13 Rocking Christmas Party Destinations in Gurgaon

13 Rocking Christmas Party Destinations in Gurgaon [Updated-2018]

Winter ushers in the holiday season and with that come the very exciting Christmas! Every city in the country is adorned with lights and everyone is in a mood to make merry. At such a time, clubs, pubs, and restaurants offer great deals for their guests to come and have a great time. You can easily make reservations at one of the best Christmas party destinations in Gurgaon albeit a little in advance. Surprise your colleagues with the most wonderful Christmas party that they would experience this year.

1. Manhattan Bar Exchange, Golf Course Road

theme party at manhattan bar exchange

Christmas is the time for all the celebrations and the parties. Manhattan Bar Exchange is one of the best places to have an amazing evening with your colleagues. It is one of the best microbreweries in Delhi. It is an absolute delight for people who love freshly-brewed beer. Manhattan Bar Exchange is equipped with great lighting, background music, and interiors. It is a place where you can relish every bite of North Indian, Italian, and Continental cuisine at great prices. Perfect for big Christmas parties! Manhattan Bar Exchange has a lovely ambience which will make your dining experience with your colleagues even more warm and memorable.

2. Boombox Brewstreet, Sector 29

Boombox Brewstreet brings in the qualities of a bar as well as a cafe, being a premier of its kind. The place hosts music nights with live DJ performances and is hence quite popular amongst youngsters and party-goers. If you like to shake a leg to the foot-tapping music, Boombox Brewstreet is perfect for that. It is known to be a delight for music-lovers. The cafe-cum-bar also serves a great variety of food and drinks that you can choose from. The bar is well equipped with both local and international drinks. The cafe serves delicious North Indian, Arabian, and Italian delicacies.

party at boombox brewstreet

3. Flying Saucer, Sector 29

The Flying Saucer Cafe is renowned for its fantastic ambience which has an outdoor seating that attracts a lot of guests. It is particularly amazing for office Christmas parties given its wonderful decor and lighting. The bistro specializes in providing Italian, Mexican, Indian and Mediterranean cuisine all of which are deliciously made by the talented chefs. The cafe also hosts music nights and has live performances for you to enjoy your dining experience with your colleagues even more. It is also a great option if you are looking for Christmas party venues on a budget. Flying Saucer Cafe ensures that you have a delightful time, no matter when you visit.

party at the flying saucer cafe gurgaon

4. Big Boyz Lounge, Sector 29

Big Boyz Lounge is a resto-pub and lounge located in Sector 29 with an amazing ambience and modern decor. It is very well-known to be a fantastic place for office parties in Gurgaon. The restro-bar offers an extensive multi-cuisine menu which serves a variety of North Indian, Chinese, Italian, and other Continental dishes. Big Boyz Lounge is also known for its amazing assortment of drinks and spirits to choose from. The additional feature of Big Boyz Lounge is the Live Music performances hosted there. Come to Big Boyz Lounge for one of the best office Christmas party venues in Gurgaon.

sitting arrangement at big boyz lounge

5. 7 Degrees Brauhaus, Golf Course Road

7 Degrees Brauhaus is multi-cuisine casual-dining restaurant that is best known for its amazing ambience and the exceptional dishes served here. You can get freshly-brewed beer here that is made right in front of you. The restaurant offers a menu that serves delicacies from cuisines from all over the world. Each and every dish is specially hand-picked by the trained chefs. You can have a truly distinguished dining experience and try new dishes and beverages. It is a wonderful place to celebrate the holiday spirit with your colleagues.

party at 7 degrees brauhaus

6. Indian Grill Room, Golf Course Road

Indian Grill Room is a place that is ideal for all Indian and Mughlai food lovers. It is a casual dining restaurant where you can enjoy a buffet of Mughlai and North Indian cuisines at affordable prices. The place also has a full bar from where you can choose your favourite beverage or alcoholic blend. This place is perfect as a venue for office Christmas parties in Gurgaon because of the exceptional wine and dine experience it offers.

