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List of Party Halls in East Of Kailash

Book the nice party halls in East of Kailash at the lowest cost ever below:

TryFena East of Kailash


Very Good


East Of Kailash, Delhi

Cosy Palace East of Kailash



Cosy Palace

East Of Kailash, Delhi

The Star Grand Villa East of Kailash


Very Good

Majestic East of Kailash


Very Good


East Of Kailash, Delhi


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Party Halls in East of Kailash

Have you been given the task to organize a party? Maybe it is your best friend’s birthday or engagement ceremony? Do you have to organize your parents’ anniversary party? Or maybe your child’s birthday party? All of these are happy occasions and deserve to be celebrated as such with maximum pomp and grandeur. After all, we want the best of parties to celebrate the happy moments of our life to create more such lovely memories for the future.

For this, a perfect venue for the party is necessary. After all, a venue makes or breaks an event. Consequently, you need to find the best possible venue for your event. For that, you need to make a list of all the things that you require from the venue starting with location, accommodation capacity and more. Next, based on that list, you need to look for the venue that will fit all the boxes and provide you with the best party venue ever!

Where to look for a party hall?

Looking for a party hall in Delhi can be really stressful. After all, there are a lot of party halls in Delhi that are popular as party venues. Consequently, the smart thing to do would be to narrow down the location where you want to book the party hall. Ideally, it should be near your area of residence so that it is easy for you to reach and also accessible for all your guests. You do not want a party venue which is really difficult to reach or situated in an extreme corner. That would make it really difficult for all your guests.

If you live somewhere near East of Kailash, then you will have a great list of party halls from which you can choose. Among all the party halls in east Delhi, the party halls in East of Kailash are unique in terms of shape, size, accommodation capacity, services they offer. However, all of them are pretty great venues for hosting parties and are highly rated by the locals as well as the ones who have used them before.

Ample space:

Any party hall is a very good option to book because of the space they provide. Before you book any party hall, tally your guest list and see what the floating and seating capacity of the party hall will be. Depending on that accommodative capacity, you can decide which party hall you want to book. A lot of these party halls also have adjoining lawns or pools. Consequently, you can also use them to heighten the mood of your party. Any lawn or pool, when decorated appropriately with fairy lights, will give the place an ethereal glow.

Some of the best party halls in East of Kailash are:


It is a hotel that also offers banquet or party hall services. Consequently, if you are hosting a big event like a marriage or reception ceremony, you can keep your outstation guests here. This would really lighten your burden of arranging a separate guest house to keep your guests in. Consequently, you can just keep them in the same hotel where the party hall is. This would save you more conveyance costs and also make it really easy for the outstation guests as they do not have to navigate in an unknown or new city anymore. The rooms of the hotel are also very luxurious and comfortable. Your guests will not have any problem staying there for the duration of the event.

The banquet hall in TryFena is also great for corporate parties. There are appropriate round tables that encourage discussions and other talks as well. There are multiple halls which can be used for multiple functions at the same time.

Cosy Palace:

This is another hotel that also offers party hall services. Cosy Palace is also a great option if you are looking for a place where outstation guests can also stay for the duration of the party.

Cosy Palace comes with its own in-house catering service. Consequently, this saves you a lot of hassle of going ahead and booking another catering service. You can just ask the chefs here and they will produce any dish from any kind of cuisine. They are all experts at culinary arts and deliver any dish as you ask for. In addition to that, the quality of the dishes is also highly commended by the guests from the earlier events.  Consequently, you can chalk out the menu you want and leave it up to them. Even more than a heavy dinner, people really appreciate finger food or appetizers or evening snacks. These go a long way in satiating people’s hunger before they want to eat a lot for dinner. In addition to that, you can also set up a fast-food stand beside the dance floor. This will re-energize people. After all, it is personal touches like these which will make people enjoy your party a lot and appreciate your party.


Majestic has an amazing banquet hall and the interior décor is excellent. From the moment the guests will enter, they will be thoroughly stunned and awed. The entire party hall exudes class and elegance and it will have a very royal vibe. If you are looking for small party halls in east of Kailash, this one is a great option. For any engagement ceremony, this will be a great venue and all the pictures will definitely be amazing. The wonderful lighting and aesthetic background will ensure that all the pictures are very nice. There are also parking and valet services available here. Consequently, this will make things really easy for your guests. They can easily travel in their car and not have to worry about parking at all.

The Star Grand Villa:

This party hall is near the Kailash metro station which will make it really accessible for all your guests. The Star Grand Villa also has a distribution license for liquor. Consequently, you can even have a hard drink or alcohol stand at your party without any worries. The bar here will be fully stocked with a well-manned staff looking after it. They will produce any kind of cocktail or drink as you ask for. They can also make nice, quirky mocktails with cute straws!

The venue is also quite stunning to look at. The warm brown tones and golden color palette gives the venue a very royal vibe. There is also really comfortable and lush furniture such as chairs and tables. The furniture and decorations are all state of the art and really modern. There are also chandeliers hanging from the hall. This will be an excellent party hall for birthdays or anniversary.

Staff and Management:

In every party hall in east of Kailash, the staff and management are also really helpful and professionally trained. They will go out of their way to do anything you ask them to. You might want some modifications done to the venue or some decorations have done specially. Subsequently, you can just ask them to do anything and they will respond immediately. With such a helpful team behind your back, you will not have to worry at all. Consequently, during the party, you can actually enjoy yourself and not have to run around from one place to another ensuring everything is in place. All of the venues in East Kailash have efficient teams looking after sound, lighting, and decoration as well as catering. You just have to coordinate your wishes and requirements to them, and they will look after the rest.

How to book the party hall?

Nowadays, it is quite troublesome to be physically present and go to every venue to find the best one that suits your needs and preferences. However, the internet provides us the solution to that! Even amidst our busy schedules, we can just log into Sloshout.com and find the perfect venue for our event. Sloshout has a team of experts in party planning who know the party scenario in Delhi quite well. If you just write down the details of your party on the website, it will generate a list of all the party halls near your area that you can look at for your party. Consequently, this will lighten your load considerably as you will already have a filtered list to look at.

Next, you can go through the individual page of each party hall and look at their specific details. In addition to that, you can also look at their pictures. After you see all the venues and decide upon which one you like the most, you can again contact Sloshout for booking the venue! They will go ahead and ask for the booking price on your behalf. Consequently, you can make a decision and book the venue! After that, you can also book the other services they offer like catering or sound once you speak to them.

Thus, the entire process of party planning has become extremely easy now. So you can easily organize the party without taking it upon too much stress!


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