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Best Western Resort Country Club

Best Western Resort Country Club

Tauru Road, Pachgaon - Mohammadpur Road, Near, Manesar, Gurugram

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Best Western Resort Country Club

Manesar, Gurgaon



Tauru Road, Pachgaon - Mohammadpur Road, Near, Manesar, Gurugram

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About Best Western Resort Country Club


Best Western Restaurant Country Club in Manesar is among the best luxury resorts you can find. This resort is the definition of multipurpose because they offer to host a variety of functions. Whether you are looking for a scenic resort to vacation in or the perfect wedding venue, they do it all. They host everything from corporate events to birthday or kitty parties, they have many awesome packages to choose from. This is among the best birthday party venue in Manesar Gururgram region.


One of the great things about this resort is that you can get the feeling of leaving the city, without traveling too much. It is only 45 minutes away from the main city if you take the Delhi Jaipur highway. It is a great spot for a weekend vacation if you need to detox from work. A fun fact about this resort is that it was one of the places that they shot DDLJ in. Everybody loves going to places where a Bollywood movie was shot, and this the resort is truly beautiful.


Hotel Best Western Restaurant Country Club is a 4-star hotel and resort so it definitely maintains a high standard. This is a 29 years old resort so they have perfect the art of hospitality. They pride themselves on providing an environment that is extremely relaxing and luxurious. Over the years they have won many awards for their hospitality and great service. So you will definitely be in the right hands if you choose to vacation here.


Activities at Best Western Resort Country Club


It is a wonderful escape from the hustle and bustle of a city. it has 50 acres of green lawns and is surrounded by mustard fields. If you need some fresh air and you need to escape the choking pollution of the city, this is definitely the spot. They have a lot of fun activities to do while you are staying with them. Any sport that you might possibly want to play, they have it. Best Western Resort Country Club Manesar activities are endless. Tennis, Volley Ball, Golf, Badminton, Table Tennis, Chess and they even have a lake for you to go fishing. The private party places in Gurgaon like the Western resort country club is the awesome resort or venue to organize any kind of party.


This is the only resort in Delhi NCR which has an ICC grade ground for playing cricket. If you are planning a family cricket tournament, this is the ideal spot to do it. It is also great in case you are planning a corporate retreat and need a fun way to break the ice. All workplaces thrive in some healthy competition, so what better way to spend your retreat than a fun cricket match. They also have a relaxing spa if you just want to detox and rejuvenate during your weekend away.


Another wonderful thing about this resort in Manesar is that they have personalized service. That means that there will always be someone at your beck and call to cater to your every need. What can be better than being in the lap of nature while they take care of all your needs?. If you want to have an experience that is relaxing and luxurious in every way, then this is the spot.   


Wedding functions at Best Western Resort Country Club

If you are looking for banquet halls in Manesar that would be perfect for hosting your wedding, look no further. If you want to have a destination wedding but you don’t want to spend much, this is the perfect compromise. This is a scenic location to have a wedding and all your pictures will look amazing. It is a great way to get all your loved ones in one place and it is ideal for weddings. So, the party venues in Gurgaon for weddings, marriages, and parties can be checked at Sloshout online.


They have a wedding planner on call who can help you organize every aspect of the function. You can have an outdoor wedding or an indoor one depending on your preference. It is also a great spot for hosting a sangeet function or any other pre-wedding function. Their green lawns make the perfect backdrop for these types of functions.


Their hospitality team goes above and beyond to ensure the event is flawless. They ensure that everything goes smoothly and that everything runs on time. Having a staff that understands how important this function is key. This means that if something goes wrong they will jump into action to fix it. Ultimately a wedding is about the union of two people and two families. The resort just provides all the facilities necessary to help you enjoy this important function.


From organizing fireworks to planning decorations, they take care of everything that goes into planning a wedding. If there are any special requests or demands that you have, they will go above and beyond to fulfill them. They know how to make the resort look breathtaking for this special occasion and they will blow you away. They also have amazing caterers on call who will make your taste buds sing with their menu.


Kitty parties and Birthday parties


Apart from weddings, one of the other things that they specialize in is hosting an amazing birthday or kitty parties. If you are looking for Kitty party venues in Gurgaon, the search ends here. What this venue provides is a beautiful and blissful location to have fun with your girlfriends. A kitty party is basically a fun occasion for women to leave their worries behind and enjoy. At the core of any kitty party are amazing food, awesome ambiance, and some great cocktails.


This venue provides all of the above. The organizers here are very well versed in what goes into making a fantastic kitty party. Since this is a party that takes place periodically, it is important to make each one bigger and better. This resort definitely delivers on that brief because what could be better than this weekend getaway. They also have a spa which would be perfect for an event like this one.


When it comes to hosting a birthday party, this resort undoubtedly pulls out all the stops. This is a special occasion and you want it to be the best one yet. The great thing about this venue is that you can have the best of both worlds. You can have a relaxing experience and they will pamper you on your birthday. However, you can also invite all your friends and have an amazing party with food and drinks. Enjoy at the top birthday party places in Gurgaon with unlimited party packages.


There is no better way to celebrate a birthday than at a resort with all your friends. One of the perks of hosting your birthday party here is that they have economical packages. You can have an amazingly luxurious experience without burning a hole in your pocket. A relaxing and fun experience that is budget-friendly is everything that you want on your birthday.


Corporate events


Several corporate offices in Delhi and Gurgaon also book this resort for their corporate retreats. This resort truly embodies the meaning of retreat. They have different sports and activities available including an ICC grade cricket ground. These activities can be a fun way to do team building and get employees excited. You can also host many different functions in their banquet halls.


They have smaller halls available for internal meetings and events. While they have large auditoriums for things like award functions. Their staff ensures that everything goes smoothly because they are extremely professional and experienced. If you want to impress the client, hosting the meeting or function here is a great start. They have various corporate discounts and packages running throughout the year which you can take advantage of.  Best corporate events can be booked at the marvelous corporate party venues in Gurgaon region at best and affordable cost. 


Small events and getaways


While the resort is skilled at delivering these large functions, they are also experts in making small outings special. Whether it is a day outing that you have planned with your family or a romantic couple getaway, they have got you covered. If you are looking for family function party places in Gurgaon, look no further. They have something here for the kids as well as adults, so everyone will enjoy it.


Activities include horse, camel and goat rides which will definitely fascinate all the children in your family. They also organize fun puppet shows or magic shows to keep the children entertained. Another fun activity is the rain dance which the entire family can enjoy. Apart from this, they have a swimming pool which is great for wholesome family fun. Both kids and adults can enjoy their sports activities and there are many to choose from. Their spa is perfect for those who need to relax and rejuvenate.


As for the couples’ retreat, they have some luxurious suites to choose from. They provide breakfast in bed and the package includes two meals as well as evening snacks. The package includes an amazing selection of drinks to choose from. You can also go to a couples spa day as a way to spend some quality time. All the indoor and outdoor activities are complementary so you can play a fun game and have some healthy competition. Luxurious farmhouse in Manesar for party time can be booked here.


This resort is the ideal spot for a variety of functions and occasions. They are economical but at the same time provide a luxurious experience. This is definitely one of the best resorts you can find in Gurgaon near Delhi.

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