Renting a Luxury Farmhouse in Faridabad for Party

Renting a Luxury Farmhouse in Faridabad for Party

Feeling stressed out at work and thinking about taking a break from routine? Or are you bored of visiting the same nightclubs again and again for weekend parties with friends and colleagues? Whatever the case, if you’re from Delhi NCR, just make a weekend trip to a luxury farmhouse in Faridabad. The city, known for its growing urban population and swanky corporate offices is fast becoming the hottest destination for farmhouse parties and weekend escapades. In this blog, we’ll talk about 8 luxury farmhouses in Faridabad that’ll breathe fresh life into your party. Not only that, they’ll offer you a glimpse of blissful nature in the prettiest of natural settings. So, go through the list and choose a luxury farmhouse in Faridabad for your birthday, anniversary or regular weekend party.

8 luxury farmhouses in Faridabad for a blissful stay or a gala party

Jawa’s farms

It’s a magnificent farmhouse located in Alampur, Faridabad. The luxurious farmhouse with a stunning contemporary villa and a large alluring swimming pool in the backyard is surrounded by greeneries and agricultural lands from all sides. The 3-bedroom villa has a large rooftop terrace that overlooks the lush green lawns and gardens on two sides. Not only that, the poolside here is so beautifully decorated that it looks like a beautiful resort. Moreover, you get spacious bedrooms with large glass window panes that provide a grand view of the natural surroundings. All the rooms here are lavishly furnished and decorated and fitted with all modern amenities. So, don’t think twice before booking this venue for a weekend stay or any kind of party.

Location: Alampur, Faridabad

The Mansion Killa 25

The Mansion Killa is a luxury farm stay and party venue in Faridabad that promises to make your moments and days spent here unforgettable. Set amidst lush lawns and lots of greens, this venue has an exclusively-designed 3-bedroom villa with enough space for indoor parties. All the rooms here are elegantly designed and artistically decorated. Also, the villa has a rooftop terrace that offers the greenest forest view and a glimpse of a glorious sunset. The lawn has a beautiful swimming pool where you can chill and relax with your friends or colleagues. Additionally, the venue has an outdoor space large enough to host any kind of private party and corporate event including weddings and pre-wedding functions. So, no matter the guest size, this upscale venue can meet all your party and vacation needs.

Location: Sector 43, Faridabad

Tapovan Farmhouse

Tapovan Farmhouse front image
Tapovan Farmhouse with pool

Set amidst the picturesque Aravalli Hills and forests, Tapovan is a luxurious 3-bedroom farmhouse in Gothda Mohbtabad village of Faridabad. The farmhouse is built on 1 acre of green land full of flowers, decorative plants and well-maintained lawns. It is part of a larger 30-acre estate with 5 more exotic farmhouses that can be combinedly booked for larger events or parties. The rooms here are spacious and elegantly designed and offer all modern amenities for your comfort and convenience. Moreover, the farmhouse has all the arrangements for unlimited entertainment and fun. You can book this luxury farmhouse in Faridabad for as less as 8 friends or family members. So, party here with friends or stay with family, this high-end farmhouse is sure to leave you refreshed and energized.

Location: Gothda Mohbtabad, Faridabad

Asante Farms

Asante Farms house
Asante Farms with pool image

Surrounded by the scenic Aravalli Hills and acres of forest lands, this breathtaking farmhouse is a paradise for nature and party lovers. The exotic farmhouse has a stunning 7-bedroom villa that offers you an enchanting view of the surroundings from its elegant rooms, balconies and the rooftop terrace. Spend your day and evening at the adjoined swimming pool that also has a spacious poolside. Or have a leisurely walk with your family on the walking bridge built over a live stream that runs through its verdant lawn. The lawn, fresh air, sunlight and serene ambience make this the most sought-after farmhouse on rent for 1 day in Faridabad. You can safely book this venue for any kind of party, a weekend stay or a private celebration.

