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List of Family Function Party Venues / Places in Delhi

Do you have a family function to celebrate? Are you looking for a small party halls in Delhi? Our team can help you in finding an apt family function party restaurant in Delhi that fits the expectations of a perfect party venue. Restaurants like rooftops, casual-dining restaurants, fine-dining restaurants, restro-bars, bistros, venues with private dining areas, house party venues etc. are available at our website. Pick your restaurants, and book it at a best-negotiated price arranged by our venue experts.

Divine Lounge & Bar Netaji Subhash Place


Divine Lounge & Bar

Netaji Subhash Place, Delhi

Kushi Banquet Rajouri Garden


Raunak Karol Bagh



Karol Bagh, Delhi

Rockland Hotel Chittaranjan Park


Rockland Hotel

Chittaranjan Park, Delhi

RG's House GT Karnal Road


RG's House

GT Karnal Road, Delhi

Tivoli Pushpanjali Dwarka Link Road


Regal Palace GT Karnal Road


Regal Palace

GT Karnal Road, Delhi


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Small Party Halls in Delhi | Small Party Hall Near Me With Price

Family functions are like glue they keep the whole family closely attached to one another. Functions like annual family dinner, birthday party of someone from your family, retirement functions, anniversary functions, wedding functions etc. calls for special family celebrations.

Do you have to organize a small birthday party for your father's 60th birthday? You may also decide to throw a party for your best friend who is turning 30. You might also have to organize a wedding anniversary party for your parents' 25th anniversary. After all, some couples prefer to celebrate their 25th wedding anniversary with a big bash! You may also have to organize a party or get-together for your office.

Consequently, you need to start looking for the perfect venue which would suit your needs and preferences. Small parties like these do not require big banquet halls. Rather, you need to look for the best small party hall in Delhi in the area that you prefer.


Why do people prefer small party halls?

Before choosing and booking any party hall, you need to look at the most important factor - your guest list. Depending on the number of people on your guest list, you need to look for a party hall accordingly. Consequently, people prefer smaller party halls for small to mid-level parties where the guest list is below 100. In addition to that, small party halls are less expensive and more cost-effective as well. Small party halls are also easily available in various locations through out Delhi.

Subsequently, you will not have to wait in long queues to finally book the hall on the date you want to. In addition to that, you can get a small party hall in your preferred location or near your house. This will make commuting to and from the venue much easier. The choice of venue will also depend on whether it is easy to access through public travel.


Small Party halls for 10-30 People

If you want an absolutely intimate, small event with just your family and closest friends, you can book a small party hall for 25 guests. The small party halls in North Delhi may be perfect for such occasions. The banquet halls are cozy, warm and luxuriously furnished. Consequently, everyone can comfortably sit on the sofas and chairs and talk to each other. In addition to that, there is also enough space for people to move about freely. After all, you do not want your party to feel overcrowded and cramped - which can easily happen if you decide to throw a party at your home.


Small party halls for 40-80 people

If you are looking for small party halls which can accommodate 40-80 people easily for a slightly larger party - the small party halls in South Delhi are quite great. These party halls are compact but are spacious enough to also hold a lot of people without the hall looking too empty. The decor and atmosphere of these party halls are also very elegant and classy. The background and other decorations are tastefully arranged. In addition to that, you can also ask the managers to add balloons if you are celebrating your child's birthday. If it is your parents' wedding anniversary, you can also have the party hall decorated in flower garlands to make it look more beautiful.

Most of these small party halls also come with the option of in-house catering and staff who will look after your guests' requirements. The manager and other staff are very courteous and will ensure that the venue is decorated just the way you want it.


Small party halls for birthday celebration

The small party halls in West Delhi are excellent for birthday celebrations. These halls are perfect for when you want a budget-friendly, spacious venue for a small but special event. If there is a yard in front, you can also decorate it with fairy lights which will make the venue look even more magical.

There are some great small party halls in East Delhi as well if that is your preferred location. These small party halls are also great for office parties or get-togethers. You can pick the party hall which has the most tasteful decor and ambience. Consequently, your guests will be thoroughly impressed from the moment they step into the party hall. In addition to that, your guests will also take lots of pictures and selfies with each other. All the pictures will also come out very well due to the aesthetic backgrounds and lighting.


Why choose Sloshout?

Organizing a party is not an easy task at all, especially when you have other engagements and commitments. Consequently, to make your work easier - just reach out to Sloshout! Sloshout will note down all your requirements for the venue and give you a list of small party halls that are perfect for your party. You can either go to the website and search for party hall for 20 members near me or small party hall near me with price if that is what you need. You can also just call Sloshout in the number given and sort out what you need. Once you go through the list of potential venues, you can check other details and then book it! Half of your work will be done once you have the venue. After all, a venue can make or break the party.

Subsequently, with the perfect party venue - you can enjoy the party to the fullest with your family and loved ones.


How To Book Small Party Halls in Delhi?

 All you have to do to book your venue is:

  • Browse through our family function party venues in Delhi on our website
  • Contact our venue experts, and pick your venue from the list suggested by our expert
  • Book your venue by paying 15% in advance of the party package




What are the top small party halls venues in Delhi?

Delhi has a variety of amazing small party hall venues which are ideal for any small party you may want to throw. Some of the small party hall venues in Delhi are Crystal Banquet, Silver Petals, Gurmeets Banquet, Jhankar Banquets, Lajawaab Banquet and Pearl Grand Galaxy.

List of small party halls venues in South Delhi.

South Delhi has some of the best party halls and banquets in entire Delhi. Consequently, you will find small and large party halls here which are very beautiful. Some of the best small party hall venues in South Delhi are - Africa Avenue, Pride Plaza, Shreyans Inn, Pluto's Ballroom and The Grace Hotel.

List of small party halls venues in North Delhi.

If North Delhi is your preferred location due to easy accessibility - then you will easily find some great small party halls here. Khushi Banquet, A Square, Hotel Sewa Grand, Maidens Hotel, White Pearl Banquet and Riti Riwaz are some small party venues in North Delhi.

List of small party halls venues in Central Delhi.

If you prefer party halls or party venues in Central Delhi because of easier travel, then do not worry at all! NM Centre, Pearl Hotel, The Metropolitan Hotel and Spa, Hotel Aagami and The Hans are are some of the excellent small party hall venues in Central Delhi.

List of small party halls venues in West Delhi.

West Delhi has a variety of party halls and party venues which are suitable for any event or party you may host. Some wonderful small party hall venues in West Delhi are - Precious Moments, Gokul Garden, Hotel Dev Palace, Flavours from Heaven, Mehak Banquets and Blessings Party Hall.

What is the avg. price of booking small party halls in Delhi?

The average price of booking small party halls in Delhi will vary based on the kind of hall you are booking. In addition to that, the price will also depend on the extra amenities you may ask for such as decoration or furniture. The average price for booking small party halls in Delhi is usually Rs. 400 to 900 per person.

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