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Choreographers in Delhi are currently in high demand for various events, functions, parties, and celebrations. The best female and male choreographers can make your wedding events like Sangeet, mehndi, or reception very special. They can make your fiancé, friends, and even family members groove to beautiful dance moves, leaving them overjoyed and entertained. Professional choreographers can choreograph your event within days, and the practice sessions can be held in their studio or at the client’s preferred place. The choreographers in Delhi provide the best music and dance services to events, corporations, etc. A team of instructors takes classes and teaches choreographed dance moves in an enjoyable environment. In a choreographer package, a team of professional dance trainers teach people in the corporates or attending an event to take up any dance in which they are interested. The most common dance forms that are usually and most frequently chosen are freestyle dance, Bollywood dance, and Zumba, as these forms of dance bring in an element of entertainment and de-stress the participants from their hectic work schedules. Choreography sessions are becoming a new trend in large corporate offices, where companies seriously focus on their employees’ healthy living and overall wellness. Read on to learn more about how to hire the best professional choreographers in Delhi and also about the charges of choreographers in Delhi. 

Dance Forever Company New Ashok Nagar

Dance Forever Company

New Ashok Nagar, Delhi


₹ 87913
package of 10 songs
Rahul Arya Choreography Karol Bagh

Rahul Arya Choreography

Karol Bagh, Delhi


₹ 25000
package of 10 songs
Wedding De Thumke Rajouri Garden

Wedding De Thumke

Rajouri Garden, Delhi


₹ 10000
package of 10 songs
Ultimate Wedding Choreographers Maharani Bagh

Ultimate Wedding Choreographers

Maharani Bagh , Delhi


₹ 6000
package of 10 songs
M.S Choreography Tilak Nagar

M.S Choreography

Tilak Nagar, Delhi


₹ 15000
package of 10 songs
Lets Nacho Janakpuri

Lets Nacho

Janakpuri, Delhi


₹ 2000
package of 10 songs
Gunjan Sharma Choreography Connaught Place

Gunjan Sharma Choreography

Connaught Place, Delhi


₹ 10000
package of 10 songs
Grooves & Moves with Sonam khurana Mukherjee Nagar

Grooves & Moves with Sonam khurana

Mukherjee Nagar, Delhi


₹ 15000
package of 10 songs
Dance with Nicki Kalkaji

Dance with Nicki

Kalkaji, Delhi


₹ 25000
package of 10 songs
Dance Team By Vickky Pashchim Vihar

Dance Team By Vickky

Pashchim Vihar, Delhi


₹ 20000
package of 10 songs
Dance Smith Performing Arts Kalkaji


₹ 25000
package of 10 songs
Dance Made Easy Vasant Kunj

Dance Made Easy

Vasant Kunj, Delhi


₹ 40000
package of 10 songs
DanceSmith Kalkaji


Kalkaji, Delhi


₹ 15000
package of 10 songs
Beat It Productions Kailash Hills

Beat It Productions

Kailash Hills, Delhi


₹ 15000
package of 10 songs
8 Comite Mehrauli

8 Comite

Mehrauli, Delhi


₹ 20000
package of 10 songs

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Top Choreographers in Delhi – Book a Professional Choreographers in Delhi

Why Hire Professional Choreographers in Delhi?

At times, it seems to be tough to find brilliant dance classes where you can learn with fun. But now it has become easier to hire professional choreographers in Delhi as we have enlisted the best of the choreographers on our online aggregator platform. It is now easier to find their contact coordinates and hire them easily. The good reasons why you should hire professional choreographers in Delhi are: 

  • Experienced team of choreographers—The experienced team of choreographers in Delhi is engaged in training you and your gang. Thus, you are in safe hands and will learn the dance moves easily. Even non-dancers can learn the steps with the right guidance of the expert choreographers. 
  • Best in communication – The expert and professional choreographers are best at communicating while they are teaching the dance moves. They will explain the steps so clearly that you will find it easy to follow each of their instructions and will learn the dance steps quickly. Their way of explaining is so simple and effective that you will also remember the dance moves for a long time and can perform effortlessly on D-day if you are getting ready to perform a dance show in an event like a pre-wedding or wedding function. 
  • Trained instructors—The instructors offering the choreographer package are well-trained and well-versed in teaching dance lessons that are easy for the participants to follow. 
  • Always ready to help—The professional choreographers in Delhi are always ready to help the trainees and guide them through the training session until they learn all the dance steps completely. 
  • Flexible timing—Timing plays a very significant role, and the choreographers in Delhi are flexible with their timings when it comes to your practice time. You can fix up a time with them according to your suitability so that the dance classes do not affect your job or other work schedules. 
  • Home dance training – It might seem challenging to attend dance classes at a studio due to various reasons. Thus, the choreographers in Delhi provide home tutorials at your place. It helps you learn about the different dance styles with adequate comfort and flexibility in the comfort of your home. 
  • Virtual classes—They provide the option of attending virtual classes that are designed to be modular. You can choose the kind and level of dance style, from beginner to advanced. The trainers have robust specialization and are very versatile in teaching you a large number of genres of dance styles. 
  • Well-maintained dance studio—The choreographers in Delhi provide dance classes in their well-maintained studios and guide the trainees in improving their dancing mistakes. They effectively teach the various styles of dancing and help the trainees learn various dance forms flawlessly. 

