Best Farmhouse in Chattarpur for Party

Chattarpur Farm houses for party

If you are planning a party and looking for a perfect venue, then a farmhouse in Chattarpur can be an ideal choice. These beautiful farmhouses offer the perfect setting and ambiance for an unforgettable celebration. With the most charming décor, spacious lawns for partying, & ample facilities, a farmhouse for parties in Chattarpur is perfect for celebrations like weddings, birthdays, corporate conferences, and more. Chattarpur is a quiet place away from the hustle and bustle of the heart of New Delhi. The serene atmosphere and greenery in Chattarpur make it a romantic location for any party. This blog will discuss some of the top-rated and popular farmhouses for parties in Chattarpur. Read on to know more. 

The Top 10 Farmhouses in Chattarpur for Party

Rose Farm

Rose Farm is a farmhouse in Chattarpur with pool. This famous and high-in-demand farmhouse in Chattarpur is spread across an area of 2 acres. This beautiful farmhouse has five spacious rooms ideal for staying with family or friends. This property offers a long list of amenities like a private pool, indoor party hall, adequate parking space, outdoor lawns for conducting different functions, and a caretaker who caters to all the guests’ needs.

This beautifully designed farmhouse can comfortably accommodate up to 250 guests at a time. There is also a sleeping arrangement for 31 people in this farmhouse. The team managing this farmhouse can arrange additional mattresses at a nominal extra cost. They also offer catering services as per the guests’ requirements. They serve delicious dishes and can arrange for a DJ just at an additional cost of Rs. 10k. 

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SPR Farm

If you are looking forward to renting a farmhouse in Chattarpur for a party, then SPR Farm can undoubtedly be one of the top choices. This farm is spread across 5 acres of land. This tastefully designed villa has five rooms for family stay or stay with friends, a private pool, ample parking space, spacious outdoor lawns, and a caretaker. This farmhouse is often booked for several parties and functions like big birthday parties, engagement functions, & exhibitions.

The spacious lawn area of this farmhouse is beautifully designed and has a space to accommodate up to 400 guests at a time. Also, there is a sleeping arrangement for 32 people in this farmhouse, and they offer lavish food choices and delicacies. They can also arrange for a DJ at an extra cost. Overall, this is a perfect destination for family events and functions. 

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Tiara Farm

Tiara Farm
Tiara Farm Pool

Tiara Farm is one of the best farmhouse in Chattarpur and isspread across 3 acres. This beautifully designed villa has three spacious rooms for family stay. They offer a private pool, an indoor party hall, a spacious outdoor lawn for organizing parties, a caretaker to attend to the needs of the guests, and ample parking space. This farmhouse is ideal for the Haldi Ceremony, Wedding Anniversary, and Cocktail Parties.

The lawn area of Tiara Farms is spacious and beautifully designed and can host up to 300 people at a time. The farmhouse also offers a sleeping arrangement for 35 people. One can also opt for additional mattresses at a nominal extra cost. They offer catering service as well. If you want to make your party more vibrant and fun, you can opt for a DJ at an extra cost.

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HM Farm

HM Farm is a beautifully designed and well-maintained 5 BHK Farm located in Chattarpur, New Delhi. This is an on-road property and is ideal for parties and weddings. This farmhouse in Chattarpur is ideal for all kinds of parties. This farmhouse is spread across an area of 1 acre and also has a pool within its premises.

The time to check into this property is 4 pm, and the checkout time is 10 am the next day. The 40*20-foot pool is ideal for poolside partying. The providers of this farmhouse for rent offer several other amenities like a coal fire, LG boom box, etc. Loud music is allowed in this farmhouse till 10 pm. After that, you can play soft music indoors throughout the night. This property is ideal for a maximum up to 400 Pax. DJ is allowed till midnight for an extra cost of Rs. 10,000. 

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Nagpal Farm

Nagpal Farm is a 2 BHK farmhouse in Chattarpur with a pool in the middle of lush greenery and offers a long list of amenities and conveniences. They offer delicious meals under their catering service prepared by professional chefs, a kitchenette for self-cooking, a caretaker, and a swimming pool.

The swimming pool in this property is always well-maintained and is one of the major attractions for the guests. The guests partying in this property always want to take a refreshing dip in this pool and enjoy themselves. They also provide a caretaker on the property to handle guests’ demands. The best part is that outside food is allowed on this property, and you can order food from Swiggy or Zomato while you are partying in this farmhouse in Chattarpur.

