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Best Makeup-artists in Delhi

In today’s dazzling world of glamour and beauty, every detail matters a lot. Irrespective of whether you’re attending a wedding, a birthday party, or a corporate get-together, a proper makeup can make you really fit for the occasion. The right makeup elevates your look considerably and boosts your self-confidence, enhancing your personality to new levels. When it comes to achieving the prefect look for an occasion, the expertise of the skilled makeup artists in Delhi becomes indispensable. They bring in the right blend of professionalism and artistry. The popular makeup artists in Delhi always assure to provide you the desired elegance for different occasions. Their customized makeup complements your look as per the event that you are attending. The trained makeup artists have the required professionalism to give you the perfect look for different occasions as they understand the artistry and science behind the makeup application. They have an intricate understanding of various skin tones, facial features, and also the different trends in makeup. They are experts in various makeup techniques that include precise contouring to the blending of foundation flawlessly. The makeup artists in Delhi offer their party makeup artist services in different packages and you can choose a package of makeup artists in Delhi as per your requirement and preference. 

 Chandni Singh Studio Hauz Khas

Chandni Singh Studio

Hauz Khas, Delhi


₹ 6000
Per Person
varsha pawar makeup Chattarpur

varsha pawar makeup

Chattarpur, Delhi


₹ 10000
Per Person
Surabhi Vj Makeup Artist Timarpur

Surabhi Vj Makeup Artist

Timarpur, Delhi


₹ 15000
Per Person
Sparkle By Ridhima Pitampura

Sparkle By Ridhima

Pitampura, Delhi


₹ 15000
Per Person
Shweta Makeovers Sewa Nagar

Shweta Makeovers

Sewa Nagar, Delhi


₹ 30000
Per Person
Shruti Sharma Vasant Vihar

Shruti Sharma

Vasant Vihar, Delhi


₹ 15000
Per Person
Sassy makeup by Jaskirat Tilak Nagar

Sassy makeup by Jaskirat

Tilak Nagar, Delhi


₹ 10000
Per Person
Rupasso Makeup by Pratishtha Arora New Rajinder Nagar

Rupasso Makeup by Pratishtha Arora

New Rajinder Nagar, Delhi


₹ 45000
Per Person
Pure Glam by Deepti Sharma Shakarpur Khas

Pure Glam by Deepti Sharma

Shakarpur Khas, Delhi


₹ 10000
Per Person
Neha Chaudhary muah Model Town

Neha Chaudhary muah

Model Town, Delhi


₹ 20000
Per Person
Neets Makeovers Mayur Vihar

Neets Makeovers

Mayur Vihar, Delhi


₹ 4500
Per Person
Neelam Singh The Makeup Artist Pul Pehlad Pur

Neelam Singh The Makeup Artist

Pul Pehlad Pur, Delhi


₹ 20000
Per Person
Make U Up Makeup Studio & Academy Connaught Place

Make U Up Makeup Studio & Academy

Connaught Place, Delhi


₹ 2500
Per Person
Makeup By Shagun Shahdara

Makeup By Shagun

Shahdara, Delhi


₹ 15000
Per Person
Makeup By Kavya Chattarpur

Makeup By Kavya

Chattarpur, Delhi


₹ 5000
Per Person

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Top Makeup-artists in Delhi – Book a Professional Makeup-artists in Delhi

Choosing the Right Makeup Artist in Delhi

The makeup industry is growing rapidly and the reason behind the same is that people prefer to look good and well-groomed in the present time like never before. Every individual want to look flawless and the professional makeup artists in Delhi make that happen very easily with their skills and expertise. The certified and popular makeup artists in Delhi can provide you the best makeup services and at the same time can give you a number of valuable tips to take care of your skin & hair. Here are a few factors that you should preferably take care of while choosing a makeup artist in Delhi.

  • Having a look at their past customer reviews - While you are in the process of hiring one of the best makeup artists in Delhi, you should consider to check their customer reviews on their Instagram page or website without any fail. A lot of good reviews from their past clients will ensure that they really offer good makeup services and offer a delightful experience to their clients.
  • Checking if they are flexible to your needs – You should necessarily make sure that the makeup artist you are willing to choose is flexible and open to adapt to your makeup needs.
  • Checking if they provide the kind of look you want – Whether it is your wedding or any other special occasion, you might have an idea what kind of look you are aspiring for that event. While choosing one of the best makeup artists in Delhi, you should necessarily discuss your aspirations with them and check if they are able to provide the kind of look you want. While you have a look at their portfolio, you will receive a broad idea what kind of makeup they can provide and this can help you in making a right decision of a makeup artist.
  • Checking what kind of cosmetics, they use for makeup – Since every skin tone is different, you may not expect the same kind of cosmetic to act suitably on every skin type. This is the reason why you should check the kind of cosmetics used by the concerned makeup artist and determine whether it will be suitable for your skin or not.