 Types of Choreography Services Offered 

Wedding Choreography – Indian weddings are inspiring and fun-filled. The most fun part of the entire wedding is undoubtedly the sangeet ceremony. It brings immense joy & happiness. Songs and dance are usually the most significant ways of making your D-Day the most special and memorable. Music & dance are now integral parts of all grand Indian wedding ceremonies, and wedding celebrations usually remain incomplete without the same. Many choreographers in Delhi specialize in wedding choreography and teach the wedding couple, their relatives, and friends various dance performances that they would perform in different pre-wedding and wedding celebrations. 

Party and Event Choreography—Choreographers in Delhi are experts in imparting custom dance routines for weddings, anniversaries, proposals, or sangeets. The routines are well-curated to complement your skill level, song style, song choice, and event. Their choreography is always aimed at enhancing your performances, and they also teach how to bring in interactive chemistry on stage as per the occasion or festivity. 

Dance Classes—The chorographers in Delhi offer dance classes regularly in their academies, and they teach a number of dance forms, ranging from freestyle to Bollywood to Zumba. Individuals who are interested in learning various dance forms can visit these dance academies/classes and learn multiple forms of dance from expert choreographers in Delhi. 

Top Choreographers in Delhi 

The top choreographers in Delhi offer a number of services, such as choreographing dance performances for weddings and other parties. They bring out the personalities of every family member on stage. Along with the choreographies, they also conduct lip dubs & arrange for different special effects like CO2 guns, dry ice, pyros, etc. They are also expert in teaching concept choreography. They specialize in turning a sangeet into a grand Broadway-inspired event that includes props, graphics, back dancers, scripting, production, pyros, shooting, and also certain movies based on the story of the bride and groom. 

Popular Dance Styles for Events  

 Bollywood Dance: The choreographers in Delhi teach Bollywood dance very popularly. These are energetic and vibrant routines perfect for weddings and parties. Bollywood dancing is a dynamic, colorful, and highly theatrical dance style that is prevalent in Indian Hindi films. It usually combines the various classical dance forms that include traditional folk, Indian, belly dance, and salsa. In recent years, they also include contemporary Western forms like jazz, hip-hop, and funk. Bollywood has no set rules and is a perfect means of encouraging freedom of expression. 

 Hip-Hop Dance: Hip-hop is a Western form of dance. It is modern and stylish, with active moves suitable for younger audiences and trendy events. The choreographers in Delhi who are experts in hip-hop dance offer classes and can help you learn this dance form very well. 

 Classical Dance: Classical dance is India's oldest and traditional dance form. This traditional and elegant dance form is presented in several cultural and formal events. The expert classical choreographers in Delhi teach this dance form to a large number of Delhiites who are interested in learning it and performing it in various cultural fests, events, etc.  

 Contemporary Dance: Contemporary dance has evolved as a prevalent genre of dance performance that was developed during the mid-twentieth century. It is an artistic and expressive dance style that adds a unique touch to any event. The choreographers in Delhi who are formally trained in classical dance teach contemporary dance to people in Delhi. Contemporary dance has a strong popularity in Europe and the U.S.  However, this form of dance has gained rapid popularity in India in recent years. 

