10 Affordable Wedding Lawns in Delhi to Glorify Your Special Day

10 Affordable Wedding Lawns in Delhi to Glorify Your Special Day

Delhi, the capital of India, is renowned for its magnificent weddings, rich culture, and lavish celebrations. It may be difficult for couples living in the capital to find affordable wedding lawns in Delhi without sacrificing elegance and quality. Concerning a marriage venue, the city’s offerings vary from sumptuous banquet halls to many breathtaking outdoor locations. On the contrary, For budget-bound couples searching for an economical yet charming wedding lawn remains a primary goal. To help with this, we have created a list of the 10 most affordable wedding lawns in Delhi that capture an ideal balance between beauty and affordability.

10 Affordable Wedding Lawns in Delhi

Finding the perfect wedding lawn that meets your needs and is ideal for hosting a grand wedding without burdening your wallet can be a daunting task. Luckily, Delhi has many choices from beautiful green gardens to attractive outdoor grounds that suit all budgets. For that reason, we have handpicked cheap wedding lawns in Delhi. So, let’s get into the list of 10 stunning and affordable Delhi wedding lawns that will make your special day even more memorable.

Aariana Greens

Aariana Greens
Aariana Greens wedding lawn decoration

Ariana Greens is located in Mundka and it provides a vast open green space, perfect to hold a large number of people within a serene environment. This is one of the most affordable wedding lawns in Delhi and can accommodate upto 1000-1500 guests at once. They provide end-to-end planning support for your wedding along with the option of in-house catering. A grand stage with a projector is also available for your live wedding performances. However, the parking and accommodation services aren’t provided here.

Hotel Anand Lok:

Hotel Anand Lok
Hotel Anand Lok: wedding lawn

Hotel Anand Lok is situated near Dwarka Sector -23 Metro station. It has 3 sub-venues which include a hall, a lawn and a hall+lawn. It’s one of the most preferred budget choices to conduct wedding ceremonies. It has 2 time slots for the conduction of the event. In-house DJ is available starting from 6,000 and DJs from outside aren’t allowed. The marriage lawn in the courtyard of the hotel can accommodate up to 400 guests. A private parking space with a capacity of 50 vehicles is available. 21 guest rooms are available and only in-house decoration is permitted.

LS Banquet:

LS Banquet:

The LS Banquet is located in Pitam Pura and is perfect for a small, pocket-friendly wedding. The venue has a guest holding capacity of around 200 and onsite accommodation is available starting at ₹1000 per night. A total of 19 rooms are available, in-house catering and decoration services are also available. You aren’t allowed to hire catering, DJ and decorators from outside.

Merry Zone:

Merry Zone wedding lawn
Merry Zone wedding lawn

Merry Zone is located in Subhash Nagar and is one of the most affordable wedding lawns in Delhi with beautiful lighting and luxury feel. A total of 400 guests can easily fit into this venue and catering, DJ and alcohol can be provided by the staff. You cannot hire external catering services although DJ, alcohol and decorators can be hired from the outside. On-site accommodation and valet parking aren’t available, you’ll need to book these services near the venue.

Urban Banquet:

Urban Banquet - wedding lawn

The Urban Banquet is located across multiple cities in Delhi. It’s among the most affordable wedding lawns in Delhi and is a popular choice for couples to get married. The overall capacity of the hall is 450 with a seating capacity of 300. The facilities include an air-conditioned hall, parking space which can hold upto 30 cars and decoration and catering services. The Urban Banquet is one of the few wedding venues that provides purely vegetarian meals. Alcohol isn’t permitted and on-site accommodation isn’t available here. Caterers and decorators have to be in-house and overnight weddings aren’t allowed.

The Lavanya Orchid Banquet:

Lavanya Orchid Banquet
Lavanya Orchid Banquet seating

Lavanya Orchid is a popular wedding venue equipped with all the facilities. It is located in Moti Nagar and has three halls with a maximum capacity of 300 guests. Lighting and electricity backup is available, and parking space for upto 300 cars is also available. All halls are equipped with air conditioners. Decoration and catering services from the outside aren’t allowed here. An alcohol and Music licence is obtained by the venue. On-site accommodation isn’t available so you need to make advance arrangements for that although a bridal room is available for the last-minute touch-ups.

Rigveda Farms:

Rigveda Farms
Rigveda Farms lawn

Spread around 5 acres, the Rigveda Farms is an affordable choice for hosting a grand wedding. The venue has 2 banquet halls and a poolside. The halls can accommodate 100-400 guests and the poolside can hold upto 250 guests. On-site accommodation and bridal rooms are available. Here you have control over everything, you can opt for both in-house and external catering, Decorators and DJs. They don’t provide alcohol so you can arrange it from outside.

Silver Grand Banquet:

Silver Grand Banquet:

The Silver Grand Banquet is located in Subhash Nagar and is yet another great choice when considering the best affordable wedding lawns in Delhi. It’s an affordable and luxurious venue perfect to accommodate up to 600 guests. It has a valet parking which can hold up to 80 vehicles. Alcohol can be availed at the venue without any corkage charge. An on-site accommodation facility isn’t provided and the catering services can be both in-house or external. You need to hire a DJ and Decoration from in-house only.

The Country Touch Resort:

The Country Touch Resort front site
The Country Touch Resort wedding lawn

Located in Gurugram, the Country Touch Resort has 3 outdoor lawns and an indoor hall to host the ceremonies of your wedding. The hall can accommodate upto 80 people and the first hall can hold a total of 250 people while the remaining two halls can accommodate 400 and 600 guests each. Valet service is available along with a parking space for 60 vehicles. The halls are air-conditioned and on-site accommodation is available, as it’s quite expensive it’s recommended to book for stay from outside near the venue. You can opt for Catering both in-house and external, in- house DJ is available and you can book decorations from outside. Alcohol is allowed with corkage charges.

The Maple Garden:

Blowsom Farm is on the list of top affordable wedding lawns in Delhi and it is the perfect combination of countryside ambiance and city-like comfort. It is located in Gurgaon and can host upto 800 guests. On-site accommodation is available along with a parking space that can hold upto 200 vehicles. Both in-house and external catering, DJs and Decorators are allowed. You’ll have to arrange for alcohol on your own if you want it to be served to your guests on your D-Day.


Coming to an end, Delhi provides a wide range of cost-effective wedding lawns to meet the different budget needs. In case you are looking for open wedding venues in Delhi or cheap marriage lawns in the city: there is a wide range of choices available to make sure that your day stands out and it remains very affordable as well.

The list of 10 awesome and cheap wedding lawns in the Delhi section serves as a roadmap for those couples who are looking for affordable wedding lawns in Delhi and want to organize their dream marriage day with a great combination of both elegance and affordability.

With peaceful outdoor settings and a relaxing environment, these venues are very perfect for making treasured memories without burdening your wallet. This collection is intended to help you choose the best wedding lawn for your special day so that you can have a lovely celebration without breaking the bank.