indian-grill-room-aperfect corporate party place

7. Warehouse Cafe, Sector 29

Warehouse Cafe is a microbrewery and a casual-dining restaurant which is known to be a heaven for all food-lovers. The place offers drinks from its amazing bar and a range of hookahs in different flavours. At the Warehouse Cafe, you will get to experience an exceptional time with your colleagues. It is a nice open-air restaurant which offers comfort, calm and the perfect opportunity to catch up with your friends. Warehouse Cafe provides an outdoor terrace area along with private rooms for an all-around experience. Be it with your friends and colleagues or your partner, you can be sure to have a wonderful time here.

interior of warehouse cafe gurgaon

8. After Stories, Sector 29

After Stories is an amazing brewery and beer cafe which can be your next office party venue in Gurgaon. The After Stories bistro specializes in North Indian, European Fusion and Continental dishes. The dishes are known to be very innovative. The dining experience at After Stories is very interactive, as its vibrant decor would suggest. One can easily have a delightful conversation here with their colleagues. After Stories has a very relaxed and laid-back vibe for your small Christmas office party.

party at after stories

9. Walking Street by Soi 7, Sector 29

Walking Street by Soi 7 offers a very comfortable seating along with a stunning ambience and decor. It is well-known for the five different kinds of freshly-brewed beer served here. Not only is the food quality A class but the service is also very good. The place serves North-Indian, Asian, and Italian cuisines which are carefully prepared by the guests. What makes it one of the perfect Christmas party places in Gurgaon is its affordability of the drinks as well as the food. Walking Street is big enough for even the large office parties.

party at walking street by soi 7

10. Downtown – Diners & Living Beer Cafe, Sector 29

Downtown is one of the few restaurants which offer a large variety of dishes from different cuisines like North Indian, Italian, Chinese, Continental, Lebanese, Finger Food. It is the ideal place if you and your colleagues are big foodies. You can tease your taste buds and try new dishes at Downtown. The ambience is very laid-back. The bar is well-stocked and will never disappoint you. This is one of the best places for an exceptional office Christmas party venue.

interior-ofdowntown diners living beer cafe

Newly added Christmas Party Venues to This List in 2018

11. Ninkasi By Coopers, Sector 30

Ninkasi Imperial Brews and Cookery Sector 30 Gurgaon

Ninkasi is perfect for anyone who is looking out for an elegant party place for their office Christmas party in Gurgaon. This place has chic wooden interior and quirky vibes which can make all your special occasion celebrations super awesome. Its menu is a blend of North Indian, Chinese, Italian, and Continental cuisines. Besides that, you can also enjoy a freshly brewed beer with your office friends. Ninkasi is without a doubt one of the best office party restaurants in Gurgaon where you can throw your office Christmas party at affordable prices.

12. Vapour Bar Exchange, Sohna Road

vapour bar exchange gurgaon

Located on the Sohna Road, Vapour Bar Exchange is an ace of nightlife restaurants in Gurgaon for celebrating corporate Christmas parties with your colleagues. This place serves Continental, Chinese, North Indian cuisines along with great variety of lip-smacking Momos. Vapour Bar Exchange is also famous for its wide range of divine tasting freshly brewed beer and cocktails. If you have been looking for best office Christmas party restaurants in Sohna Road then, Vapour Bar Exchange will be a safe bet for you.

13. Brewer Street, Sohna Road

brewer street sohna road gurgaon

Brewer Street is one of our favourite microbrewery in Sohna Road, Gurgaon. This place has an outdoor seating arrangement which you can book for your corporate Christmas party celebrations (if you like) at affordable prices. Brewer Street serves scrumptious food of North Indian, Chinese, Italian, and Continental cuisines along with wide variety of freshly brewed beers. Celebrate this year’s Christmas party with your colleagues at this super amazing microbrewery ok? Ok.

If you want your colleagues and employees be impressed by your skills to arrange for a great party, you simply have to book one of these venues for your office Christmas party. These are unarguably one of the best office Christmas party places in Gurgaon. You can easily make reservations online with out any fuss and arrange for a memorable year-end Christmas party.