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Choreographer in Delhi 

  • Choreography charges – This is one of the top considerations that you should keep in mind while hiring a choreographer. The choreography charges charged by the choreographers in Delhi vary depending on the expertise and experience of the choreographers. Suppose you are planning to hire a choreographer for any event or party. In that case, you can shortlist a few choreographers, opt for quotations from each of them, compare, and then finalize the one that seems to be the most suitable one and is within your budget. 
  • Types of classes—When choosing a choreographer in Delhi, you should check the types of classes they conduct. If you are looking forward to learning a specific dance form, like Bollywood or contemporary, you should check if the choreographer you are planning to hire is an expert in that dance form. 
  • Online and offline classes—You should first decide whether you want to opt for an online or offline dance class. While selecting one of the choreographers in Delhi, you need to check if they provide online/offline or both types of classes. You may choose a choreographer according to your preference. 

Tips for a Successful Dance Performance 

Here are a few practical tips from the choreographers and dance experts for a successful dance performance. 

  • Location of the audience – The very first thing that you need to consider is where the choreography will be presented, whether on stage where the audience is looking straight towards the stage or at a theatre-in-the-round where the audience is surrounding the stage. It is crucial to understand how to captivate your audience properly. 
  • Facial expressions – If you are a non-dancer and are trying to perform for the first time, you may present a blank face. This should not be the case, as you need to be very expressive while you are presenting your dance performance in front of the audience. You should keep in mind that the audience would be looking at your face and not at your feet. So, it is very crucial to include relevant facial expressions while presenting a dance performance. 
  • Relationship between the co-dancers—You should check with your choreographer about your relationship as a dancer with the other co-dancers on stage. The choreographers in Delhi will give you a clear idea of the intention of your dance performance and how you should depict a connection with the other dancers on stage. The story or concept of the dance performance will determine this. 
  • Dance musicality—It is very similar to taking up space and finishing all your movements. You should make sure to use the time as instructed by your choreographer. If a choreographer says a move takes 7 counts, then the move should not be completed at count 6 or even at 6 and a half. 

Frequently Asked Questions about Choreographer in Delhi

How do I find the best Choreographers in Delhi for my event?

We handpicked some of the best Choreographers in Delhi, showcasing their portfolios, customer reviews, and ratings on our platform. You can browse through their work, compare prices, and read testimonials from previous clients to make an informed decision.


who are the top Choreographers in Delhi?

Discover the top Choreographers in Delhi with exciting deals and offers. Our selection includes Dance Forever Company, Rahul Arya Choreography, Wedding De Thumke, Ultimate Wedding Choreographers, and M.S Choreography, among others, ensuring you get the best for your event.


Are there options available for budget-friendly Choreographers in Delhi?

Explore our curated list of Budget-friendly Choreographers in Delhi, offering competitive rates without compromising on quality. Here are some of the affordable Choreographers in Delhi - Lets Nacho, Gunjan Sharma Choreography, Grooves & Moves with Sonam khurana, Dance with Nicki, Dance Team By Vickky.


What is the charge of a professional Choreographer in Delhi?

The cost of hiring a professional Choreographer in Delhi ranges from Rs.7000 to Rs.30000. It can vary based on several factors, including:

1. Number of Classes: The total number of classes or sessions required for your event. More classes typically mean a higher total cost.

2. Types of Classes: The type of classes you opt for, such as online classes or offline (in-person) classes, can also impact the pricing. Online classes may be priced differently from traditional offline classes due to factors like convenience and resources required.

3. Customization and Special Requests: Any customization or special requests you have, such as themed choreography, personalized routines, or additional rehearsals, can contribute to the overall cost.

It is advisable to discuss these factors with the Choreographers you are considering to get a clear understanding of their pricing structure and what is included in their services.



Are there different packages available for choreography services in Delhi?

Yes, Choreographers in Delhi offer various packages tailored to different needs. Typically, there are packages designed for couples, focusing on choreographing performances for events like weddings or romantic occasions. Additionally, there are packages suitable for families and friends.


What types of dance styles do Choreographers in Delhi offer?

Choreographers in Delhi offer a wide range of dance styles, including Bollywood, contemporary, hip-hop, classical, salsa, and more.


How far in advance should I book a Choreographer for my event in Delhi?

It's recommended to book a Choreographer in Delhi at least 1 month in advance, especially during peak wedding and party seasons, to ensure their availability and enough time for rehearsals.


Are trial sessions available with Choreographers in Delhi?

Many Choreographers in Delhi offer trial sessions or consultations where you can discuss your vision, try out some dance steps, and decide if they are the right fit for your event.


How many classes do we need to take from the Choreographer before the event?

The number of classes you need with a Choreographer depends on how well you dance and how hard your dance routine is. Usually, couples take between 3 and 5 classes. Your Choreographer can tell you exactly how many classes you'll need after they see how good you are at dancing and how tricky your routine is.


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