How to Book and Contact Makeup Artists in Delhi?

Whether it is your wedding or any other special event, you aspire to look great and boost your self-confidence always. We can guide you with several helpful suggestions that would help you choose one of the most suitable makeup artists in Delhi for yourself. Makeup is indeed an integral part of any party and especially if it is your wedding, you need the best bridal makeup to look great on your D-day.

We have enlisted a long list of trusted and very skilled makeup artists in Delhi on our online platform. You can find makeup artists in Delhi of various budgets here on our platform and you can receive details and their contact coordinates as well. So, what you need to do is to filter it down to your requirement like your budget, the area in Delhi where you want the makeup services etc. You can contact them directly by calling them or by writing to them through the send inquiry form.

Discover the Benefits of Professional Makeup Artists in Delhi

There are several benefits of hiring professional makeup artists in Delhi. Some of the major benefits are enlisted below:

  • Make you look beautiful and feel good about yourself – When you hire a professional makeup artist in Delhi, you will remain assured that you will look drop down gorgeous on whichever event you are attending and this will make you feel good about yourself.
  • No stress on the day of your wedding – If it is your wedding, several things are happening around you. So, you end up feeling stressed on the day of the wedding. When you are in the safe hands of one of the professional makeup artists in Delhi, you need not worry about your bridal look at least as their makeup services will give you the flawless bridal look just like the way you always wanted.
  • Getting a subtle natural look – A lot of ladies want to have a natural look and do not believe in wearing heavy makeup. Instead they believe that a light makeup will make them look more beautiful and this will help them in enhancing their natural beauty. If you are one of them and discuss the same with your appointed professional makeup artist, they will give you your preferred look utilizing their expertise.
  • Receiving a special makeup on your special day – Wedding makeup is one of the major specialties of the makeup industry and thus this type of makeup has certain specific requirements. When you hire one of the professional makeup artists in Delhi, you will receive the best and flawless bridal makeup which an amateur can never provide.
  • Getting a look that matches your appearance and personality – In order to show your final look after makeup appear natural, the colors and products used should necessarily match the structure of your face, highlight the features that you like about your face and make you comfortable to carry the makeup. The professional makeup artists in Delhi are experts in offering customized makeup services as they have in-depth knowledge regarding the same.
  • Availing a trial session – When you hire one of the makeup artists in Delhi, they will offer you a trial beforehand just like you try your dress fittings before purchasing a dress. The prime objective of a makeup trial is to check if the makeup has any kind of reaction on your skin and also to create a connection with the makeup artist and be comfortable in their company.
  • Usage of quality products – The professional makeups artists in Delhi always use branded and best-quality products for makeup. Thus, they not only make you look gorgeous with their makeup services but at the same time take care of your skin. Usage of quality products ensure that your skin will never get any kind of allergies etc. during or after the makeup.
  • Hygiene – A true professional makeup artist is always concerned about the hygiene while providing a makeup service. So, it is always safe to opt for their makeup services and there are least chances of receiving an infection during the process.
  • Comfort & luxury service – Makeup is no longer the privilege of the celebrities walking the red carpet and the TV personalities. It can now be availed by any person within an affordable budget. The professional makeup artists in Delhi have very good setups that provide comfort and luxury services to their clients. So, while you avail the services of professional makeup artists in Delhi, you will surely pamper yourself to a great extent and also look gorgeous at the end of the session.


Explore Different Types of Makeup Services in Delhi

Makeup artistry includes a variety of services and has much more to offer beyond skin care and cosmetic treatments. Following are the different kinds of makeup services in Delhi.

  • Bridal makeup – Professional makeup artists are well-trained to make their clients look gorgeous on their D-day. Several makeup artists specialize in bridal makeup and apply bridal makeup that lasts throughout the day and remain intact even if tears roll down the bride’s cheeks.

  •  Engagement makeup - is about looking your best for a special occasion. Our Expert makeup artists can help you look beautiful and feel confident as you celebrate this important event.

  • Skincare treatments – Several makeup artists are also trained beauticians who offer several cosmetic treatments on skin and hair to fix flaws. For instance, laser skin treatments are very popularly adopted these days to fix several skin flaws.

  • Fashion styling services – Many professional makeup artists are trained and experienced in providing fashion styling services where they provide makeup services to professional models to enhance their style and provide makeup that is commensurate with their outfits.


Hire Professional Makeup Artists in Delhi: Enhance Your Beauty

Hiring a trusted professional makeup artist in Delhi will help you enhance your beauty in any occasion to a large extent. Whether you are a would-be bride or preparing to attend a wedding or any other party, a professional makeup artist in Delhi can help you in getting a gorgeous look. When you look beautiful, you also end up feeling more confident. Now, you can easily hire professional makeup artists in Delhi from our online platform. We have enrolled a long list of professional makeup artists after a thorough background check. You can find their contact coordinates here on our platform and hire one as per your suitability, preference, location and budget.

