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List of House Party Venues / Places in Noida

Check out below the awesome, authentic and most popular lists of farmhouses, villas, apartments, rooms, properties, and houses in Noida for parties. In every season farmhouses are booked by everyone for a party.


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Book Top Farmhouses and Villas for House Party in Noida

Are you tired of partying at clubs where strangers keep bumping into you from all directions? It's true that partying at clubs, bars, pubs, and lounges is quite enjoyable, but sometimes it gets difficult to have one decent conversation with your friends having a speaking bursting out music on full volume.

In such scenarios, don’t you wish to party at your own place instead? But, who will take the pain of decorating the place before the party, and cleaning it afterward? Of course, no one will. So, isn’t it better to just rent a place for 24 hours in Noida and party in whatever way you want? Yes! Yes!

House parties can be your escape plan from crowded clubs & restaurants

Throw all those annoying strangers in a dark corner and enjoy your sparkling like a diamond private party with your friends by booking the best house party places in Noida. Farmhouse, pool party site, villa, apartment, or terrace with the room; you just name it; Sloshout has one of the best affordable house party venues in Noida for you.

Book your private party property at a price as basic as Rs 9000 for the whole farmhouse with a pool. Starting from food to music everything will be of your preferences. Call your friends and spend some leisurely time them in the comforts of the private property reserved exclusively for you, for 24 hours. Book farmhouse for a birthday party in Noida exclusively.

Farmhouse for Party in Noida

If you have been wondering whether there are villas in Noida for a party or you could book a farmhouse for a party in Noida, you will be pleasantly surprised by how much Noida has to offer. Whether you wish to welcome the summers with a pool party or warmly embrace the winters with a bonfire party in Noida, these farmhouses can offer you all. Along with seasonal occasions, the annual events also acquire special meaning if you choose to party in any one of these farmhouses. Imagine spending the New Year’s Eve, Diwali, Eid, Lohri, or your birthdays and anniversaries at these farmhouses for party in Noida.

Not only will you be able to party without any additional noise or disturbance but will be able to have the company of your loved ones every time you wish to make an occasion big. This is solely because of the fact that Sloshout has made partying extremely affordable and accessible for the party lovers. If you book a farmhouse for a party in Noida through Sloshout, all you need to worry about is to make the guest list and invite your guests to the party. The rest of the affairs will be taken care of efficiently by the venue experts at Sloshout. The venue experts and the advisors at Sloshout will monitor each step of the planning of your party. They will also give you all the necessary tips and tricks and the resources to you for successfully hosting a party. So, whether you choose to host a casual bonfire party in Noida or are looking for a farmhouse for a birthday party in Noida, the people at Sloshout will guide you through each and every one of your parties in Noida.

Why should you hire Sloshout to book a party farmhouse in Noida?

As already stated, unlike other party planners in Noida, Sloshout aces the game of co-hosting parties with their hosts. On the contrary, other party planners in Delhi NCR will give you the names of the party venues or farmhouses for party in Noida. It is true that they will also give you the names and the contacts of the party vendors that you will need for your party, but very few party organizers engage in party planning beyond that. That is to say, most of the party organizers in the city will give you full access to the farmhouses or party places in Noida enlisted under their banner, along with giving you an idea of the vendors that you should book for your party.

Through these contacts, you will be able to book the caterer and the decorator or even the DJ and the photographer in and around your locality. But their services are just limited to these. Most of the other party planners in Noida do not indulge in giving you the tips and tricks of hosting a grand and successful party nor do they monitor your party for you. Thus with Sloshout, you can be assured of cent percent participation of the venue experts since the very first day. So Sloshout is much more than just a party planning organization in Noida as Sloshout promises to be your ally in all your parties and get-togethers.

The amenities provided by Sloshout:

We understand that nowadays looking after each nitty-gritty of a party can be terribly taxing for people as they are involved in scores of things at a single time. Whether you are a student or a working professional, all of you have assignments to complete or deadlines to chase. Thus to ease your pressures a bit, our venue experts will be available for your assistance and guidance 24*7. That is why people should opt for the services of Sloshout as we will help you throughout the planning and the execution procedure. To state it broadly, you will get the following assistance and services from Sloshout:

1. Along with the premium access to all the farmhouses for rent for the party in Noida, Sloshout will also commission you venue experts who will help you in your search for the best farmhouse for the party in Noida for one day as per your comfort. The user-friendly interface of our website allows you to find the right kind of fun villas Noida or Airbnb farmhouse Noida with just a few clicks. By putting in the right options which fit you the most on the drop-down menu at the top of your computer screen, you will be able to have access to all the featured farmhouses and consequently, book your preferred farmhouse for rent for a party in Noida.

