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List of Birthday Party Venues / Places in Noida

Looking for birthday party places and venues in Noida, Browse our Amazing list of affordable list of 87+ restaurants where you can celebrate memorable birthday with your loved ones.

Farmhouse 1201 NO Sector 135



Farmhouse 1202 NO Sector 135


Very Good

Farmhouse 3301 - Sector 135 Noida Sector 135


Very Good

I Sacked Newton Sector 32


Very Good

Time Machine Sector 38


Very Good

Imperfecto Sector 38


Very Good

Noida Bar Exchange Sector 18


Very Good

Turquoise Cottage -TC Original 1997 Sector 38


Very Good

Non-Alcoholic Package
The Smoke Factory Sector 38


Very Good


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87+ Book Popular Venue/Restaurants for Birthday Party Celebration in Noida

How important are birthdays to you? It is no surprise that birthdays are an occasion to celebrate and toast to another year of happiness, experiences, and wisdom with friends and family. Whatever be your requirements be, there is always a nightlife restaurant that is apt for your birthday party.


What are the perfect venues for a Birthday party celebration in Noida?


There are various party places in Noida where you can celebrate your birthday party in the best way possible. Noida is home to a varied range of party venues for birthday parties in Delhi that are too good to miss. Get ready to experience some of the most awesome parties that you have ever come across. Let's take a look at the top 5 venues for birthday parties in Noida:


The Flaming Kick, Noida

This party venue for birthday parties in Noida is one of the most versatile party places in Delhi. You can choose to hang out and catch up with your beloved, friends or family and this perfect for all such gatherings. The incredible cocktail menu is an exclusive touch to this place.


Time Machine, Noida

The very name and the concept behind this restaurant in Noida for birthday parties are very unique and quirky. The place has the capability to take you to the past and the future without even you stepping outside Noida. The interesting decor, the warm lights, and the beautiful ambiance will make you want to spend unending time here.


Imperfecto, Noida

It is one of the most popular party venues in Noida for birthday parties. The place has wonderful food and cocktail menu because of which customers keep going back to this place. The place also comes with a wonderful rooftop area that provides a beautiful view of the Noida skyline and a chance to spend some awesome time under the stars and the open sky.


Noida Bar Exchange, Noida

As the very name of the place suggests, the space is a bar and lounge area that is extremely popular for its drinks. The place is just perfect for birthday parties in Noida as it has something for everyone. From a great ambiance to amenities like live sports screening and live music, Noida Bar Exchange is one beautiful location to host your birthday party.


The Smoke Factory, Noida

This is yet another incredible party venue for a birthday party and it is ideal for those who want to just relax and spend a great time with friends and family. The outdoor seating at this birthday venue in Noida enables you to have fine wine and dine experience that soothes you. 


Noida’s top birthday party restaurants to celebrate your special day


Be it a family brunch or party with friends at a pub or a bar, Noida is convenient for all kinds of parties. With class decor and lip-smacking food and drinks, these restaurants create a captivating ambiance celebrate your special day.

Your son's 1st birthday party or your daughter's 18th, or is it your best friend's big birthday party that you have to plan? Sloshout will help you find the perfect birthday celebration restaurant which will make your party memorable and path-breaking.

Get the best list of birthday party venues in Noida online at Sloshout. There are plenty of people of NCR region who search for birthday party venue in Noida so for them Sloshout is the best option.

The search mechanism for restaurant in Noida for Bday Party is very simple and easy to understand. Simply put in the required filters on the left hand corner of the screen on the website www.sloshout.com to find an array of birthday party venues in Noida.


The venues range from lounges, pubs, bars, cafes, bistros, resto-bars, rooftop restaurants, themed bars and restaurants, outdoor party venues and other budget friendly restaurants for birthday party celebration in Noida. There is a good probability that you can get overwhelmed by the number of enlisted birthday party venues in Noida and therefore the process of selecting the right venue for the party can become a hectic and a confusing process.