Why Choose Sloshout for Makeup Artists in Delhi: Quality and Convenience?

Sloshout is India’s topmost online venue-booking service provider that allows you to search and book venues online at your convenience. But other than venues, the website is also famous for providing comprehensive information about event vendors and various event-related service providers. That’s not all. Its official website,, lets you hire event vendors and service providers at competitive rates with a few clicks of the mouse from the comfort of your home and office. So, if you’re looking for a quality makeup artist in Delhi for any type of event, is your ideal place to be. Sloshout produces the list of the best makeup artists in Delhi when you click on search, offering you the option to filter and refine your search results according to your needs and preferences.  Sloshout also helps you to contact your chosen makeup artist and hire him online without any need for a physical meeting. 

Frequently asked Questions About Makeup Artist in Delhi

How can I find and choose best Makeup Artists in Delhi?

We handpicked some of the best Makeup Artists in Delhi, showcasing their portfolios, customer reviews, and ratings on our platform. You can browse through their work, compare prices, and read testimonials from previous clients to make an informed decision.

Who are the top Makeup Artists in Delhi?

Discover the leading Makeup Artists in Delhi We showcase the top Makeup Artists in Delhi and offer enticing deals and promotions. Our top 5 Makeup Artists in Delhi include Chandni Singh Studio, varsha pawar makeup, Surabhi Vj Makeup Artist, Sparkle By Ridhima, and Shweta Makeovers.

Are there options available for budget-friendly Makeup Artists in Delhi?

Explore our curated list of Budget-friendly Makeup Artists in Delhi, offering competitive rates without compromising on quality. Here are some of the affordable Makeup Artists in Delhi - Shruti Sharma, Sassy makeup by Jaskirat, Rupasso Makeup by Pratishtha Arora, Pure Glam by Deepti Sharma, Neha Chaudhary muah.

What is the average rate of hiring a professional Makeup Artist in Delhi?

The average cost of hiring a professional Makeup Artist in Delhi ranges from INR 5,000 to INR 20,000 for regular makeup and can go up to INR 1,00,000, depending on your specific needs and the Makeup Artists\'s expertise.

How far in advance should I book a Makeup Artists in Delhi for my event?

Typically, it\'s advisable to book a Makeup Artist at least 2 to 3 months in advance. Popular Makeup Artists may get booked up quickly, especially during peak seasons, so securing your Makeup Artists early ensures availability and allows room for better pricing negotiations.

What are the popular makeup styles offered by Artists in Delhi?

Makeup Artists in Delhi offer a wide range of popular styles for {CATEGORY-1}, {CATEGORY-2}, {CATEGORY-3}, {CATEGORY-4} and many more.

What should I consider before hiring a Makeup Artist in Delhi?

Before you hire a Makeup Artist in Delhi, it\'s essential to review their portfolio. This will give you an idea of the various styles they can create, particularly for regular and makeup looks.

What are the latest make-up trends in Delhi?

The latest makeup trends in Delhi include natural glow, bold lips, soft smoky eyes, glossy makeup, graphic eyeliner, and skinimalism.

What is MUA?

MUA" stands for Makeup Artists". It\'s commonly used as a shorthand or abbreviation in the beauty and cosmetics industry

Should I visit the studio or call the Makeup Artist to the venue?

This depends on the Artist’s travel preferences. Some Artists prefer clients to visit their studio, while others are willing to travel to the venue. If your is in Delhi, you can choose based on convenience and inquire about additional charges for venue visits.

Should I book a Makeup Artist in Delhi if I am getting married outside Delhi?

You can directly contact the Makeup Artists through our platform, or if you need assistance, you can reach out to our support team, and they\'ll help you find a Makeup Artists in Delhi as per your requirement.

Should I take a makeup trial?

Yes, a makeup trial is crucial to ensure the Artists understands your preferences and to see if you\'re satisfied with the makeup style before your functions

Are makeup trials free?

Mostly trials are not free, but pricing can be discussed with the Artists and adjusted with the final total.

I need a Makeup Artist in Delhi. Where can I find one?

If you are looking for top Makeup Artists in Delhi, you can find them on Sloshout. With just a few clicks, you can connect with the best Makeup Artists in Delhi, many of whom offer free makeup trials.

What are some important things to keep in mind before hiring a Makeup Artist in Delhi?

When searching for Makeup Artists in Delhi, it\'s crucial not to compromise on quality. Sloshout simplifies this process by featuring only the top profiles in the industry

What is the price of HD makeup in Delhi?

The price of HD makeup in Delhi can vary depending on the salon or Makeup Artist. On average, it can range from Rs. 2,500 to Rs. 7,000 or even more.

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