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Panchsheel House 2020

Panchsheel House 2020

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Panchsheel House 2020

Panchsheel, Delhi



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Parties are an integral part of any culture. There can be different types of parties. However, one of the more common ones is a house party. Basically, people now prefer to stay at home and party instead of going out. There might be so much of reasons for this. Some include timings and safety issues. Other times it could just be that the people prefer a more familiar and comfortable environment. One of the advantages of house parties is that you can just mingle with your friends and acquaintances. This way, you don't have to interact with people that you aren't fond of! Nonetheless, the house party scene in Delhi has grown to be quite popular! House parties in Delhi are a huge thing now. Many people look for places to rent so that they can manage to organize a party. 

This is actually quite understandable for a number of reasons. Firstly, you don't have the responsibility to manage your own private space. Anyone who has hosted a house party knows that it can get very difficult to manage the waste that's left after a party is over. It's not really a pretty sight, is it? To see all of your personal belongings displaced after a wild night, not everyone likes that. Moreover, if it's a weekend, you would obviously prefer not to worry about cleaning up your own space for the rest of your Sunday! When you rent a house party place in Delhi NCR, at least half of that hassle is now gone! Basically, you should not need to worry about this much at all! Secondly, staying at a different place also gives you a sense of freedom. It feels like you're taking a long due vacation after a long time! 

When all that you've been doing for such a long time is meeting deadlines, it can be great to actually take a few days off and enjoy yourself with your friends! Imagine yourself in a nice, quiet and tranquil private area with the best of friends, and your partner. Sounds like an absolute paradise, right? If you think so, then definitely check out Panchsheel House 2020. It's a sprawling farmhouse, with amazing rooms. It makes a perfect place for house parties in Delhi NCR, and for cocktail parties. Of course, it depends on what you like to enjoy. However, it is a multipurpose room. It can be modified to meet your party needs! Houses are awesome for celebrating the birthday party or corporate party. Plenty of ocassions can be celebrated in house parties, but the birthday party Delhi restaurants have their own value and weight.

Oh, and may we mention the beautiful sunsets you can see from this area? Especially during the cool October evenings, with the clearest of skies, you will feel awesome. The sunsets from this area, at that particular time, are some of the best you'll be seeing in a while! Here at Sloshout, we care not just for providing you a great place for parties, but also with recommendations for making it the best party ever! If you're hosting a party, you'd obviously want your friends to have a great time. Sometimes, a house party may not live up to its name. You'd find the guests getting bored due to the lack of entertainment options. Of course, we won't let that happen at all! We can do a lot of things to make sure that you don't find your guests in such a position! 

There are many good house party ideas which people end up rejecting. Your house party needs to be the best house party in the entire area! You can think of drinking games, board games and also games with a stipulation added at the end. Once there's a condition to the games, you'll find that many of the people playing will get competitive. This would make it really fun and engaging! For example, you can place friendly bets among yourselves. Why not add a stipulation that the losing team has to get more drinks or food for the people at the party? That definitely sounds like a great stipulation! You can also book the house for a farewell party and your expense for searching the farewell party places in Delhi are many.

If you're throwing a birthday party, you can rent this house for birthday party events as well. One great thing you can do is to make sure that the party is themed! Create a superhero theme, or a 1970s retro theme. Go wild with your options here! Why not a fusion-based theme in which people dress in the traditional garments of different cultures? They can also mix different cultures and try various nations' costumes! As for drinking games, here's one we love at Sloshout! The game twister is fun, yes? You could make the game more fun and entertainment as well! Have everyone playing take a couple of rounds of shots. After that, try playing twister. You'll see that the game is so much more difficult, yet so much more fun! 

One more thing that you can do to make sure that people keep coming to your party is to lie about the start times. Basically, tell some people who are prone to be late that the party starts at 7 pm. For the other punctual people, the party starts at 9 pm. You'll find that your house party in Delhi NCR just continues to attract guests! The most important thing about such parties, however, is that everyone needs to be responsible. Nobody should get completely drunk, wasted or out of their senses. After the party is over, everyone can do their bit and clean up after themselves. Civic sense is still very important, right? This goes even for the most subtle cocktail parties that you could host! You can also book the kitty party venues here. With the adjacent areas like Defence Colony and Hauz Khas, you can move ahead to book kitty party places in defence colony just adjacent to Panchsheel.

If you've got some more queries regarding Panchsheel House 2020, you can visit the page on Sloshout's website. Moreover, if you're interested in renting this farmhouse, do get in contact with our Sloshout experts. Your queries are handled by the best Sloshout agents. Do let them know about your specifications and requirements. Our agents will scour their databases and ensure that you get the best possible deal for your budget. Sloshout also guarantees the most authentic prices for party bookings in this area. Happy partying, folks, and make sure to be responsible! Have a great time!


Crockery Crockery

Air Conditioning Air Conditioning

Living Area / Lobby Living Area / Lobby

Wifi Wifi

Refrigerator Refrigerator

4 Bedrooms 4 Bedrooms

Music System Music System

Breakfast Breakfast

House Rules

ID Proof ID Proof

Govt. approved Id for all guests

Security Deposit Security Deposit

Refundable Security Deposit Of Rs 5000

Illegal Substances / Drugs Illegal Substances / Drugs

Drugs not allowed

Music Limit Music Limit

No Limit

Check in Check in

Check in post 2 pm

Check out Check out

Check out before 11 am

Cleaning Charges Cleaning Charges

Rs 1000 cleaning charges if something is broken or stained

Additional Guest Additional Guest

Every additional guest will be charged Rs 500 extra

Smoking Smoking

Not Allowed Indoors. Allowed outdoors.

Outside Food Outside Food

Outside Food and Delivery allowed

Best Suitable For

Birthday Party

House Party

Bachelor Party

Christmas Party

Bachelorette Party

Diwali Party

Cards Party

New Year's Party

Group Party

Private Party

Recent Reviews for Panchsheel House 2020

This is an amazing place. Hosted my brother’s bachelor’s party here. It is very fancy. We had a lot of fun. Well connected very spacious and the pool was much lit. Place had a great party vibe to it.
Amazing location and more importantly the interior design of the house nails it. Pretty place and is actually good for a brunch in my opinion.
It is a fabulous space for a house party. Very couple friendly and easy to reach both by metro as well as car. Very good place to chill. Highly recommended.
We were with the house and the service in advance and on site very satisfied Everything worked well and the birthday party went really well. All the best and maybe next year we book our house again at the same place.
We had a great holiday again It was the first time we rented such a big villa but we loved it. Lovely location wonderfully private good interior.
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