliant options available. Here is the list of the best Roka ceremony venues in Delhi that are too good to miss. So relax, take a break and scroll on.


1.    R K Banquets:

   If you have a huge number of friends, relatives, and colleagues with whom you want to share your special day, R K Banquets is just the perfect choice for you. This banquet hall for the Roka ceremony in Delhi is one of the most popular and experienced venues in Delhi. Not just engagement ceremonies in Delhi, but it can also host huge celebrations like weddings and corporate events. The place can accommodate more than 400 people at a time. This gives you the option to invite a long guest list and have a gala time with them all.

2.    Sawan Banquets:

   This too, like the previous Delhi party hall for Roka ceremony, can accommodate even a greater number of guests. But Sawan Banquets in Delhi happen to be one of the more budget party places for the Roka ceremony in Delhi. The interiors are beautiful and classy and the hall can accommodate a booming 500 people long guest list. Thus, if you like your parties to be massive, this is the place for you.

3.    Tangy Flavor:

   This restaurant for the Roka ceremony in Delhi is one of the quirkiest places to celebrate the ceremony in. This blend of the traditional and the casual gives rise to something that is extremely contemporary. The interiors of this place are very unique and comfortable at the same time.

The chefs at this Delhi Restaurant for Roka ceremony know exactly how to blend the right flavors that will satiate your taste buds. Thus, Tangy flavor takes care of every aspect in order to make your Delhi Roka ceremony a success. This venue is ideal if you are looking for a Roka ceremony venue for 50 people.

4.    Datstop Hospitality:

   The idea of having huge parties for ceremonies like these are a little of an overstatement for some. Some people like to keep these ceremonies very personal and therefore avoid having a massive party. For such preferences, Datstop Hospitality is just the perfect venue for the Roka ceremony in Delhi. This Delhi engagement party place can accommodate up to 25 people and it is, therefore, the best choice for small celebrations.

5.    The Mellow Garden:

    This engagement party venue in Delhi is possibly one of the prettiest places to host your function in. It is neither too huge yet nor too small and can accommodate up to 100 people. The interiors are beautiful with modern decor, great furnishing, and beautiful lights. This acts as the perfect backdrop for such a beautiful event. Thus, The Mellow Garden has managed to hit all the right notes when it comes to organizing a beautiful engagement ceremony in Delhi.


Those were some of the best engagement or Roka ceremony venues in Delhi that have outshined all other similar Delhi venues. These venues are not only well designed but they also come with great amenities. The staff and the management are extremely well trained and professional and they make sure that you are having a memorable time.


To book these incredible Roka ceremony venues in Delhi, all you have to do is visit the Sloshout page. It is the best website that can help you to find the perfect venue for all your occasions. The website is very user-friendly and all you have to do is let them know about your venue specifications. It does not matter how quirky and diverse your wishes, demands and even budget are, Sloshout will not disappoint you. So, go hurry and book your dates with your favorite venue now to avail of awesome discounts and offers.


Frequently Asked Questions For Roka Ceremony Places in Delhi

How to Book Roka Ceremony Places in Delhi?

You can easily book the roka ceremony places in Delhi only via Sloshout at cheap, affordable and lowest price.

What is there in Roka Ceremony or Roka Party?

Roka ceremony includes a series of rituals like exchanging gifts and wish, a puja and some traditional customs with the future couple.

What is the Difference between Roka Ceremony and Ring Ceremony?

Roka ceremony is the ceremony that stops the couple from marrying anybody else. It includes a few traditional Indian rituals including a puja. Whereas ring ceremony us more of an informal casual version of the Roka ceremony where the couple exchange rings.

Does Roka Ceremony or Engagement Ceremony Similar?

They are similar yet they are not. Roka ceremony is more traditional with a set of rituals that are considered beneficial for the couple, whereas the engagement ceremony is a more social form of that of a Roka ceremony. The intent is similar on both occasions.

What are the top halls to book the roka party in Delhi?

Park Inn, SK Premium Park, Khushi Banquet and Seven Seas Hotel are some of the top halls to book the Roka party in Delhi.

What is the minimum and maximum price range of Roka ceremony venues in Delhi?

The price for these Roka ceremony venues can range from Rs 500 per person to even Rs 2000 per person.

What kind of food is allowed in Roka Ceremony especially in Delhi?

Depending on your choice and preference you can choose to have both vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes, although some prefer to have vegetarian food because of customary reasons.

Is alcohol allowed in Roka party venues in Delhi?

Families do not really prefer alcohol in traditional ceremonies like that of the Roka ceremony. But it also depends on your preference.

For how many hours can we book the small party halls in Delhi?

One can book a small party hall in Delhi for 3 to 6 hours.

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