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Photography is an art where a photographer captures light with the help of a camera, usually via a film or digital sensor, to create an image. With the help of the right camera equipment, a professional photographer can freeze a moment in time, making it memorable for life. Professional photographers can capture various kinds of images through their professional cameras and create magic.

Delhi is home to some of the best professional photographers in multiple genres, like fashion photography, wedding photography, Party photography, etc. You can find the best professional photographers in Delhi easily from our platform and opt for their services hassle-free. No matter whether you are looking for fashion, pre-wedding, wedding, product, candid, or more kinds of photoshoots, you will find the best and most popular photographers in Delhi here on our platform. 

 Himanshu Jangid Photography Punjabi Bagh

Himanshu Jangid Photography

Punjabi Bagh, Delhi


₹ 35000
Per Shoot
Chakshu Photography & Films Subhash Nagar

Chakshu Photography & Films

Subhash Nagar, Delhi


₹ 22000
Per Shoot
Camera Waale Baraati Vasant kunj

Camera Waale Baraati

Vasant Kunj, Delhi


₹ 50000
Per Shoot
Arc Magic Photography Punjabi Bagh

Arc Magic Photography

Punjabi Bagh, Delhi


₹ 20000
Per Shoot
Weddings By Doorbean East of kailash

Weddings By Doorbean

East Of Kailash, Delhi


₹ 70000
Per Shoot
Weddingraphy Greater Kailash 2


Greater Kailash 2, Delhi


₹ 150000
Per Shoot
Weddingaura Film Production Janakpuri

Weddingaura Film Production

Janakpuri, Delhi


₹ 50000
Per Shoot
VS Production Ghar Sant Nagar

VS Production Ghar

Sant Nagar, Delhi


₹ 120000
Per Shoot
US Films East of Kailash

US Films

East Of Kailash, Delhi


₹ 35000
Per Shoot
Time Shutterz New Friends Colony

Time Shutterz

New Friends Colony, Delhi


₹ 50000
Per Shoot
The Wow Weddings Mahavir Enclave

The Wow Weddings

Mahavir Enclave, Delhi


₹ 30000
Per Shoot
The wedding Land Malviya Nagar

The wedding Land

Malviya Nagar, Delhi


₹ 50000
Per Shoot
K. Ashish Photography New Friends Colony

K. Ashish Photography

New Friends Colony, Delhi


₹ 60000
Per Shoot
Happy Stillz Mayur Vihar

Happy Stillz

Mayur Vihar, Delhi


₹ 15000
Per Shoot
Hand In Hand Films By Ashu Kalra Malviya Nagar

Hand In Hand Films By Ashu Kalra

Malviya Nagar, Delhi


₹ 30000
Per Shoot

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Top Photographers in Delhi – Book a Professional Photographer in Delhi

What factors should I consider when choosing a photographer in Delhi?

When you are looking forward to hiring the best photographers in Delhi, first, you need to fix the budget and then start considering options within your budget. The different factors that you should consider while choosing a professional photography service in Delhi are: 

  • Portfolio – Firstly, you should check their portfolio and determine if you like their photography at a glance. You should look at their multiple shoots, Instagram feeds and other pieces of their work that showcase their work in depth. 
  • Take a closer look – You should try to find out what all the things you like about their photos. You should notice various things about their work, like their editing style. You should see what kind of skin tone is reflected in their finally edited photos. You should notice if they have used orange skin tones or warmer tones. Also, notice if they have muted colors or if they have been made more vibrant. You should also see if the overall style of their photography is more timeless or trendy. You should not be blinded by the beautiful photos of the models on their Instagram pages. Rather, you should check their actual photo-capturing and photo-editing skills. 
  • Personal fit – You should make it a point to meet the concerned photographer in person and notice if you are comfortable interacting with the person. He should be a good personality fit for you as well as your fiancé. This is important because you are going to spend a lot of time with your chosen photographer during all the pre-wedding and wedding functions like engagements, brides & the entire wedding day. If you are searching for a photographer for any other function like a birthday party, anniversary, etc., the same rule applies. 
  • Compare & connect – You should make it a point to meet multiple shortlisted photographers and compare their works to find out who is the best. Then, after the final comparison, you should finally hire the best photographer with the best job and personality. 


How can I contact and book a photographer in Delhi?

We do have a long list of professional photographers in Delhi enrolled on our platform after checking their works and conducting a thorough background check. They are all very reliable photographers who are specialized in the following:

You can easily select the most suitable photographer in Delhi from our platform based on the speciality/purpose and within your set budget. 

Do photographers in Delhi offer both indoor and outdoor photography services?

Yes, photographers in Delhi offer both indoor and outdoor photography service in Delhi. They provide the best and most professional outdoor photoshoots at selected and most beautiful outdoor locations & also offer indoor photoshoots in modern and well-equipped photo studios. 

In the case of indoor photography, studio photographers invest heavily in lighting and always ensure that there is a relevant backdrop and consistent light regardless of whatever the weather is outside. Outdoor photography is, to a large extent, dependent on the weather conditions & and consequently, this varies for different photo shoots. 

 Benefits of Hiring Professional Photographers 

Photography is a distinct form of art, just like sculpture and painting. It usually requires a lot of skill, training & knowledge to receive the perfect culmination. When it is about the photos of you in a lifetime event or your brand, then you should never hire an amateur photographer. You should necessarily hire one of the professional photographers in Delhi who has all the necessary skills to translate your brand into the most admirable visual language. 

