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The Uttsav

The Uttsav

Farm, No.14, Gadaipur Bandh Rd, Chhattarpur, Delhi.

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The Uttsav

Chattarpur, Delhi


Very Good

Farm, No.14, Gadaipur Bandh Rd, Chhattarpur, Delhi.

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Do you want to party king size for your next party? Have you been on the lookout for birthday party venues in South Delhi where you can enjoy to your fullest? Do you want to plan the birthday party of your kid in the best party places in Chattarpur? How does the idea of the farmhouse for rent in Chattarpur for party sound to you?

Why choose Chattarpur for your next party?

Chattarpur is the most picturesque place in the whole NCR. With lush green fields and beautiful trees adorning the town, party lovers flock to Chattarpur. Chattarpur gives you the scope to completely dissect yourself from the business of the city. You can thus, relax and enjoy yourself with your friends and family in tranquility and in total silence. This is the reason why Chattarpur is the hub of all the cool and happening party places in the city. The town has a plethora of banquet halls, farmhouses for rent, lavish hotels, private party venues, and villas. You can also choose to party in the rooftop restaurants, pubs, cafés, bars, resto-bars, bistros, and other budget-friendly options. No longer do you have to drive to the faraway places to cut out the cacophony of city life.

Chattarpur presents you with ample options for you to party with varied party packages in Delhi. Whether you want to have a small get-together or a grand party, you can find venues for all sorts. The farmhouses in Chattarpur come with big lawns, terraces, pools, and ample rooms to accommodate all your guests. These places come with the advantage of a whole day’s booking. This makes a farmhouse in Chattarpur an ideal venue for an anniversary party. Similarly, a farmhouse for rent in Chattarpur for Party is also an appropriate birthday party venue in Chattarpur. In case if you are looking for a banquet hall in Chattarpur, there is no other place like the Uttsav.

The Uttsav Chattarpur Delhi:

The Uttsav garden Chattarpur is one of the most picturesque banquet halls in South Delhi. If you are one of those who like to party in great luxury, then The Uttsav fits the bill perfectly. The Uttsav Chattarpur is one of the best birthday party places in Chattarpur. This banquet hall in Chattarpur is the epitome of vibrancy and luxury. If you are a fan of everything lavish and grand, you will definitely love the Uttsav Chattarpur Delhi.

As is suggestive from the name, The Uttsav makes all your celebrations royal. If you are scouting for first birthday party venues in South Delhi, The Uttsav Chattarpur is your best fit. Not only will you be able to host everyone perfectly but also give your child tons of pictures to relish. Being the most magnificent banquet hall for a birthday party in South Delhi, The Uttsav is worth every penny. This banquet hall in Chattarpur will add all the jazz and the shiz that you need in your party. With vivid colors adorning the interior space and chandeliers gracing the ceilings, the Uttsav resembles a film set. The venue comes with ultra-modern facilities and gives the other neighboring venues a run for their money.

Uttsav Garden Chattarpur is located at farm no. 14, Gadhaipur Bandh Road, Chattarpur, Delhi. The Uttsav Chattarpur address says that your guests can easily access the venue by road or via the metro. The nearest metro station to the venue is Chattarpur Metro Station and the nearest landmark is Satbari Masjid. You can easily find the venue by following Chattarpur Main Road. Uttsav Garden Chattarpur fuses amenities and splendor together due to its location and facilities on offer.

So, the next time you go big on your anniversary celebration and want to surprise your spouse, think The Uttsav. The Uttsav Chattarpur is one of the most sought after small party halls in South Delhi. Along with this, the venue comes in the most affordable party packages in South Delhi. No other banquet hall for birthday party in South Delhi offers this good value for money promise.

The Décor at the Uttsav Chattarpur Delhi:

The décor at the Uttsav Chattarpur Delhi is a flout and a festival of colors. If you want to throw a party which has all the pomp and jazz, book Uttsav Garden Chattarpur. The venue looks like an elaborate film set and is the ideal backdrop for those priceless photos. The people at the Uttsav have brightly lit up every square inch of the banquet hall in Chattarpur. Thus, if the interior space decoration is a significant factor for you deciding a party venue, The Uttsav will surely win your heart. This is the reason why the venue is one of the most loved and sought after small party halls in South Delhi.