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Nanak Farm

Nanak Farm is one of the most renowned farmhouses in Chattarpur. This farmhouse in Chattarpur is spread across 10 acres and is perfect for partying with friends or family. They offer several benefits, including a well-maintained private pool, an indoor party hall, ten spacious rooms for staying with family or friends, an ample parking area, and a beautiful lawn for organizing functions. This farmhouse is ideal for accommodating up to 350 guests at a time, and they offer sleeping arrangements for 33 people in this property.

They also provide extra mattresses on request if required by the guests. They can also arrange for a DJ at an extra cost of Rs. 10K. This farmhouse is an ideal destination for all kinds of parties due to its locational advantages and the long list of amenities that it provides. 

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Chaitanya Farm

Chaitanya Farm is one of the most popular farmhouses in Chattarpur, New Delhi, spread over 4 acres. This beautifully designed and well-maintained villa has four rooms for staying with family or friends. They offer several facilities like an indoor party hall, spacious outdoor lawn, adequate parking facility, and a dedicated caretaker.

This farmhouse in Chattarpur is ideal for big first birthday parties, engagement functions, intimate weddings with family and close friends, and exhibitions. This farmhouse can accommodate up to 400 guests and offers sleep arrangements for 31 people. The guests can also order additional mattresses. You can also hire a professional DJ for an additional payment of Rs. 10K. This venue is ideal for different kinds of events and family functions. 

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Sakara Farm

Sakara Farm is nestled in the heart of Chattarpur in New Delhi. This farmhouse in Chattarpur is built over a vast area of 8 acres. This spacious villa has eight stay rooms and offers many amenities. The amenities include a private pool, indoor party hall, adequate parking space, and a well-maintained outdoor lawn suitable for hosting different functions.

The lawn area is very vast and can accommodate around 350 people at a time. There is sleeping arrangements for 27 people and they can also provide extra mattresses at a nominally extra cost. You get lip-smacking delicacies here if you opt for their catering service. Also, they arrange a professional DJ at an additional Rs. 10K. This farmhouse for party in Chattarpur is suitable for several parties like wedding anniversary parties, first birthday parties, baby shower parties, pre-wedding celebrations, engagements, etc.  

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Golden Leaf Resort

Golden Leaf Resort is a farmhouse for party in Chattarpur that is spread across an area of 3 acres. This villa has four spacious rooms ideal for staying with friends and family. They also offer several amenities like a private pool, an indoor party hall, dedicated parking space, a spacious outdoor lawn for functions, and a caretaker to take good care of the ts partying in this farmhouse.

The best part about this farmhouse is that the vast lawn area can host up to 700 people. They also provide sleeping arrangements for 25 people. If more people want to stay back at night, you can opt for extra mattresses at an additional cost. They offer a perfect music system and can arrange a DJ for an extra cost.   

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Vintage The Greens 

Vintage The Greens is a prominent and popular farmhouse in Chattarpur. We all know that a wise selection of the perfect venue for your dream wedding makes the function enjoyable and memorable for a long time. The Greens is one such ideal venue for your wedding. They offer an immaculate setting both indoors and outdoors. With a reasonable price range, this particular venue has all the merits of being a dream destination for a wedding function. They offer several amenities to ensure that guests will cherish the experience for their lifetime.

This farmhouse in Chattarpur can easily accommodate up to 500 guests at a time, allowing you to celebrate a mesmerizing event with your near and dear ones. They offer several amenities like guest accommodation, a bridal dressing room, a pool, a dedicated parking area, in-house catering, etc. 

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Chattarpur has a lot of greenery and thus offers a pleasant environment. Also, the easy accessibility and the nearby markets and attractions make this a strategic location for the farmhouses. If you are looking for venues for corporate parties, destinations for theme birthdays, or a well-planned destination wedding, then you can choose one of the farmhouses in Chattarpur from the above list. These farmhouses offer several amenities and a vibrant ambiance, which makes every occasion even more special. The best part is that the farmhouse in Chattarpur price is very affordable as compared to luxurious hotels and resorts. So, it does not dig a hole in your pocket. So, make a judicious choice of a party venue and create memories for a lifetime.