The benefits of hiring a professional photographer in Delhi are: 

  • They have adequate expertise & experience – Professional photographers usually bring several years of training in a reputed university or have rigorously done an apprenticeship in photography. Thus, they know every detail about the lighting, cameras, set design, visual communication & production. They know how to make the proper use of every setting to create the best possible images that are suitable for your occasion. Experienced and professional photographers have all the knowledge and skills to make the necessary adjustments to the clicked photos, and thus, they ensure that they can adjust all the unexpected changes that they have missed during the photo shoot. Your family member or friend may own a professional camera, but they may not know how to use it optimally, and there is a strong chance that you will not receive the photos as per your expectations. 
  • Professional photographers possess all the necessary post-production skills – Any layman can click some snaps randomly, but experienced photographers have all the required skills and patience to conduct a number of post-production changes after the photo session. They have all the required software-calibrated equipment & desired skills to edit your photos & create images that empower your business. 
  • Your photos by a professional photographer are more than just quick snapshots - Many of us have expensive and professional cameras, but we need to have all the necessary skills to create photos of professional quality. The professional photographers in Delhi have all the necessary skills to make hero images that can become iconic masterpieces for your brand. 
  • Professional photographers have all the necessary equipment - The professional photographers in Delhi who provide photography services will indeed have all the required equipment, such as a professional camera, desired lenses, camera gear, lighting equipment, backdrops, and a rolling editing station. All of these ensure that the final photos they create are of high and professional quality. 
  • Professional photographers help you create the best memories – Some people may not understand the significance of professional photography and think that opting for the same is not worth the investment. However, the final album of your lifetime event can genuinely hold all the sweet memories, and thus, you should not compromise on this under any circumstances. 

Types of Photography Services 

The different types of photography services that are available are listed below: 

  • Studio Photography – Studio photography is typically done in a well-equipped photo studio with either a single or a group of people. If you are looking for a professional and perfect corporate headshot, then this is the best option. 
  • Event Photography – It is a prevalent kind of photography that is intended to capture special events like parties, weddings and other celebrations. 
  • Traditional Portrait Photography – This is a kind of photography that is usually done in a studio setting and with formal poses directed by a professional photographer. 
  • Lifestyle Photography – This is a kind of photography that is majorly focused on creating authentic images like a family’s mealtime or a child playing joyfully. 
  • Creative Photography – It is a genre of photography that is more expressive and experimental. It is usually done in an outdoor location or a studio using props to narrate a story with the images. 
  • Product Photography – It is a kind of photography that usually captures products for commercial use. It is used to showcase various products with the aim of showing prospective customers how the products look before they finally purchase them. 

Hire professional Photographers in Delhi

You may require professional photographers in Delhi for different purposes. No matter whether you are looking for wedding photography, product photography for commercial purposes, website photography, fashion photography, food photography, video shoots or event photography, you will find the best professional and most popular photographers in Delhi on our platform who would provide you with the best service. 

Why Choose Sloshout?

Sloshout is India’s largest venue-booking portal that allows you to book venues online in different cities for all types of parties, events, conferences, vacations, and get-togethers. The portal has a very large database, containing information about all sorts of venues starting from hotels, resorts, farmhouses, banquet halls, and wedding lawns to villas, party houses, conference halls, clubhouses, and restaurants. By logging on to its official website,, you can not only search and choose the perfect venue for your private occasion or corporate party but also book them online from the convenience of your home after verifying the venue details. In addition, Sloshout also provides reliable information about event-related services such as photography and videography. And the best photographers in Delhi NCR are listed on its expert’s panel. So, if you need a quality photographer for an upcoming wedding, party, or any other event, get details about the top photographers in Delhi from Sloshout and directly book one of them through its website.  

Frequently asked Questions About Photographer in Delhi

How can I find and choose best Photographers in Delhi?

We handpicked some of the best Photographers in Delhi, showcasing their portfolios, customer reviews, and ratings on our platform. You can browse through their work, compare prices, and read testimonials from previous clients to make an informed decision.

Which are the top Photographers in Delhi?

We bring you top Photographers in Delhi and provide exciting deals and offers. Top 5 Photographers in Delhi include Himanshu Jangid Photography, Chakshu Photography & Films, Camera Waale Baraati, Arc Magic Photography, Weddings By Doorbean

Are there options available for budget-friendly Photographers in Delhi?

Explore our Curated list of Budget-friendly Photographers in Delhi, offering competitive rates without compromising on quality. Here are some affordable Photographers in Delhi - Weddingraphy, Weddingaura Film Production, VS Production Ghar, US Films, Time Shutterz.

What are the current trends in photography in Delhi?

In 2024 Photography trends include a documentary style for candid moments, drone photography for unique angles, fine art photography for artistic shots, and creative lighting techniques.

What is the average rate of hiring a professional Photographer in Delhi?

The average cost of hiring a professional Photographers in Delhi varies based on factors like services required. The cost ranges from Rs 10,000 to 5,00,000. For more detail contact us for personalized quotes tailored to your needs.

Do Photographers in Delhi offer drone photography services for Event?

Many Photographers in Delhi offer drone photography services for events. Drone photography adds a unique perspective to event coverage by capturing aerial views of the venue, ceremony, and surrounding landscapes, creating stunning and memorable images.

How can I see work of Photographers in Delhi before hiring?

You can view the profile and previous work of Photographers in Delhi on Sloshout to get an idea of their style and expertise.

What should I discuss with the Photographer before booking?

Before booking your Photographer, Checkout their photography styles and editing styles. Ask about their equipments, whether they use digital or film cameras, and compare package prices. Discuss payment methods, any advance payments, and overtime charges. Also, ask the team size that will be present in the event.

How far in advance should I book a Photographer in Delhi for my event?

Typically, it's advisable to book a Photographer at least 2 months in advance. Popular Photographers may get booked up quickly, especially during peak seasons, so securing your Photographer early ensures availability and allows room for better pricing negotiations.

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