5 Handpicked Banquet Halls in Delhi for Your Wedding Celebration

5 banquet halls in delhi for your wedding

Planning an Indian wedding is a fun-filled yet challenging task. And much of that challenge comes from selecting the wedding venue which sets the tone for your celebration. Delhi, with its cultural diversity and modern amenities, offers plenty of options for those looking for banquet halls for marriage. In this blog, we’ll explore five handpicked banquet halls in Delhi for marriage with rates. These banquet halls enjoy decent customer ratings and can glamourize your marriage with their unique charm and features. Some of these venues are extremely pricey while others are highly inexpensive and cheap. So, go through this list which is an interesting combination of exclusivity and affordability.

The Ritz: Where Palatial Elegance Meets European Grandeur

the ritz
the ritz

Considered one of the top 5 Banquet halls in Delhi, The Ritz impresses with its palatial décor and stunning interior. Built in a European style of architecture, The Ritz maintains a grand presence with its sky-high pillars and massive arches. The majestic interior is adorned with ornate artistic installations that add a touch of regality to your celebration. The venue offers two party halls—one large and one small. The larger hall can comfortably host around 500 guests, while the smaller one is perfect for more intimate gatherings, accommodating around 150 guests. If you’re in search of banquet halls in Delhi for marriage with rates that are much on the higher side, this has to be your undisputed choice.

Location: Moti Nagar, New Delhi

Rates: ₹1600 for veg. & ₹1700 for non-veg (starting range)

Contact No: +91 8588826881

L’Elegant Royal Banquet: Opulence Redefined in East Delhi

L’Elegant Royal Banquet

If you envision a grand, exotic, and opulent celebration, L’Elegant Royal Banquet in East Delhi is an ideal choice. This sophisticated and high-profile banquet hall is designed for ultra-luxurious weddings. The jaw-dropping crystal chandeliers and marvelous internal décor create a magical ambiance for your special day. L’Elegant Royal Banquet features two gorgeous halls, each with seating arrangements for around 500 people. This makes the venue perfect for those seeking grandeur and elegance. Undoubtedly, this is one of the most beautiful banquet halls in Delhi for marriage with rates on the higher side.

Location: Mayur Vihar, New Delhi

Rates: ₹1600 for veg. & ₹1800 for non-veg (starting range)

Contact No: +91 8588826881

Royal Pepper: Luxurious Extravagance at an Affordable Price

Royal Pepper banquet hall
Royal Pepper banquet hall

If you’re in search of a majestic banquet hall under 1000 per plate, look no further than Royal Pepper. This sophisticated and luxurious venue is tailor-made for lavish and exclusive weddings. The Royal Egyptian façade of the venue, adorned with sculptures and pillars, sets the stage for a royal wedding celebration. The massive hall can comfortably seat 1500 guests, making it an excellent choice for larger gatherings. Royal Pepper strikes the perfect balance between opulence and affordability, making it a top pick for budget-conscious couples. One of the top banquet halls in Delhi for marriage with reasonable rates, to say the least.

Location: Udyog Nagar, New Delhi

Rates: ₹800 only veg. (starting range)

Contact No: +91 8588826881

Janwasa Banquet Hall: A Hidden Gem in North Delhi

Janwasa Banquet Hall
Janwasa Banquet Hall ballroom

Are you in search of good quality yet cheap banquet halls in Delhi? Then your choice should end here. Janwasa Banquet Hall is a hidden gem in North Delhi with an above 4-star customer rating. The banquet hall has a grand entrance and an elegantly-designed façade that goes well with its swanky interior and modern ambiance. The single hall can comfortably accommodate 200 guests, making it an ideal choice for those seeking a more intimate setting without compromising on quality. Undoubtedly, Janwasa Banquet Hall is a perfect blend of sophistication and budget-friendliness.

Location: Rohini, New Delhi

Rates: ₹700 for veg. & ₹900 for non-veg (starting range)

Contact No: +91 8588826881

The Orion Plaza: Affordable Elegance with a City View

The Orion Plaze banquet halls

Last, but not least, The Orion Plaza is a small but fabulous banquet hall with an elegant interior and beautiful décor. To be more accurate, it is part of a 3-star hotel named The Orion Plaza in Nehru Enclave. While it may be smaller in size, the fabulous banquet hall exudes elegance with its beautiful décor and interior. The venue also offers a rooftop dining arrangement with a fantastic city view, providing a unique and picturesque setting for your celebration. The banquet hall can comfortably accommodate up to 150 guests in a seating position, making it a great choice for those seeking affordability without compromising on style. The venue has above 4-star customer rating which makes it one of the most sought-after banquet halls in Delhi for marriage with rates on the lower side. Book this space if you’re looking for cheap book banquet halls in Delhi.

Location: Nehru Enclave, New Delhi

Rates: ₹800 for veg. & ₹900 for non-veg (starting range)

Contact No: +91 8588826881


In conclusion, choosing the right banquet hall for your wedding is a decision that sets the stage for a memorable celebration. These handpicked banquet halls in Delhi, each with its distinctive features and charm, cater to two extreme preferences and budgets. From palatial elegance to affordable luxury, these venues offer the perfect backdrop for your dream wedding. So, explore these options, consider your priorities and budget, and turn your wedding day into a magical and unforgettable experience.