10 Famous Restaurants in Faridabad for Dinner

10 Famous Restaurants in Faridabad for Dinner

Home-cooked food may be good for the health, but outdoor dinners are good for the heart. An occasional outdoor dinner with family or friends, maybe once or twice in a month, refreshes your body and mind. It lifts your mood, increases human bonding and creates a fulfilling psychosocial experience. Faridabad, the newest corporate destination in NCR, has been amazing us lately with its unique dine-out zones and trendy cafes.

The restaurants here are so full of innovation and so thoughtfully decorated that visiting these places is an experience in itself. In this blog, we’ll discuss 10 such famous restaurants in Faridabad that are not only famous for their food, but also for their unmissable ambiance. So, go through this list and take your family for a surprise dinner at any one of these fantastic restaurants.


Visit one of the most famous restaurants in Faridabad. A buzzing lively place called Oasis which brings to your doorstep the most refined multi-cuisine fine-dining experience. The restaurant is part of Vivanta, Surajkund and comes from a brand that’s known worldwide for its finest hospitality. Oasis provides both indoor and al-fresco dining options with café-style seating and private dining rooms meant for larger families and groups of friends. The contemporary and elegant restaurant, however, comes alive at night with lights, water and music, providing a fascinating experience to the guests who come here for dinner. It serves a wide array of cuisines from North Indian to the Mediterranean and Far Eastern to the local Haryanvi. So, don’t forget to book your seat here for that special anniversary dinner with your spouse.

Location: Vivanta Surajkund, Faridabad


Broadway is considered one of the most famous restaurants in Faridabad for its expansive buffets and vibrant ambience. The exclusive restaurant is part of the magnificent Radisson Blu Hotel, Faridabad. The restaurant promotes an open and interactive kitchen culture where you can see live the food you ordered being made. Here, you’re free to choose between the buffet and a-la-carte both offering a wide range of cuisines to titillate your taste buds. So, reserve tables at this restaurant for dinner and relish a complete and world-class dining experience.

Location: Radisson Blu, Faridabad

Barbeque Nation

A delight for all Indian food aficionados, Barbeque Nation demands no special introduction. It’s one of the most famous restaurants in Faridabad and is a part of the famous Indian food chain with the same name. The restaurant specializes in Indian cuisine and delectable kebabs but also serves many vegetarian dishes. Though it has a fixed menu, the restaurant often incorporates some seasonal flavours in its extensive food list. Moreover, it organizes seasonal food festivals from time to time across all its branches for gourmets and casual diners. The Faridabad chapter is huge and spacious where you can host birthday or anniversary parties as well. However, do remember that this place is for serious food lovers. So, visit this restaurant with family or friends next weekend if you have plans to literally eat your heart out.

Location: Sector 35, Faridabad  

World café

One of the most popular and famous restaurants in Faridabad, World Café, is a good place for eating out with family and friends. The classy restaurant is part of Vibe, the world-famous hotel chain run by the Lalit Traveller. It has a huge spacious hall room and hundreds of tables and chairs that remind you of community dining halls. Visit this place on special occasions and on weekends and enjoy meals that suit every palate. It serves a variety of cuisines like North Indian, Chinese and Continental. You can pre-book your buffet online or order your favourite food on the table.

Location: Mathura Road, Faridabad

More Than Paranthas

Paranthas and Naans have a cult status in North India. Hardly any North Indian meal would be complete without them. And this restaurant preserves that tradition through its delicious food and glitzy yet conventional décor. The entire restaurant has a small town and a homely ambience. Food is served here on steel plates and glasses. Even the bright colours on the walls here including the paintings are a reflection of North Indian villages and towns. As the name suggests, this restaurant not only serves paranthas, but it also serves smoky kebabs and mouth-watering curries. Visit this restaurant for a tummy-filling dinner with paranthas, chur-chur naans and lababdars served with dollops of ghee and butter. 

Location: Sector 15A, Faridabad

Chapter Twelve

This restaurant and pub in Sector 12 is famous for romantic dinners, dinner dates and weekend dinner parties. The place is so spacious yet so cozy that it’s impossible to miss the warmth of its welcoming ambience. With its fantasy décor, retro colour scheme and next-gen vibe you’ll literally feel like you’re in a different world when you visit this place. You can order your favourite North-Indian dishes here or choose items from popular global cuisines. Also, they offer an extensive collection of yummy desserts. So, the next time you plan an outdoor dinner with your spouse or friends, visit this restaurant.

Location: Sector 12, Faridabad

Open Yard

Considered one of the most famous restaurants in Faridabad, Open Yard, is a heaven for food lovers and experiential diners. The restaurant has both indoor and outdoor sections to match varied customer preferences. The wooden décor, wooden furnishing and the cottage-like wooden structure make this restaurant a popular choice among diners of all ages. The family restaurant is best known for its Chicken Masala, Spring Roll, Chilli Potato and Oriental-style Chicken Noodles.

Location: Sector 16, Faridabad

Café Parmesan

This small restaurant scores big with its cozy interior and stylish Italian cafe décor. The restaurant derives its name from the world-famous Parmesan cheese and serves dishes that are prepared with this iconic ingredient. The tasteful Italian dishes, vintage décor and warm ambience make this one of the most famous restaurants in Faridabad for true food lovers. Take your bae to this restaurant for a sudden unplanned dinner and surprise him/her with the best Paninis and Raviolis in town.

Location: Sector 15, Faridabad

Cheese & More – The Kitchen

If you love Mediterranean food, you can’t miss this restaurant that serves the widest variety of Italian dishes in Faridabad. The fabulous restaurant is beautifully decorated with dedicated corners for families and couples. The warm retro colours used on its walls and décor make this restaurant even more pleasant and welcoming. Considered one of the most famous restaurants in Faridabad for delectable Italian dishes, Cheese & More impresses all with its authentic taste and quality. A definite hit among couples and families.

Location: Surajkund, Faridabad    

Standard Punjabi Khana

One of the most famous restaurants in Faridabad for its desi ambiance and Pindi food, SPK is a must-visit with family and friends. You can sit here on rickshaws with your near ones and gorge on your favorite ghee-soaked Punjabi dishes. You can also have your dinner outside sitting on the rope beds with your family for a unique village dining experience. The restaurant serves only veg and is famous for its delicious veg thaalis and mouthful desserts like jalebis and kulfis.

Location: Near NIT, Faridabad


Faridabad is a city that perfectly mixes innovation with tradition. The city also boasts a mix of diverse cultures and varied socio-economic backgrounds. Unsurprisingly, all these elements are found in abundance in Faridabad’s food, cuisines and restaurant décor.

The restaurants listed in this blog not only reflect Faridabad’s cultural diversity, but they also show the city’s affinity towards its traditions. Some of the restaurants mentioned here are good for family dinners while others are good for dinner dates and parties. So, read the blog thoroughly and choose the restaurant that fits your purpose.