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List of Pool Party Venues / Places in Gurgaon

Planning for a pool party in Gurgaon? Here are 20+ Amazing Farmhouse for Pool Party where you can celebrate. The pool parties in Gurgaon in this scorchy summer is going to be awesome.  So, what are you waiting for book a pool party in Gurgaon now via Sloshout online.

Farmhouse 800 Sohna Road



Farmhouse 900 Sohna Road


Very Good

Farmhouse 900

Sohna Road, Gurgaon

Sohna Rd Farm 1011 GN Sohna Road



Sohna Rd Farm 6655 GN Sohna Road



Sohna Rd Farm 6655 GN

Sohna Road, Gurgaon


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Farmhouse / Villas With Swimming Pool in Gurgaon For Pool Party

Do you call yourself a diehard pool party fanatic? Do you know where you can rent out one of the best pool party venues in Gurgaon at super discounted rates? No? Well, if you don’t know where you can find affordable pool party venues then, you might not be as crazy for pool parties as you claim.

Do you want to know where you can book top-rated villa pool party venues or farmhouse pool party venues? At Sloshout’s website! Yup, we are talking about our website. Here, you can pick whichever pool party place in Gurgaon you like, and our venue experts will send you its best-negotiated prices to your mail.

You see, we value time more than anything. That’s why we aim at minimizing your venue booking time to the minimum level possible. So, what would you do? Run around Gurgaon in search of your villa pool party venue, or save your time and money by booking your pool party place through us?


Best Farmhouse & Venues for Pool Parties in Gurgaon

The scorching heat of the summer and the sweltering heat is especially even more unbearable for people living in and around Delhi. Delhi has been recorded to have reached some of the most maximum temperatures and therefore we can only imagine the intolerable condition of the people living there. On top of all that there is also the demand of a working lifestyle and need of meeting work deadlines.

The only recess that Delhiites love and look forward to be the small vacations of the weekends that are used to not only relax and rejuvenate but also to get a kick start of the coming week and therefore work more efficiently. But the extreme climate scenario in Delhi make it impossible to even have a good time partying. Therefore there are certain poolside party venue in Gurgaon Gurugram Haryana that are idea for the summer to not only have a good time with close friends and family but also to cool down in this heat.

We know how difficult it can get to organize a pool party in Gurgaon therefore here we are to make your life a little simpler and to save a ittle of your time and energy. Here we have procured a list of the best pool party places in Gurgaon for you to have an absolutely fantastic and memorable time.


1> Gurgaon Talkies, Gurgaon

It is undoubtedly one of the most happening places for pool parties in Gurgaon. It has to be on the list of everyone living in and around Gurgaon and the place promises to provide it customer a once in a lifetime experience.

The place is not just about partying that just includes dancing to loud music over some food and drinks but the space takes responsibility to cater to all the demands and preferences of the crowd. It hits all the right places and provides out of the world facilities like fine dining, gaming, rain dancing, a relaxing time at the pool, driveway theatre and so on and so forth.

There is possibly never a dull moment that you can have at Gurgaon talkies. The Dj is fantastic and the playlist just adds on to the whole drama of the place and makes the experience for everyone even more magical. It is ideally one of the best party venues in Gurgaon.


2> Jungle Adventure Retreat, Gurgaon

The place comes with a beautiful and a massive swimming pool and what better way to beat the heat than diving into the water and even have the opportunity to experience some rain dance. There is simply no better way to get over this scorching scenario as well as your workplace stress.

The Jungle Adventure Retreat is not just about splashing some water and relaxing or cooling down in the water, they take into consideration the utmost details that provide our customers with the best experience not only in the aspect of the pool but also in other various high quality facilities like food and drinks.

They have some great deals and packages ideal for pool party Gurgaon which includes various dinner events by the people where you can indulge in the best of delectable cuisines and cocktails. The place is situated in the lap of nature and therefore has a lot of greenery all around.

They also have a beautiful farm area and if you begin to like the place to such an extent that you do not want to leave, they even have the facility for an overnight satiation. In short, the place has all the top notch arrangements that one can ever wish and demand for making it one of the best pool party venues in Gurgaon.


3> Vibe: The Sky Bar, Gurgaon

it is one of the most luxurious places for pool parties in Gurgaon. The bar and the fine dining area are located at the rooftop of the Hilton garden inn.

The place is a must visit for people who like being close to nature and yet have a very good time over some modernized ways of socializing. It is an absolutely amazing experience to be a part of this place's vibe especially in the evenings. The rooftop bar under the open sky and the stars, the soothing wind, the beautiful view of the skyline, the beautiful music, the lip smacking food and drinks and of course the beautiful pool combine to form a bomb of an experience that sets certain benchmarks in the field.  The pool party events in Gurgaon can be managed easily by this bar. The Gurgaon pool party is famous in NCR region.

They specialize in a range of cuisines from Thai to Italian and even North Indian. The place even comes with a karaoke space where you can spend the night singing your favorite songs and just have an overall good time with your close ones. The pace is also known to have some great deals on drinks during their happy hours and they also organize various events. The spot is undoubtedly one of the most sought after places for pool parties in Gurgaon. The pool party Gurgaon is organized in precedent manner.


4> Club Patio, South Patio & Nirvana Patio, Gurgaon

Budget is always an important aspect when it is about organizing parties that includes huge group of people. The responsibility is even more serious because not only it involves a massive crowd but also it is important to make sure that everyone is having a good time. This is the perfect pool party venue in Gurgaon area.

Apart from the hospitality aspect, it is also important to focus on the fact that the party should not burn a huge hole in the pocket. So if you are someone who is from Gurgaon are looking for a party place in Gurgaon in the summer to host a huge number of people, this has to be the place for you. They have a beautiful pool and the place can even accommodate 1500 people.

The place also comes with wonderful lawns and yet they have a pretty decent budget which is absolutely worth it for its capacity and top notch service. The space also comes with well furnished and lavish rooms that are extremely comfortable and perfect. They even have an indoor gaming area where you can have a memorable time with your friends and family over some rounds are snooker, pool or even table tennis. Therefore, this is the perfect spot for pool parties in Gurgaon because the area is not only soothing but also provide you a luxury experience to relax and unwind.


How to book farmhouse for pool mparty in Gurgaon?

The pool party locations in Gurgaon like above mentioned venues can be easily booked via Sloshout online.

Whatever may be your choice but we’d like you to go through our pool party venue booking process mentioned below. This way you’ll know how to book a better pool party place within a low budget:

  • Share your party requirements with our venue expert
  • Select a venue from the list of suggested private party venues by our experts via mail (you'll get the final price in the mail only)
  • The property owner will contact you, or in case of urgent requirement you can reach to the property owner first
  • Pay 15% of the party package amount in advance to rent your pool party venue in Gurgaon

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