The venue exudes nothing but sheer elegance and grandeur. The intricate designs on the ceilings, the exquisite chandeliers, the ceiling lights, and the white walls grace the venue. These give the Uttsav its quintessential rich look and feel. Thus, if you plan to host your themed party in The Uttsav; you have all the amenities at your disposal. Decorate the venue as per your own wish to have a picturesque setting for your party. This banquet hall in Chattarpur is thus more popular among party lovers than opting for a farmhouse in Chattarpur. You can plan your birthday or anniversary party, your bachelor or bachelorette party, your Roka ceremony, Haldi, Sangeet or Mehendi ceremony and even your own wedding. The interior space of the venue is, therefore, amply flexible. It can cater to any kind and every kind of party.

Classy and regal wallpapers grace the walls of the seating and the dining area. The 2nd hall of the venue is all glitters and colors. Along with the contrasting floor carpets, the chandeliers add extra glamor to the wall and the floor decorations. The tall ceiling of the venue gives it the extra magnificence and scale. The white furniture of the venue makes sure that they do not steal the grandeur of the lights and the colors. The venue is also amply spacious and well aerated. In fact, the venue has a central air conditioning system so that you can party without a single glitch. There are neon lights in the halls too, thus giving you the chance to go the queer way for your party. All of these make it one of the most cherished first birthday party venues in South Delhi.

600 to 1200 people can easily fit in the venue in floating and 200 to 700 if they sit on the lawn of The Uttsav Chattarpur. The seating arrangement is extremely luxurious and comfortable. There are 2 halls in the venue for seating and dining along with the lawn. They can cater to 150 to 350 people in floating and 60 to 150 people in seating. Thus, the venue has quite a lot of space to easily cater to a small or a medium-sized party. Since there are multiple places in The Uttsav Chattarpur Delhi, you can organize multiple functions simultaneously here. The venue has a residential décor team that will embellish the venue as per your wish. The prices of decorating the venue starting at 75000 INR per night.

As the staff of The Uttsav has all the décor related expertise, the authorities do not allow outside decorators on the premises. This, however, does not restrict your freedom of expression or preferences in any way. Our décor team would minutely listen to all your preferences. They will work to achieve a finished product that agrees to your needs and their creativity. Thus the result will be a fusion of creative genius which will agree to most of your requirements.

So, if you want to break the rules of partying the next time, choose The Uttsav Chattarpur. The décor of the venue itself is enough to charm your guests completely. The enchanting vibe of the place will surely lure your guests the instant they walk in. Hospitality and warmth is weaved in every inch of the venue. Thus flood your guests with luxury and flatter them with unconditional warmth in Uttsav Garden Chattarpur. While it is true that you can throw your birthday party in a farmhouse in Chattarpur, you will then certainly miss out on the magnificence of the Uttsav Chattarpur Delhi.

Refreshments at The Uttsav Chattarpur:

If you thought that just the décor of Uttsav Chattarpur is the main attraction, then you are heavily mistaken. One cannot miss talking about the refreshments on offer at Uttsav Garden Chattarpur. The venue serves a generous mix of vegetarian and non-vegetarian items to keep all your guests happy. These dishes belong to a plethora of cuisines from different parts of the world and the country. The diversity of the food dishes on offer is sure to leave them asking for more. Thus, you can win over your guests completely with just the food. Whether it is Lakhnavi Biriyani or pasta arrabbiata, The Uttsav Chattarpur has it all.

This is what mainly differentiates this banquet hall in Chattarpur from a farmhouse in Chattarpur. The Uttsav Chattarpur will flood your guests and you with a ton of choices. Whether you like North Indian cuisine or prefer to indulge yourself in Mexican dishes. The Uttsav has them all. Since feasting is the most important aspect of a party, the staff at The Uttsav makes sure that hospitality is never compromised. The venue serves both vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes from a plethora of cuisines. The luxurious seating and the engrossing ambiance will add to the indulgence of dining.

Besides giving you a number of options in cuisines, the catering service at the venue has more to offer. You will be welcomed with starters and beverages and you will feel fulfilled by the main course meal. Those delicious desserts will certainly satiate your heart and soul. Thus, there is no shortage of food and hospitality in the venue. You can feast until your heart is totally full of happiness and contentment.

