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Zafferano Suryadev Motel and Resort

Zafferano Suryadev Motel and Resort

Main GT Karnal Road, Alipur, Delhi.

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Zafferano Suryadev Motel and Resort

GT Karnal Road, Delhi


Very Good

Main GT Karnal Road, Alipur, Delhi.

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Delhi has always been an international metropolitan town. Basically, since India's national capital is Delhi, Delhi reflects the ideas of India. India is a secular country and a cosmopolitan country as well. Therefore, it only makes sense for Delhi to be the same! These cosmopolitan traits are easily visible in Delhi. If you visit certain areas of the city, you'll find people from all over the country. Moreover, since there are different cultures, there are different customs as well. One great way to understand a custom is the wedding rituals and celebrations of a society! For celebrating these occasions, you need to find proper places to host the party as well! Areas such as GT Karnal Road in Delhi is famous for its wedding banquet halls. Zafferano Suryadev Motel and Resort in GT Karnal Road in Delhi is a great example of such a wedding banquet hall!

In fact, if you're looking for wedding banquet halls in GT Karnal Road, you don't need to look further! This beautiful wedding banquet hall is famous for hosting important weddings of important people! One of the most essential things for choosing a banquet hall has to be the location. ZafferanoSuryadev Motel is situated in a great area of Delhi, which is easily accessible as well. Staff behavior is also something that you should look out for when you're booking a banquet hall. Luckily for you, the people at ZafferanoSuryadev Motel and Resort are popular for their polite behavior. Moreover, they are also professional in their work! This means that you will never get a complaint about the staff from any of your guests!

Another important factor in choosing a banquet hall is cleanliness. Now, because of the fact that the staffs are professional, you'll find that the ZafferanoSuryadev Motel and Resort in GT Karnal Road is extremely clean! Basically, all of their decor, infrastructure, and tools are kept in top condition! You can be assured that cleanliness is never going to be a problem in this motel. If you want to leave the decor duties to the management, they can take care of that as well. How can you be so exact? Well, this motel and resort have been the location for countless high profile weddings and wedding receptions in the past! The complaints about the venue are almost nonexistent. Basically, this means that you blindly put your faith on the management when it comes to decor! 

However, if you want to have your own ideas for the decor in the best banquet hall in GT Karnal Road, Delhi, then you can talk to the management. They are very flexible with these queries and can help you with it. In many cases, many parties have decided to go with their own wedding decorations. The management has been very understanding, and they've decorated the hall accordingly. Of course, there are multiple things that you can do to make sure that your wedding party is a different one.

Quite a few people like to go for something a bit eclectic, while others go for the traditional one. If you are in the former category, we can help! We at Sloshout don't just believe in simply giving you a venue. In fact, we want to make sure that your work is as simple as possible! For example, we can give you different ideas on how to make this wedding party stand out! After all, if you've already booked the beautiful ZafferanoSuryadev banquet hall, then you should go all the way! We have a few ideas that can make your wedding a 'Hatke' one! For example, you can change the way of the bridal entry.

In the traditional way, the bride usually makes entry and goes directly to the Mandap for the rituals. However, you can organize a bunch of people to stand near the entrance, and welcome the bride with a shower of flowers! Pick a few close friends to color coordinate and wear their dresses, and shower the bride with flowers of the same color! In the background, you can play some classic Bollywood music. It may sound cheesy, but this will work perfectly with the look of this resort in GT Karnal Road, Delhi! Moreover, everyone loves waiting for the bride to show her beautiful face before the wedding! Times are definitely changing! Of course, you can substitute or add to the flowers. How about changing the lighting, and adding a fog machine? The bride needs to make a grand entry! The birthday party venues in North Delhi, especially at GT Karnal Road Delhi, are best to book online.

There's another aspect to look at here, and that is the decoration of the Suryadev Motel and Resort in GT Karnal Road. Now, it all depends on the theme that you want to show at the wedding and the reception. Do you want it to be spendthrift? If yes, you can definitely add some satin curtains to the ceiling, along with a grand chandelier! If you want something a bit different, and more subtle, then the lights can be much dimmer. Moreover, the ambiance can be set with the appropriate music! Since music is extremely important, make sure to choose a worthy playlist! Dimmer lights, slow and mellow music, along with a more sober color to the decorations; it rings perfect elegance!

However, these choices can be quite difficult and take weeks of planning. So make sure to reserve the banquet hall beforehand, so that you can discuss all this with the planner! These are just a few suggestions from us for the wedding at this wedding venue in GT Karnal Road, Delhi. Of course, you can wish based on your expediency. If you have any more queries, you can visit the Sloshout website. You can also contact our Sloshout agents. They will be very happy to answer your queries. If you have any specifications to be kept in mind or questions about financing, they can help with those as well! Make sure to book this venue as soon as possible. Sloshout assures you the best prices for this venue as well!


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