Our venue experts at Sloshout are there to help you out from this by stepping up to the situation and by doing all the background research work for you in curating a list of venues in Noida which will be appropriate to host your birthday party in terms of your requirements and your budget. Once they mail you the curated list of restaurants for birthday party celebration in Noida or birthday party venues in Noida, the initial sorting of places will have already be done by them.


You can then refer to this list and strike out the places which fall short of your plans and your budget relatively. Thus, the most taxing step of choosing the right venue is then undertaken in a matter of seconds. You can then give a briefing to the venue manager of the concerned venue about the schemes and your planned out arrangements for the day who will contact you soon after you zero in on the venue. The last step in the booking process requires you to make an advanced payment of a mere 15% of the total booking amount.

The sum is maintained this low so that through the payment you give us a final green signal to carry on with the planning and also because Sloshout makes sure that you enjoy the party first and think about the expenses later.

Sloshout works to make partying accessible to the maximum number of people and thus affordability and dedication are the prime things promised by us to people. You can get the best deals and discounts on the birthday party venues in Noida on www.sloshout.com. So without much further ado, get in touch with our advisers to know more about our services and our booking process to plan the most rocking birthday party that Noida has ever seen.



Where should I go on my birthday in Noida?

On your birthday you can go to a number of birthday party places in Noida. In fact there are a lot of great options to choose from Gravity restaurant and bar. When it comes to restaurants and nightclubs Noida has a vast variety and you will be spoilt for choice. However, if you want to make your birthday extra special, you can choose to do something different. Of course you can always go to a bar or restaurant but you can do that on any day. Why not use this birthday as an opportunity to do something different. You could go on a hike or on a nature trail or you could even take a short trip. Doing something adventurous and fun is always a great way to break out of your shell. In our day to day lives we become stuck in routines and don’t try something different. A birthday is a great excuse to check something off your bucket list that you just haven’t found the time to do.

Which are the best places to celebrate Birthday in Noida?

You can celebrate your birthday at Baarish, Glued Reloaded, Ali Baba, Imperfecto, Gravity, No Objection House, Zest, etc. These are the best places in Noida if you prefer to go to restaurant

Where can I get a cheap birthday party in Noida?

There are various places in the country where you can get a cheap birthday party place. But Delhi happens to be one such place that stands out when it comes to organizing any type of parties. The venues for birthday parties in Delhi come in a variety of cost ranges and yet their quality of service is also something that stands out. Places in Delhi like Noida, South Delhi, West Delhi, Punjabi Bagh, and other similar places are great party destinations. There are a number of banquet halls, party halls, and cafes that are just perfect for birthday parties in Delhi. Head over to the Sloshout website now to find more about these wonderful venues.

Where should I celebrate my birthday in Noida?

Noida is a great place for celebrating birthday parties in Delhi. This party place in Delhi has just the right combination of all the positive vibes that make this neighborhood a great party venue for birthday parties. Noida is beautiful and it is home to a huge variety of party venues for birthday parties. From restaurants to party halls, from banquet halls to even cafes, you can find everything in Noida that will help you make your party great. Places like The Flaming Kick, Imperfecto, Noida Bar Exchange, The Smoke Machine, TGI Fridays and others are some of the very few places to celebrate a birthday in Noida. To explore more such wonderful venues for birthday parties in Noida, visit the Sloshout website to choose your perfect venue that will make all your dreams come true.

What can I do to celebrate my birthday?

Birthdays are very important events in the life of a person because it is the day that this human being came into their very existence. Birthdays are a more celebratory day for family and friends. The day gives us a chance to make someone feel special and valued and therefore they deserve the best celebrations of all time. But the idea of birthday parties varies from one person to another. For some, the idea of parties is to dance and enjoy all night with friends and family at a club whereas some people like to tone it down and spend quality time with close friends. Here are some of the most wonderful things that you can do on your birthday:
· Party all night with friends and family
· Go on a trip with close ones
· Try something new like an adventure sport or getting a tattoo
· Go out and eat with favorite people and spend some quality time with them
· Stay back home and do what you like best
· Get a photoshoot done

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