7 Interesting Indian Wedding Theme Ideas

Indian Wedding Theme Ideas

Ah! It’s that time of the year again. The wedding season in India is almost about to begin. The decorative showpieces, white Plaster of Paris sculptures and king-size sofa sets are soon going to be out of the large godowns and dusted off. Linens are going to be washed and outdated items discarded. Preparations are on in full swing. Decorators have already started visiting the local wholesale markets in search of new items. Event organizers are almost done with their research on the latest and upcoming trends and are all geared up to jump into the action. For vendors, make-up artists, DJs and photographers, it’s time to shed the monsoon flab and get back into the groove again after a brief lay-off. The Indian wedding scene is already buzzing with activities. After all, it’s the “big fat” Indian wedding season that is about to begin. 

And as the wedding season sets in, it is obvious, that some new trends would emerge. New concepts in wedding themes, decoration styles and catering would be introduced. In this article, we have discussed 7 such latest trends in wedding themes that are expected to rule the Indian wedding scene this coming season. Some of these themes are already popular with Indians and have been used in Indian weddings for years, while others are new in India but are very much in vogue in the West. So, before you book the venue for your wedding, check out these wedding theme ideas listed below, and make your wedding a memorable experience. 

Indian wedding theme ideas

1. Nawabi Andaaz – The Lucknowi Theme

The Nawabs of Lucknow were known for their rich artistic taste and a deep sense of aesthetics. They had the reputation of being among the greatest admirers of art and culture in dynastic India so much so that a number of them were famous poets and writers themselves. Unlike the Mughals who were known for their extravagance, the Nawabs of Lucknow preferred to be remembered for their aristocracy and sober taste. It is no wonder, therefore, that one of the sweetest and most polite languages in the world, Urdu, originated and flourished under the patronization and supervision of the Nawabs. Use this aristocracy and rich cultural heritage as a theme for your dream wedding. Bring in the ghazal, shayari or thumri artists for a memorable live performance in the evening at your reception. Decorate the whole place in Lucknowi style with huge paintings, crystal chandeliers and cutouts of Urdu poems. Make Chikankari and churidaar part of your wedding dress. Include shayaris in the invitation cards as well as the menu cards, and welcome every guest with a rose. Include a variety of kebabs in the starters as well as the main course. And, of course, don’t forget to add the world-famous Awadhi Biryani to your flavourful wedding menu. 

2. Rajasthan ki shaan – The Royal Rajputana Theme 

Bask in the glory of Rajputana. Choose the royal theme for your wedding. Decorate the whole place like a fort palace with swords, knives, javelins and shields or book a heritage royal property as a venue for your wedding. Wear Rajasthani Kundan choker necklace, Kangan and Kada, Borla and Kundan butti as wedding jewellery. Use bright and vibrant colors in the drapes, curtains and mandap decorations. Arrange for live dance performances by Rajasthani folk artists. Include Laal maas, Jungli maas, Kair sangri and Gatthe ki sabji in the menu. Don’t forget to include Ghewar in the desert. 

3. Old world Charm – The Vintage Theme

Relish the days of the British Raj with this historical theme. Make long gowns and suits with bow ties part of your wedding dresses. Wear a Victorian hat with a red ribbon on your head. The jewelry should be antique and traditional. Let the groom arrive in a classic vintage car. Let there be old-fashioned and neatly attired chhatradharis to escort the groom to the mandap. Instead of walking to the mandap, you can ride a palanquin. Go to your sasural on a horse-pulled fiton car. Food should be served on metal plates or gold-rimmed china. Wine is a must on the drinks menu.

4. Bohemian Rhapsody – The Modern Casual Theme

Indian weddings have always been solemn, ceremonial & dignified. They are ritual-based and deep-rooted in traditions. Even a slight drift from the rule books is not accepted or well-received by the family members of the couples and society as a whole. Though the celebration part has gradually transformed over the last few decades, the ceremonial part of the wedding has largely remained unchanged until now. But all that is supposed to change this year. With a constant rise in single parenting and the nuclear family system, Indian wedding traditions and rituals are set to go for a toss. The bohemian or casual culture has already spread its roots deep and far in the West. People are getting married on the beach bare feet and in bikinis. Solemnizing the marriage is considered backdated and the ring exchange is increasingly being favored. Now, if you find this ruthlessness to be cool, you can go for a bohemian theme for your wedding. Get married in simple casual dresses amid nature in front of the family. No mandap and no priest to chant the holy mantras. The jewelry should be modern and minimal. And the reception party would be a regular dinner party at a beachside or forest resort. 

5. The Vegas Casino Theme

This can be a great idea for wedding receptions. People come to the wedding reception to enjoy themselves, eat food and have lots of fun. So, give them something to cheer about. Instead of boring them with the same old live music and DJ that they are greeted with at every other party, surprise them with some exciting poker games like the ones found in casinos. Make the decoration as real as possible and the games as genuine as the original ones. Introduce some gifts or nominal cash prizes for the winners. Poker games have hundreds of varieties. Talk to your wedding organizer and try to arrange for 3-4 games each for every age group. For children, you can install video game kiosks. Wear sequined gowns and suits to match the glamorous theme. Hire a professional anchor to create excitement and announce the outcomes of the games played. Open a large bottle of champagne to celebrate the winning game. Also, if it is possible, you can install a musical fountain in the middle of the lawn in line with the famous dancing fountains in front of the Hotel Bellagio in Vegas.  

6. Filmy Style – The Bollywood Theme

This one is for the cine buffs and the diehard fans of Bollywood. Easy to emulate, this theme can really turn your wedding party into an evening full of excitement and fun. Get large movie posters and banners printed, and paste them on the walls of the banquet hall or the wedding hall. Construct an artificial temple beside the mandap, and get married in true Bollywood style in front of that makeshift temple. Create as much drama as possible. Imitate a 70s hairdo with parted fringes on both sides of the forehead. Gift your friends polka-dotted kameez and large collared shirts, and ask them to wear the same to the party in Vinod Khanna and Zeenat Aman style. Hire local singers and tell them to sing “Yaadon ki baraat” from the elevated stage wearing bell-bottom pants and oversized sunglasses. Install large life-like cutouts of Bollywood superstars and megastars and put garlands on them. 

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7. Nature Inspired – A tribal Wedding Theme

Choose a forest resort beside a river or in the mountains and get married in natural settings surrounded by large trees and bushes in true Adivasi style. Plan a simplistic wedding amid nature with minimum rituals. Let the sounds of the crickets, birds and other wild creatures create live music for your wedding. Let the wedding dinner be cooked in makeshift ovens with firewood collected from the forest. Let the starters be prepared for open-air barbeque. Sing and dance till late night by the bonfire after the wedding feasts are over. Suitable for private and intimate weddings with a few guests, this forest-based theme wedding can create memories for a lifetime.  

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Latest Indian Wedding Theme Ideas
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