5 Steps to plan Diwali Party Venues in Gurgaon under Rs.1000

Diwali Party Venues in Gurgaon

Diwali, being the festival of lights, truly does bring a lot of happiness into our lives as it brings together friends and family for fun and enjoyment at its best. If you also want to continue with, or even better, start a ritual of hosting amazing Diwali parties, you should better start thinking and be planning. Especially those who have to be away from their family and friends during the occasion. Nobody would surely mind a pre-diwali bash now, would they? Continue reading “5 Steps to plan Diwali Party Venues in Gurgaon under Rs.1000”

Best Party Places in Gurgaon with Bollywood Theme

bollywood night party places in gurgaon

Bollywood Theme Weekend Party Places in Gurgaon

The Bollywood bash, as we call it, is the most popular & happening theme. It is suitable for almost every occasion, age group or season. This theme itself is a cluster of different. themes right from the golden old days of Bollywood to the current era of flashy Bollywood. One is never too young or too old to enjoy an amazing Bollywood themed party. Gang up with your squad and plan a day/evening/night to enjoy the very best of everything Bollywood. Continue reading “Best Party Places in Gurgaon with Bollywood Theme”

3 Most Visited Places You Can Opt For Birthday Celebrations in CP, Delhi

There are innumerable partying places in Delhi but for many Connaught Place (CP) tops the list for any special occasion. Located in the heart of the city, CP is not just a place to experience the different ways of life of Delhi, but also a significant purchasing and enjoyment center. And, when it comes to find an eatery, the choice is variety in Connaught Place. This bustling, central hub of New Delhi is also well-known for its restaurants creating a buzzing atmosphere. In fact, it is not just during the day, but as the night draws in, the area gets livelier, along with numerous clubs and bars. Continue reading “3 Most Visited Places You Can Opt For Birthday Celebrations in CP, Delhi”

Celebrate Your Special Moments in Connaught Place

Caffe 9

When you look for the best party venues in Delhi, Connaught Place will never let you down. Figuratively and literally, Connaught Place has always been the heart of Delhi and no other place in the country’s capital can walk away with this status. Whether it is day or night, the ‘happening’ aspect of this place always prevails.  While the rest of Delhi is transformed into unrecognizable avatars, Connaught Place, famously known as CP, has not only retained its charm, but also has preserved itself as it used to be.

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CyberHub is that place in Gurgaon that will never let you down

Come Gurgaon and you will feel the excitement already! The city that offers motley of entertaining places to party around is one of the liveliest cities in India with throughout the night bustling cafes, clubs, bars, discos and eateries offering loads of entertainment options. Also called the Cyber City of India, Gurgaon is home to world’s top IT leaders. The magnetic pull of the city offers a complete new aura and style that appeals one and all time and again. And for the fun and party seekers there is no limit of venues in the city starting from Cyber Hub, Kingdom of Dreams, Ambience Mall, MGF Metropolitan Mall, Gurgaon Central Mall, Mall Mile, Galleria Market, Sahara Mall, DLF Mega /Mall, to name a few.

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Cyber Hub, the Most Happening Party Venue in Gurgaon

When one looks for party venues in Gurgaon, Cyber Hub is the place that comes to one’s mind without any doubt, for the place is a perfect blend of food and fun culture that is blended in a corporate and business ambiance. Most interestingly planned entertainment and business destination, Cyber Hub is a place that can make any visitor to the place addicted to its most awe-inspiring atmosphere. A destination that is unique and India’s first unified F&B and entertainment center is conglomeration of many venues, iconic restaurants with International & Indian cuisine.

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