4 Mistakes That People Make While Organizing Their Parties

4 Mistakes That People Make While Organizing Their Parties

Parties are fun to plan. If you’re a Monica at heart, you will connect with that statement on a whole other level! However, they are kind of a big deal to plan from the scratch, all by yourself. So, you may need a few heads up on the ‘do-not’s’ of arranging a party since we’re guessing you have heard the do’s way too many times by now.

Party-planning can be intimidating but shouldn’t make you want to rethink it altogether. With a few master tips and tricks up your sleeve, you will have all of it all under your control. Read on to find out the four mistakes of party-planning that you should absolutely avoid if you want your party to be the showstopper of the season among your guests.

1. Misjudging The Venue For The Party

So you got extremely excited and went overboard with the invitations but only have your poor little backyard to host the party in. Or, you didn’t maintain a proper guest list and now have a huge space for a 50-people party which is kind of a drab, to be honest. You can avoid this mistake by maintaining a digital guest list from the very time you start inviting people so that you have the accurate headcount of the number of people you will be hosting in this party. It could be 25 people of 250 people but having sufficient venue space is very important in the comfort of the guests and the ambiance of the party itself.

2. Not Introducing Guests

This is one of the worst disasters there could be. Now, if you are of those lucky souls who have all their friends from the same place, say, school and all of them are more or less acquainted with each other already, you’re gonna have to put in a little more effort to ensure that your guests are getting comfy in the party. They don’t want to come to attend an otherwise beautifully-planned party only to feel left out and awkward, right?

3. Not Having A Playlist For The Party

Music, no matter what kind you prefer, is the soul and heartbeat of a party. Even if it is slow jazz playing in the background, a set playlist is a must to ensure that you never let the vibe of the party get tampered with. You can get a little fancy and even hire a DJ to take care of the music altogether, or you could walk that extra mile and make the effort of setting and curating a playlist based on how you want the party to feel like and what energy it should exude. Along with that, keep a track of how many hours long the playlist should be according to your party. The music should never stop!

4. Not Having Enough Food

Sending guests hungry (or overstuffed) is possibly one of the key mistakes that people tend to make while organizing parties. If you’re making the food yourself with all that love and care, your recipe will surely be the winner but you wouldn’t want to keep too little or too much of it. You can ask someone who has hosted a lot of parties before to help you gauge how to measure food quantity based on the number of guests. Always remember to keep food for 10 more people than the guest list strength to account for that one friend who has brought his/her two other friends or the one who always eats too much. All in all, as a host, it is on you to ensure that the food is not only finger-licking good but also is available in just the right quantity for people to devour it and not waste it.

Birthdays or anniversaries, promotion parties or simply a get-together, all kinds of party are fun to attend for the guests. But for the guest, it is an intimidating feat. But, worry no more. These four tricks will come to your rescue when you’re planning that mega-party for your friends and family and you want everything to go just as you have planned.