The 5 Best First Birthday Party Venues In Noida For Your Kid’s Celebration!

Nowadays people hardly need an excuse to celebrate and have a fun evening with their near and dear ones. But, if it is someone’s birthday, it makes matters all the more special. Be it eight or eighty, everyone gets excited about their birthdays as it is that one day when you can party all you like, celebrate your loved one, and have a great time all in all. The fun gets doubled if the birthday girl/boy is your own child! They are the ones who need to be fully pampered and made to feel especially loved on their birthdays. So, it’s no wonder that parents start planning for their kids birthday party celebration from long before.

Venues for Kids Birthday Party in Noida

If you are a resident of Noida and you have a royal birthday celebration to host for your kid, we have brought to you 5 of the best venues that you should consider while you book places to celebrate birthday parties in Noida. These venues are spacious, efficient have all the necessary facilities you will need to make your party an absolute success!

1. Tashtari, Sector 38

tashtari sector 38

Located in Sector 38 is one of the grandest fine dining restaurants that you can find for any and every party. The place is warmly lit, spacious, and has a vibe that can adjust to any mood that you want for your party. This place serves North Indian and Mughlai cuisines to its guests which the kids will absolutely devour. As The place is apt for group parties in Noida as it offers packages on bookings that make it even more inviting. The decor is absolutely luscious and will surely win your heart. Book Tashtari for your kid’s next birthday party so that he/she can have the greatest birthday amongst his/her loved ones.

2. Spellbound, Sector 38

spellbound noida

As the name rightly suggests, you will be absolutely spellbound at the sight of this fine dining restaurant which serves the kids just as well as it serves the adults. This place has a marvellous outdoor as well as rooftop seating facility wherein the kids can have the opportunity to play around and have loads of fun. The place also offers a wide variety of delicious dishes from cuisines like North Indian, Mughlai, Continental, Awadhi which will win every guest’s heart, be it a kid or an adult. There is also a full bar available here for the adults attending the party to ensure that every guest feels at ease and has fun. Spellbound, with its awe-striking decor and a very lively ambience, is surely one of best places to celebrate kids birthday party in Sector 38, Noida.

Opens at: 12:00 PM
Closes at: 01:00 AM

3. @ Links – Radisson Blu, Sector 18

links radisson blu sector 18

Celebrating your kids or daughter’s 21st birthday? Have a long guest list? Don’t worry. @Links – Radisson Blu will have you covered. This posh bar-cum-lounge can be the perfect place to take them along with their friends. Now that they have grown up, it is on you as a parent to take care of his/her changed likes and dislikes. @Links at Radisson Blu has lip-smacking finger food and North Indian food which can be enjoyed either indoors or at the spacious outdoor seating area. The guests can enjoy the nightlife of Noida while being in great company. And you as a parent can have all the credits for planning the best 18th birthday for your kid.

Opens at: 12:00 PM
Closes at: 12:45 AM

4. Jokers, Sector 38

Looking for all the luxury and leisure but on a budget? Jokers at Sector 38 is your go-to choice for it has as great an interior as it has space which means that even your full family can head to Jokers for a splendid dinner party on your kid’s birthday. The place is also a bar which ensures that even you can enjoy a drink or two while your kid and his/her friends enjoy the delicious Continental dishes that Jokers serves. Who said you always have to pay a sky-soaring price to get great services? Jokers surely proves that statement wrong.

Opens at: 12:00 PM
Closes at: 11:00 PM

5. No Objection House, Sector 38

no objection house sector 38

If you are on the hunt for birthday party club in Sector 38, Noida, we think you should know about No Objection House. This place is perfect if your kid is a lover of food and loves to binge on delicious delicacies. The place has a wide range of facilities for its guests which includes a dance floor, a live sports screening facility, live entertainment, live music, sports TV and serves lip-smacking group meals. The wide range of cuisines served here includes Chinese, Continental, Finger Food, North Indian, Italian which can be enjoyed by both the adult guests and the kids. As for drinks, No Objection House serves amazing cocktails so that even the adults in the party can have some fun and refreshment.

Opens at: 12:00 PM
Closes at: 01:00 AM

Birthdays should be celebrated with full pomp and joy. So, now that you know about these amazing birthday party places in Noida, what are you waiting for? End your search for the perfect venue and head to Sloshout for making the bookings for the parties at jaw-dropping rates!