Location: Mangar, Faridabad

Laksh farms

Laksh farms

Located in the foothills of Aravalli on the Mangar-Dhauj Road, is this luxury farmhouse in Faridabad that provides elegance in a rustic natural setting. Enter its premises, and you’ll be amazed by the beauty of the traditional villas, cottages, gardens and agricultural farmlands. Once inside the cottage-like villa, you’ll find all worldly comforts in spacious sunlit rooms. The swimming pool is large and clean and is flanked by artistically-designed thatched houses from two sides. Interestingly, the whole farmhouse is aesthetically decorated with old household items such as lanterns, rope beds and many more. Sit with your friends or colleagues on the lawn and you’ll get a mesmerizing view of the entire Aravalli range and the nearby forests. A party here under the trees or by the poolside is bound to add a magical touch to your private celebration. A must-select venue for party lovers in Faridabad.

Location: Mangar, Faridabad


Shailja farmhouse for Party
Shailja 4 BHK farmhouse

This farmhouse near Mangar, Faridabad redefines luxury farmstay. The spectacular property is encircled by hills and greens, allowing you to cohabit with peace and tranquillity in breathtaking natural surroundings. The farmhouse has a 4-bedroom villa where elegance and comfort blend seamlessly. The classy villa has spacious rooms with all the necessary amenities and elaborate arrangements for unlimited entertainment and recreation. The adjacent swimming pool is large and is fit for crazy pool parties with friends and colleagues. Do you have plans for a cozy private party with just the two of you? Then this farmhouse could be the right place for you. It provides enough open space in the perfectly manicured lawn for hours of stargazing. Moreover, this luxury farmhouse in Faridabad is easily accessible by road from all sides making it the perfect fit for quick weekend getaways and private parties.

Location: Dhauj, Faridabad

Blueberry Mountain Hills

If elegance, grandeur and enthralling nature could be combined together, it’d look as engrossing as this luxury farmhouse in Faridabad. Aesthetically built between the enchanting hills and forests, this farmhouse establishes the closest bond with nature in the grandest of settings. The enchanting farmhouse has a luxurious 3-bedroom villa that has bountiful arrangements of all worldly comforts. The spacious fully air-conditioned rooms here are so tastefully decorated that they give you a feel of a stylish resort. Not only that, it has a tempting swimming pool, a bright green garden and a terrace for passionate private parties amid nature. Walk, run, dance or do whatever, this stunning farmhouse with its captivating natural views will give you the most enjoyable moments in your life.

Location: Dhauj, Faridabad

Mulberry Cove

Mulberry Cove farmhouse in sector 21B
Mulberry Cove pool party

Mulberry Cove is a cozy little luxury farmhouse in Faridabad with a boutique villa for weekend escapades and private parties. Visit this farmhouse once and you’ll feel like staying here forever. The whole place looks like a green oasis with plenty of trees, plants and a lush green lawn that reminds you of a pretty homestay in the Himalayas. The grand 3-bedroom villa with an aesthetic mix of wood and concrete looks like a mountain recess amid pristine nature. It has spacious rooms with wooden floors and ceilings and a lounge where partying with friends and family can be magical. The amenities provided include a pool, Jacuzzi, free internet and full air-conditioning. Additionally, this magnificent farmhouse provides 24-hour security and room service. Searching for a heaven for your next getaway birthday or anniversary party?  Then this is the place.

Location: Sector 21B, Faridabad


Faridabad is not just concrete and steel. The populous district in Haryana also has miles of greenery and farmlands. The countryside of Faridabad is as serene and pretty as an unchaotic village in the mountains. No wonder, the peaceful countryside of Faridabad is home to many luxury farmhouses that offer a quick escape from clutter in heavenly natural settings. This blog lists 8 such luxury farmhouses in Faridabad where you can party with family, friends or colleagues, or simply spend a few days in solitude. So, don’t wait. Book any one of these places for a euphoric weekend.