If you feel that you are too caught up or busy to look for a house for a party yourself, you can ask our venue experts to step in for you. They will scour through all the farms in Noida for a party for you, do all the research and list only those venues which are appropriate for your party and match with your budget. The venue experts will then mail the curated list to you. You will easily be able to zero in on a farmhouse for the party in Noida or a villa in Noida for a party just within a matter of a few seconds as the curated list will then just consist of a handful few farms in Noida for the party.

As soon as you choose a venue, the concerned manager of the farmhouse will then get in touch with you to discuss in great detail the arrangements and the proceedings of your party.


2. If you wish to have booked a farmhouse for a birthday party in Noida and host a themed party for your kid or yourself, our executives will help you out there too. Planning a themed birthday party can be quite hectic, especially because you need to make all the elaborate efforts to conform to the theme of the party. Contrary to popular beliefs, a themed party is much more than just decoration and costumes. The refreshments, the music, and the venue need to be well looked after. Our venue experts and advisors have the professional know how-to guide in you in hosting one such.

Not only will they give you ideas for the birthday party, anniversary party or a corporate party, whichever to wish to have but they will also arrange for the resources and the required vendors for your themed party. Thus with the appointment of Sloshout, you just need to worry about your costumes and you can leave the rest to us. Very few other parties are as fun as themed parties. So nothing should deter you from planning one yourself, the least being the conjecture of the expenditure of the party and the efforts and the time required to host one such successful venture. In the hands of Sloshout, you can be totally assured of your party is an instant hit.


How can you save money by planning your party with Sloshout:


3. Lastly, the most concerning factor while one plans for any kind of party is the associated expenditure. There is a general perception that planning and organizing parties outdoors do require a hefty sum of money. But the reality is actually a tad bit different since Sloshout has a pretty flexible payment procedure. The venue experts at Sloshout always check in with the venue managers of the farmhouses for a party in Noida to know about the latest prices. Following this, they bargain with them to keep the enlisted prices of these venues at the cheapest possible rates.

Therefore, you are saved from putting extra effort into bargaining for the right prices on the venues. Besides this, the professionals and the venue experts will do all the needful for you. This can be an added advantage as you might not be aware of the current deals and prices on a farmhouse for a party in Noida. Apart from enlisting venues at their best prices already, Sloshout has fixed the amount of advanced payment of the party to be 15% of the total party package. That is to say, that with the payment of just 15% of the total sum, you can book an entire party farmhouse in Noida. Very few party planners in Noida offer such lucrative a deal to their customers.

So, apart from the fact that the amount to be paid as an advance payment for booking a venue is this low, the advisors at Sloshout will also monitor each step of the way as you plan your party. In this way, they will be able to keep a close eye on the expenditure of your party, thereby stopping you from overspending or exceeding your stipulated budget for the party. Therefore, with the assistance and guidance of the venue experts at Sloshout, you will be able to save your precious and hard-earned money. So, the more you plan your parties with Sloshout, the more you save. 


Which farmhouses for a party in Noida should you choose for your next get-together party?


Though the search mechanism of the party venues in Noida is pretty simple on our website, yet to help you in your search for the ultimate farmhouse for a party in Noida, we are listing three farmhouses in Noida which will be ideal for your next partying venture. So, whether you are looking for a farmhouse for a party in Greater Noida or a villa in Noida for a party, you could find them all through Sloshout.


1. Farmhouse 1202 No., Sector 135:


If you are looking to party by a pool in one of the fun farmhouses in Greater Noida for the party, Farmhouse 1202 No. is then just the right one for you. Completely surrounded by lush green lawns, Farmhouse 1202 No. is the epitome of the ideal house for the party. Besides the lawn and the pool, there is an old-school like a hut in the premises which adds to the unique charm of this farmhouse. The farmhouse can easily cater to 50 to 70 guests and is well-aerated. The rustic beauty of the farmhouse on the outside metamorphoses into chic and sophisticated decoration on the inside of the venue.

The venue also has an outdoor commercial music system so that you can easily have your bonfire party in Noida here or simply a pool or a lawn party. There is ample parking space for all your guests at the venue and the security is also tight. Thus you can easily bring your kids to your farmhouse party in Noida without much hesitation. So, if you are looking for a chic and a simple farmhouse for rent for a party in Noida which will provide for the perfect backdrop at your party, Farmhouse 1202 No. is then the right choice for you.


2. Farmhouse 1201 No., Sector 135, Noida:


Are you looking to host your family function at one of the best farmhouses for rent for a party in Noida? Do you wish to book a farmhouse for a party in Noida for one day? If your reputation and impression are at stake at your party, then booking the most popular farmhouse in Greater Noida for a party is the best immediate solution for you. And when the stakes are that high, you can surely bank on Farmhouse 1201 No. in Sector 135, Noida for your party. The interior space of the farmhouse is diligently done and is extremely classy. Therefore, you can easily have your themed party in the venue without much interference from the interior decoration of the farmhouse for a birthday party in Noida.

