5 Amazing Tips To Choose Your Wedding Date

how to choose wedding date

There is a big difference between getting engaged and actually tying the knot. While the former almost always leads to the latter, there have been instances to suggest that too much gap between the two events can eventually kill the excitement often leading to the cancellation of the marriage altogether. Look at the celebrities or couples around you and you’d know what we mean. Although there is no ideal time gap between the two events, there is hardly any reward for stretching the wedding date endlessly. A gap of three to four months is ok considering the difficulty in finding auspicious dates as per the traditional Indian almanac, the time both the bride and groom and their families need to prepare for the D-day both mentally and financially and the other individual or family pre-commitments. But anything more than six months is a sure-shot sign of collective indecision.

To reduce the stress around finding the perfect wedding date and to make the task easy for you, we have prepared a step-by-step guide following which you would be able to fix your wedding date faster. This guide would not only assist you in prioritizing your tasks, but also help you reach the finishing line real quickly. So, go through this article and prepare yourself to tie the knot.

The step-by-step approach to choosing a wedding date 

Listed below are the suggestions for choosing your wedding date.

1. Decide on your desired wedding season

Considering that India is a predominantly hot country with extreme sub-tropical climatic conditions, deciding on the season you want to get married should be first on your priority list. If you have plans for a lavish outdoor wedding at some exotic farmhouse or resort or at a gorgeous sea beach, you are left with no other option but to select a wedding date between November and March because that is the only time the weather is cold or mild in India depending on the location. Wedding during this time of the year allows you to move freely in all those heavy wedding dresses and make-up without worrying about sweating like a pig. Vegetables and flowers are in abundant supply during this season resulting in their reduced prices. There is also no AC bill to take care of. All these factors reduce the wedding budget considerably. But there are people who prefer monsoon over other seasons for their dream wedding. No; we are not fans of ‘Monsoon Wedding’, but we must admit that the monsoon season in India has its own charm and appeal. So, if the traditional concepts of romance like getting drenched together in the rain or dancing under the dark cloud entice you, choosing your wedding date during this season should be your obvious choice. 

2. Choose a date that has some connection with you

Once you have decided on your desired wedding season, the next step is to check whether you have any symbolic date that falls in that season. By symbolic we mean any date that somehow relates to you, your would-be spouse or to you both. It might be your first meeting date or your parent’s wedding day or any date that carries some special significance in your life. Check whether that date complies with all other social and cultural norms, or coincides with the annual list of astrologically-decided auspicious dates (For an update on this, check the saaya wedding dates in 2023. And if it does, then voila! You have your final wedding date. You can also create hype by sharing with your guests the importance of this date in your life. 

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3. Don’t select a wedding date in the peak season

In India, November to January is peak wedding season for obvious reasons. The weather is pleasant during this time as well as the prices of vegetables, fruits and flowers are cheaper. There is no Ac bill to pay and power back-ups are put to almost no use due to very less power cuts. No wonder, every engaged couple wants to get married during this time of the year. And too much demand for any service or commodity shoots up its price. Most banquet halls in Delhi are booked well in advance on auspicious dates. All other wedding venues like hotels, resorts and farmhouses are booked too. Even venues you would normally avoid for poor service or maintenance would charge unjustified rates from you during this time thanks to such high demand. The same goes for all other vendors and service providers. And since everyone has a specific budget set aside for his or her wedding, people are left with no other option but to compromise on their dreams and choices. So, what is the solution? Choose a wedding date that is slightly off-season like that in February or in early March. Weather is still pleasant during that time and the rush to get married is considerably reduced. And if you are the boho type with no regard for traditions, then select any date for your wedding apart from the auspicious ones. 

4. Check the calendar for holidays & other local events

You don’t have to be an Einstein to understand why we are talking about holidays and local events here. Public holidays like Christmas, New Year, 23rd or 26th of January are high-pressure days on venues. Numerous Government and social events are organized on these days. And all vendors and service providers like event planners, decorators, caterers and photographers are super busy. Being the holiday season, hotels and resorts are fully occupied and transport companies are over-burdened with bookings. Add to that the pressure of corporate events like Christmas Eve or New Year’s Eve parties on the venues. Fixing your marriage on any of these dates is sure to overshoot your budget by miles. The same holds true for local events. India is a vast country. Different regions in India celebrate different local festivals like Onam, Lohri, Makar Sankranti and Bihu apart from the National holidays. Imagine how much rush these dates create. So, the point is, avoid fixing your wedding date on these days at all costs. Check the holiday calendar beforehand and keep the local events in mind as well.

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5. Consider family events

If you have a closely-knit extended family or have relatives spread across the world, then you have no choice but to consider other family events or occasions before fixing your wedding date. So, if you have a cousin’s marriage in December in Arizona and most of your relatives are ready to attend the event, it would be better to postpone your marriage till at least a month. Similarly, someone in the family might be expecting her child by that time or one or two kids might have board exams. Even there might be an annual family event that is organized every year and attended by all relatives. Consider all of these. Ask the relatives who matter before finalising your wedding date. 


“Marriages are made in heaven,” they say. But the dates and a lot of other things are fixed on earth. So, it’s better to be prudent before the event than spend time on repentance later. Even if that means you’re looked upon as backdated, then so be it. Select your wedding date by consulting the almanac or taking into account other astrological considerations. Also, consider all the points we have mentioned above. Probably you have heard the saying, “a penny saved is a penny earned.” So, what’s the point of paying more for the same venue that costs far less on less important dates? You can always spend the money saved from venues on buying a piece of jewellery or investing in other valuable assets. Makes sense?

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How To Choose or Pick Your Wedding Date
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To reduce the stress around finding the perfect wedding date and to make the task easy for you, we have prepared a step-by-step guide following which you would be able to fix your wedding date faster.
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