The Uttsav has an in-house catering team to serve with on your party day. You will have a hearty chat with them beforehand when you plan the proceedings of the day. They are renowned among all the small party halls in South Delhi. They will listen to all your needs and requirements for the day and will only present your favorite food items. They weave magic in the dishes and prepare the most heartwarming food available. The chefs working in Uttsav Garden Chattarpur are the best in the business. Your guests can therefore not leave the venue without showering praises on you for the food.

However, if you already have a caterer of your choice, you are free to do so. Yes, unlike the other birthday party places in Chattarpur, The Uttsav does not restrict you in any way. You can plan and host the party as per your own liking. That way you need to talk to the venue manager prior hand and seek his permission. The Uttsav Chattarpur Delhi even has quite a few price packages on food to help you manage your budget better. You can also customize these packages as per your own preferences. The food packages start at 1600 INR per plate for vegetarian food and 1750 INR per plate for non-vegetarian food. You will have to pay an additional 18% tax on the food and beverages as per the central government rules.

The refreshments don’t just stop at the food and the desserts. The Uttsav Chattarpur also allows alcohol on its premises. You can, therefore, party with your friends in the right spirit and treat them with sheer indulgence. The banquet hall in Chattarpur has a dedicated bar for you and your guests. Enjoy those exotic cocktails and whiskeys with your friends in this venue for the anniversary party. You can also bring your own booze to the venue from outside. This is what separates partying in a banquet hall in Chattarpur than a hotel room for a birthday party in Delhi. Thus, captivate your guests by offering themboth alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages at your party.

Other Amenities at Uttsav Garden Chattarpur:

The list of amenities at the venue is longer than just the décor and the refreshments. The staff at The Uttsav is the most cordial one among all the party places in Chattarpur. They will make your guests feel at home the moment they enter the venue. Other than the luxurious and the grand décor, the service of the staff will surely charm your guests. This is why people prefer to book The Uttsav rather than a farmhouse for rent in Chattarpur for a party.

The Uttsav Chattarpur Delhi has 2 halls and a lawn. The venue can easily provide space for 350 vehicles for parking. Thus, there is ample parking space to fit in vehicles even if the venue is in full capacity. There is also the provision of valet parking at the venue. The Uttsav Chattarpur has a complimentary air-conditioned changing room too. The halls too are centrally air-conditioned. Besides these, it also has 24 hours of electricity back up service so that your party never ceases.

You can perform havan inside the premises of the venue for your party to seek good wishes. There is no restriction on welcoming a baraat too at the venue, in fact, the staff will join you to cater to the baraat is the best way possible. Welcome them with the grand gesture of organizing a fireworks show outside the venue. Yes, you can even light up fireworks at the venue if you maintain the necessary precautions. This banquet hall in Chattarpur thus makes sure that you can perform the nuptials and all the customs in your Roka ceremony or on your wedding day without much hassle. You can’t, however, have an overnight wedding at the venue. The Uttsav, however, remains functional till 1 o’clock in the night. You, therefore, don’t have to look for other small party halls in South Delhi to have a post-midnight celebration.

Why opt for Sloshout to book Uttsav Garden Chattarpur?

If you are on the lookout for a venue that is close by to the city but will give you the feel of a destination wedding, The Uttsav will suit the bill perfectly. It has one of the most affordable party packages in South Delhi. You can, therefore, have a grand party while keeping a close watch on your expenditure. And if you choose to book The Uttsav through Sloshout, you can pre-book the book at throwaway prices. Yes, Sloshout has partnered with Uttsav Garden Chattarpur to give the party lovers a treat. Not only will you get exclusive access to the venue but you also will get a great bargain for it.

And our venue experts will be available 24x7 for your assistance and guidance. You can pre-book the venue with a nominal payment of just 15% of the total package. Yes, with just 15% of the package, you can have yourself a grand, Bollywood style party venue. You can pay for the rest of the money, once you have enjoyed your party thoroughly. So, the party today and worry about the other things later by choosing Sloshout as your party planner. Not only is Sloshout the best in the country but also the most trusted for its services. We will guide you to plan your party from scratch by even providing you party ideas.

So, without any further delay, get in touch with one of us to know about the availability of The Uttsav. The Uttsav Chattarpur Delhi gives you a chance to celebrate the important events in your life with an unmatched regality.




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