The venue is amply spacious and gives its guests access to all the modern kitchen amenities for cooking easily in the farmhouse. Besides these, this Airbnb farmhouse in Noida has proper air-conditioning and has 24-hours electricity back up service so that your guests do not feel any kind of discomfort at your party. Moreover, the venue has 2 spacious bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a wifi service, a big TV and a pool. So, you can also have a party by the poolside at Farmhouse 1201 No. Sector 135, Noida. Very few other farmhouses in Noida for the party are as picturesque and spacious as Farmhouse 1201 No. So, if you are on the lookout for fun villas Noida which are fully furnished, you should definitely book this party farmhouse in Noida.


3. Farmhouse 3301, Sector 135, Noida:


If you wish to invite 100 to 150 guests to your party, you could then go for Farmhouse 3301, Sector 135 Noida. The villa in Noida for party looks straight out of a Bollywood set. The breathtaking setting of the venue will surely enchant your guests the moment they walk in. Along with the serene setting of the farmhouse in pure greens, the venue offers outdoor seating and a pool too for your guests. Thus, you can both have an outdoor party and a pool party at Farmhouse 3301 Sector 135 Noida.

The interior of the venue is kept minimalist and simple so that the guests can customize the farmhouse as per their own needs. For the comfort of your guests, Farmhouse 3301 Sector 135 Noida has 1 huge dining area, 2 spacious bedrooms with attached bathrooms and a humongous farm area. Additionally, there are enough parking spaces for your guests to park their vehicles at the farmhouse even at its full occupancy.


The kitchen at Farmhouse 3301, Sector 135 Noida is fully equipped with all kitchen crockeries, utensils, and modern amenities so that you can cook at the venue conveniently. However, if you wish to order in, the venue is located in the food delivery of the service range of the top food delivery service providers like Zomato, Swiggy, Foodpanda, Uber Eats, Domino’s, etc. So, Farmhouse 3301, Sector 135, Noida provides all the necessary amenities for your bonfire party in Noida or your family get-together party to be an instant hit among your guests.


To know more about the availability of these farms in Noida for a party, and how to book a farmhouse for a party in Noida, contact us today by simply calling us at (+91) 85888 26881 or by clicking on the ‘Plan your Party’ tab on the top right corner of your computer screen.


FAQS For House / Farm House Party in Noida

How many Farm Houses in Noida are available for party?

Noida has innumerable options to party in the awesome, luxurious and lush green farmhouses. Starting from the pocket-friendly, cozy farmhouses to authentic, grand alternatives, Noida has them all. Thus whether you are planning for an intimate family get-together party or for a grand wedding reception party, you can find them all in Noida. To put a rough figure to it, Noida has around 50 farmhouses on rent for party.

What is Lowest & Highest Price Farm Houses in Noida for party?

The farmhouses in Noida are quite affordable. Even the most spectacular and spacious farmhouses in Noida for rent come at budget-friendly and affordable prices. Thus you don’t have to spend a fortune to celebrate your important day with your loved ones. You can expect to find farmhouses in Noida with as low a rent as 400 INR per plate per person or 9000 INR per night to around 2000 INR per person per plate. However, these figures mostly do not include the other charges such as decoration charges, the charges of the DJ and/ or the photographers, if you opt for one at your party, the charges of the ACs, etc. To know more about the prices of the farmhouses in Noida, you can reach out to our venue experts at (+91) 85888 26881.

How many people are allowed in house party?

The farm houses in Noida are quite versatile in accommodating a varying number of guests. You can find farm houses in Noida which can cater to 20 to 50 guests to venues which can efficiently handle around 5000 guests at a time. Thus, you can have both a cozy get-together party with your family and near ones to a party replete with grandeur and spectacle with all your acquaintances. So, organizing a friends and cousins get-together party is equally simple as organizing a wedding reception party or a Roka ceremony in Noida courtesy these farm houses.

Are food packages or drinks available in farms for party in Noida?

Yes, you can expect to find catering services at most of the farmhouses in Noida. At these farmhouses, you will have the top-notch services of well-trained chefs and catering teams for your party. A few of the farmhouses even allow outside food and caterers inside the venue. Thus if you have a favorite caterer in mind and would to have him at your party, some of these venues will allow you to arrange food items prepared by him/ her at your party. Similarly, most of the farmhouses in Noida permit alcohol inside the premises of the farmhouses. You can find these venues to either have a fully-loaded bar inside the venue or can bring your own alcohol from the outside. A few of the farmhouses also have food packages which combine food from the starters, main course and desserts and beverages for the guests.

For how much time does a villa / house or apartment is available for party in Noida?

A villa, a farmhouse or an apartment is available for an entire day, half a day or for the duration of a few hours. Thus, the farmhouses can be booked at your convenience. For instance, if you wish to host your wedding reception party at one of the farmhouses, you can either wish to host the party for an entire day or for a period of half a day. Therefore, it all depends on your requirements for the party and your monetary convenience. To know more about the availability of farmhouses in Noida, get in touch with one of our executives right away.

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